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world seed supply reviews

World Seed Supply

World Seed Supply Reviews ( 8 )

I always order from World Seed Supply for my live plants, seeds, extracts they have great prices, ships face, always reliable, fast and helpful support team

Everything we did was done according to standard procedureHowever, there seems to be a a communication failure going both waysWe had no actual communication by email, which could have cleared this upIt is apparent that the buyer did not get our emails from what she says, and if she sent us
any, we did not get any of hers. The buyer is internationalWe sent the buyer our standard international shipping policy emailWe never got a responseThe buyer eventually opened a *** claim stating they had never gotten the productWe responded letting her know we needed a reply to our international shipping policy email to confirm she agreed with the terms (as stated on the website) and that we could ship the order as long as she agreed with the termsWe also indicated that if she didn’t agree, we would refundShe replied that she never ever got the shipping policy emailApparently, we had “a case of crossed line”, she said, and she agreed to the shipping termsTypically, this would have been the point where we’d have shipped, but we are only now seeing her reply.Again, this is a miscommunication, and the way *** closes cases contributed to itWhen the buyer closed the case, *** removed the case from our open case historySo it disappeared before we saw any reply indicating that the buyer accepted the terms We got a generic message stating that the case was closedBut that email goes to our shipping department and does not include the buyer’s response There was nothing to prompt our shipping department as to the details of the situation or why the case was closed. We have a high order volume and so this is not something that would be obvious simply by seeing a generic message, and would would not have necessarily noticed that the case disappeared from the open cases simply because it was gone We never got an email from the buyer beyond thatSo until now, the buyer was expecting that we had saw her message and sent when in reality we had no ideaCertainly, we’d have appreciated being emailed directly to clarify anythingBut if there’s apparently miscommunication both ways, then it would seem like this is an appropriate stepOnly after this message are we now going back and seeing itBut it certainly does not indicate any type of deceptionWe can ship the order now that we understand the buyer has accepted the terms

We received order in timely matterAfter the inspection and testing/burning the Paolo Santos wood terrible smell came out and we had allergic reaction to it in the house
We sent email regarding refund and return and received firm policy “no returns”regardless what they sent.They were certain 100% the wood is good since they never had problems beforeThere is always 1st time for something, not willingness to hear customer is the choice they madeIf we pay for something we should have right to receive the product we can use
It is so important to report negative and real positive experiences, to be able to make educated decision and help othersI disputed purchase with PayPal and found needed support against unconcerned seller this time, I have not been contacted by World Seed Supply regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

I always order from World Seed Supply for my live plants, seeds, extracts they have great prices, ships face, always reliable, fast and helpful support team.

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The scoop on ‘B & T World Seeds’

Company Profile
B & T World Seeds

Route des Marchandes
Paguignan, 34210

Phone: ++ 33 04 68 91 29 63
Fax: ++ 33 04 68 91 30 39


If they would be more reliable I would have been spending already same amounts (1000’s $$$) like I do at Rarepalmseeds, Top Tropicals and Sunshineseeds where I get most seeds for my Nursery.

They will ship when they have product. I got some seeds that were very good only 3 weeks from ordering (from France!), others I ordered 5 weeks ago are still in “order confirmed”. I freely accept this, as it is impossible for any one company to have a quadrillion varieties of seeds “in stock”, and the complexity of running all this must be mind-boggling.

Takes your money, sends dried filler material as seeds, and NEVER responds to e-mails asking for refund!! On April 16th, 2015, francis99 added the following:

Do NOT advertise rare seeds if you don’t have them!! SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME ON YOU.


SHAME ON YOU!! On April 16th, 2015, francis99 added the following:

Do NOT advertise rare seeds if you don’t have them!! SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME ON YOU.


SHAME ON YOU!! Company representative comment on April 16, 2015:
On Apr 14, 2015 10:30 AM, B & T World Seeds responded with:

Hi Francis, you don’t seem to be a client of B and T, perhaps you should suggest that people who have problems with our seeds contact us directly so that problems can be resolved. Rather than posting unqualified accusations. On Apr 17, 2015 2:42 AM, B & T World Seeds added:

However you must know how it works.
You have a great variety of very rare seeds but most of them unavailable. You will be charged only for what is available and send that. Then, if something gets available let’s say 1 year from now, you will be charged and send that package of seeds.

Seeds seem to be viable all the time, at least in my case.

Their communication is not that great. They do reply and are helpful but could email when there is a new of your “wants” available and ready to be shipped.

Another gripe is that when a seed becomes available, they do not seem to email you. You need to go check your Wants List.

I have been looking all over for Madder (Rubia cordifolia) [among about a dozen other seeds.]. I checked out my Wants List and it was available! Yippee!!

Smallest available quantity is 1,000 grams for 185 Euros. WTF!?

130 seeds per gram – I really only want 50 seeds – not 130,000. Good Grief.

There are about a dozen firms that offer truly rare seeds that you might consider checking before you search B&T. Company representative comment on February 20, 2014:
On Feb 20, 2014 6:33 PM, B & T World Seeds responded with:

Not to mention there prices are huge. holy smokes Company representative comment on October 4, 2012:
On Oct 4, 2012 10:39 AM, B & T World Seeds responded with:

You only seem to have one type of seed on our wants list, I was collecting seeds from that species today. You can review and edit your wants list on your B and T account pages at any time.

Yes, our database includes over 100,000 species, varieties, subspecies, cultivars etc. regretfully quite a few of these plants are illegal in international trade, do not produce seed, do not come true from seed or are not grown or collected by our collectors or growers. We have reduced the number of items in our price lists over the last few years. For example, we no longer sell plants, and are now concentrating almost entirely on seeds – those plants are still listed on our database, even if they do not produce seeds that come true to form.

We publish several hundred different specialist seed price lists, with prices for seeds that are either seasonally available or currently available. Some seeds have very short viability, so may only be available for a couple of weeks a year. To avoid seeing unavailable seeds, it is possible to just browse price lists – each price list also has a page with links to plants with photographs.

1,594 of the plants in our lists have photographs or illustrations, some have several.

Some of our seed prices are crazy, some are crazy cheap (probably the cheapest on the web) others are outrageously expensive, where we are still purchasing seeds at rarity prices from specialist growers and collectors, when they are commonly available much cheaper elsewhere.

We have been acquiring seeds from many of our suppliers for 20 or 30 years, probably adding one or two new suppliers a year. And, if we find that a supplier is supplying poor quality seeds, or misidentified seeds, we cease sourcing from them. Some suppliers are idiosyncratic in their naming, but experts in their speciality. We use the current botanical names for all seeds, where possible.

I am sorry that you don’t like our catalogue, if you have suggestions for improving it we are always pleased to hear them, and we do try to improve our service where possible.

This is one of those seed suppliers or seed companies you’ve got to order from for at least one time; but ordering once will result in more.

B & T World Seeds has 20 reviews (5 negative, 10 positive and 5 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.