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This company is a medium-sized online weed seed bank based out of London, UK. They also have their own line of seeds and genetics with strains hailing from the Northern and North Eastern Valleys of India. Their personal line carries such titles as Ketama and Afghan Kush Ryder, which would indicate that the strains they have are heavily Indica based variants. They carry approximately 60 seed breeding companies complete line-ups, mostly from Europe and Canada. Offering a full range of feminized, regular, and auto-flowering seeds, World of Seeds guarantees the authenticity and viability of their cannabis seeds. The pricing is reasonable, and the shipping is of medium speed.

They do ship world-wide, and accept credit cards, checks, and money orders as payment. They offer a limited form of stealth shipping.

This company is a medium-sized online weed seed bank based out of London, UK. They also have their own line of seeds and genetics

World of Seeds

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Cultivacanarias Подмастерья

After a few more nanners erupted overnight and the appearance of a few more spots of Botrytis, I went through Bo’s canopy and took any bud that showed nanners or budrot. Ended up taking about 1/3 of her canopy. These are the densest buds I’ve ever grown and the heavy coating of trichomes gives a nice, frosty look. I ended up trimming a bit rougher than usual because the trichs cover the sugar leaves so I left it a bit “leafy.” They’ve been through 1 wash in a 0.5% soln of H2O2 and the buds that go into edibles will be washed again to remove chlorophyll and other water soluble crap I don’t want to eat. I’ll update weight and other harvest info as it becomes available.

A week later and Bo has pretty much come down. I’ve left a few buds to ripen that were below the canopy, and 2 buds that were pollinated with 1) Wild Thai fem pollen, and 2) Kilimanjaro fem pollen. Could be a killer summer grow!

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Well not a bad season but not the season that I intended; I started with 19 in my back yard; 6 were destroyed too thieves; I easily lost 2000-4000 grams; dry, the rest was history. Here you see is my best plant; they were all roughly the same size some were; a hundred grams more than others but all around the same size; I love this strain and I think I will be crossing it with something in the future; Its a beast. I also had another 25 plants hidden somewhere; the same strain; I picked up all the clones off of a city friend; she cut some roughly the 2nd weekend of april for me; I picked them up may 1st kept them inside; till may 18th; on may 18th I made 30 cuts; then transplanted the others; from red solo cups or party cups too;thirty gallon fabric pots; after which on july 2nd; I transplanted them again into the ground; where they doubled in size in just a mere six weeks from july 2nd to sept 12th; the other 30 cuts only 25 took hold; and at the start of flower those twenty five plants were 6 feet tall.

They all went into flower; around sept 12-15; I left them for 7 weeks;

this stats; were my best plant; a whopping 952 grams dry.

I babied the fuck outta theses; I still coulda done more; but I was happy with my results.

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