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Where is the White Seed SHip?

Final Fantasy VIII


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Did you talk to Rinoa in the Infirmary and flashback to Laguna where you talk to Ellone? If not try that, go talk to Edea and she will say something about the White SeeD Ship and it will be in the same place as it is every time

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As SwordMaster pointed out, you need to make sure you’re actually supposed to be looking for it. The White SeeD ship is mentioned before you’re actually supposed to find it.

After you fist talk to Edea and make your announcement to the rest of Garden, you need to visit Rinoa in the infirmary, which triggers the 4th Laguna scenario (involving a movie, and some ruby dragons). After that, you go talk to Edea again about finding the ship.

Only once you’ve done that does the ship even exist on the world map.

Aside from that, the ship is hard to see if the camera is at the wrong angle. To describe it’s location the simplest way, on the left side of the Centra continent there’s a sort of hand-like shape. Where the “wrist” would be, and slightly south there’s a semi-large island shaped like a “U”, the ship is in the cove formed by this island, in a sort of little off-shoot cove. If you hug the edge of that island and circle it, you’ll find it eventually.

For Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where is the White Seed SHip?".

Final Fantasy VIII

Walkthrough Disc 3

White SeeD Ship


Flare and Meteor¶

Now that you’re back in control of Squall, check out those new spells you got. You may have scored stocks of Flare and Meteor from the Ruby Dragon in the last Laguna dream, and while it was possible to acquire those spells elsewhere, this is the by far the easiest, fastest way you’ve encountered of acquiring full stocks of them thus far.

Flare is certainly not new, but who had the time to bother with refining all those Ruby Dragon cards into Inferno Fangs? Now that you’ve (hopefully) got a significant stash of Flare, it’s time to really get into where you should assign it. Flare junctions well enough into HP-J (6th+), Str-J (5th) and Mag-J (6th+). Great for the early and mid-game, but it only performs slightly better than Tornado in HP-J, and Ultima, Triple and Meteor all out-perform it in both Str-J and Mag-J. Suffice to say, at this point in the game you hopefully won’t see Flare as an improvement for those stats. Where Flare really shines, however, is junctioned to Elemental Defense, as a full stock of Flare will boost your resistance to fire, ice and thunder by +80%. Combined with other spells like Protect, Shell, Life and possibly even Full-Life, you shouldn’t have to worry about those three elements any more.

Meteor is another spell you may have seen before, and while refining one Red Giant card into five Meteor Stones wasn’t so bad of a trade-off, you yet lacked the ability to further refine those Meteor Stones into actual Meteor spells. If you drew some Meteor stocks from the Ruby Dragon in the Laguna dream, however, you need not worry so much about this spell. Meteor junctions well into HP-J (3rd), Str-J (2nd), Mag-J (4th), Eva-J (4th) and Hit-J (5th), putting it up there with Triple and Full-Life in contention for second-best junctioning spell in the game. Meteor can also be junctioned to Elemental Defense to give a +150% increase to the earth and wind elements, which, along with Flare, will protect you from five the game’s eight elements. We prefer to use Full-Life in that capacity, instead, however, and let Meteor be our go-to HP-J spell, as the two are close enough (4,800 HP for Full-Life and 4,600 HP for Meteor) to make the difference negligible, at best.

In fact, now that you have so many top-tier spells at your disposal, something approaching an end-game setup can be cobbled together:

Stat Spell
HP-J Meteor (+4,600)
Str-J Ultima (+100)
Vit-J Meltdown (+80)
Mag-J Triple (+70)
Spr-J Curaga (+65)
Spd-J Haste (+50)
Hit-J Aura (+50)
Eva-J Tornado (+13)
Luck-J Death (+38)
Elemental Defense Flare, Shell, Life, Full-Life
Status Defense Pain, Holy, Reflect, Esuna

This will get you – together with the HP+80%, Str+60% and Mag+60% abilities equipped, (roughly) the following stats with a level 10

Character Stats .
HP 9,000
Str 160
Vit 80
Mag 170
Spr 70
Spd 70
Eva 20%
Hit 150% (highly dependent on weapon)
Luck 50
Elemental Resistances: Fire 170% – Ice 170% – Thunder 170% – Earth 90% – Poison 90% – Wind 90% – Water 90% – Holy 90%
Status Resistances: Immune to Poison, Blind, Silence, Curse; Berserk 85% – Death 40% – Drain 40% – Petrify 45% – Sleep 85% – Slow 45% – Stop 45% – Zombie 40%

There are still some changes to be made, and not all your characters will have all these spells, but it’s certainly possible that one of them does – or rather, has most of them (Full-Life and Aura have yet proven elusive, as have Eva-J and Luck-J). You’ll also get ways to break the game by boosting your core stats without junctioning – one involving leveling, another involving tedious refinery via menus, and a third by hunting down and… well, let’s not obsess over something we can’t do just yet. Unless you played Chocobo World, of course, but we digress… Suffice to say, some changes may yet be made, especially if you don’t mind some grinding (read: a lot of grinding). Those, however, are stats you can beat the game with, and handily so.

Follow the exploits of Squall, a resident of Balamb Garden and SeeD aspirant whose first contract as a professional mercenary expands into a fight…