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The Best California Dispensaries to Buy Cannabis Seeds & Clones

Growing your own cannabis is now legal in California under Proposition 64. If you happen to smoke often, consider gardening mandatory.

This simple but revolutionary act will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, provide a fun hobby, and give you access to rare cultivars that you can’t find at local dispensaries. Plus, watching cannabis grow is one of life’s pleasures, encouraging a more personal connection to the plant, and a deeper appreciation to your DIY supply.

California is the best place in the world to buy legal cannabis seeds — since 2018, they’ve been on sale in dozens of stores across the state. All you need is a valid I.D. showing you are 21 and over, and some cash. Here’s the best dispensaries in California to get your garden growing in 2019.

Start fantasizing about your backyard crop by browsing the menus, find the plants best suited to your needs at a dispensary near you, and begin planning your Spring garden now!

Best Southern California Seed & Clone Stores

Buds and Roses in Studio City, Los Angeles

With fresh drops from Dark Heart including fun, new strains like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Napali Pink, and Mirage, expect to find clones at this acclaimed L.A. dispensary along with about 20 seed varieties from Equilibrium Genetics, including several CBD-rich strains. Choose from Black Lemon Glue, Orange AC/DC, Cheese Lights and many more, ranging from $45 to $79 for a six-pack of seeds. Set a few plants out on your sunny patio to enjoy while you relax poolside!

BARC Beverly Alternative Relief, near Beverly Hills

Yo, the one percent needs good herb, too. Maybe it’ll chill them out a bit — make ‘em more magnanimous. Pop into clone outlet BARC near Beverly Hills to scoop up new clones from Dark Heart Nursery including Original Glue, CBD-rich Remedy, and the on-trend Black Jack at BARC this winter.

Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs

Desert dwellers south and east of Los Angeles can tap the power of the blazing sun to grow their own affordable supplies of CBD-rich cultivars from Equilibrium Genetics — in stock at Desert Organic Solutions in Palm Springs. CBD Glue Tide 1:1 takes the joy of Original Glue’s aroma and pairs it with the soothing effects of CBD. The strain Orange Romulawi promises a trippy mix of citrus, sedative Romulan, and energetic Malawi. As for “Lemon Wookie Glue”? That’s all you to discover.

805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo County

The weather and soil of San Luis Obispo County makes it an agricultural center for all kinds of produce, cannabis included. 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach is your connection to seeds from top-ranked California breeder Cali Connection. Cali Connection’s feminized Blue Dream Haze is so easy to grow, you can toss a few beans in your backyard, set it, and nearly forget it till harvest.

Don’t Want to Grow?

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Best Northern California Cannabis Seed Stores

Bloom Room in San Francisco

Tucked into an alley in downtown San Francisco, this tiny shop has a reputation for carrying boutique flowers that you can’t find anywhere else, and their seed selection is no different! Here you’ll find a dozen unheard-of varieties from Cult Classic Seeds, a Sonoma County breeder with novel genetics named American Girl, Ripple, and SmokeyMon, fairly priced at $100 for a ten-pack. Don’t leave without picking up an eighth of flower from Red Beard Farms or JAHnetics, you’ll be glad you did!

Berkeley Patients Group in Berkeley

This pioneering Berkeley dispensary stocks just a few seed varieties from Cali Connection, Crockett Family Farms, and TGA Seeds. Look for the CBD OG seeds if you’re interested in growing a CBD-rich variety, while TGA’s Vortex is a lovely award-winning sativa that would benefit from stretching out in a sunny backyard. Prices at BPG range from $80 for a five-pack of Vortex to $110 for 12 seeds of Crockett’s highly resinous Clifford cultivar.

Harborside in San Jose and Oakland

A robust genetics department stocked with seeds and clones has always been part of Harborside’s trailblazing business model, with knowledgeable staff available to assist with cultivation questions. Over a dozen Dark Heart clones were in stock recently, including Do-Si-Dos, Purple Punch, Sherbet and Blackjack. Look for seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, including favorites like Lemon Kush, Humboldt Headband and GS Cookies, priced at $110 for a 20-pack.

Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata

It’s worth a road trip up to Humboldt to visit this genetics mecca, where you can choose from an overwhelming 200+ varieties of seeds from industry leaders like Humboldt Seed Company, TGA Genetics, Rebel Grown, Crockett Family Farms, and DNA Genetics, as well as rarities from local breeders like South Fork Seed Collective ,and NorStar Genetics. Look for old-school favorites like Cannalope Haze from DNA Genetics, Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection, and Jack’s Cleaner from TGA Genetics, who also offers five seeds for just $30, making it more affordable to mix and match a few different varieties. HPRC lists more seeds on Leafly than any other place in the world!

Satori Wellness in McKinleyville

With over 80 seed varieties in stock, Satori Wellness is a great spot to score genetics from Humboldt Seed Co., Crockett Family Farms, and Talking Trees Farms. Prices range from $50 for six seeds from Equilibrium, with 20-packs from Humboldt Seed Co. holding steady at $100, and a ten-pack of sought-after Melon Chunks from Dying Breed at $350. Commercial growers can stock up on 100 Pineapple Tsunami seeds for $399, enough to plant a field full of this CBD-rich cultivar. Small-scale growers can source enduring classics like Jack Herer, OG Kush and AK-47, which have become hard to find on dispensary shelves, and if you go on “Farmer Fridays,” you get 10% off seeds!

Santa Cruz Naturals in Aptos

Pick up fun flavors from Crockett Family Farms at this Aptos dispensary, including feminized varieties of hot new strains Cherry Poppins, Georgia Peach, and Slurpee Syrup, which are guaranteed to produce female plants, eliminating guesswork for growers. A six-pack of feminized seeds costs $125, compared to regular varieties of Banana Pie and Strawberry Fields priced at $115 for a 12-pack.

CannaCruz in Santa Cruz

This bud boutique only stocks a few select seeds from Equilibrium Genetics, including classic cornerstone genetics like Northern Lights, which every grower should plant at least once in their lifetime. Smoking Northern Lights is like taking a time machine back to the 1990s, when kind bud was slowly spreading throughout the United States and grunge reigned supreme. Prices for six seeds range from $40 to $70, making it possible to pick more than one strain for your summer garden. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the Super Sour Orange, a cross of Super Sour Diesel and African Orange.

Mercy Wellness of Cotati

Another outpost for Equilibrium Genetics with almost 20 varieties in stock. Get your garden started at minimal cost by spending just $40 for six seeds of either Orange AC/DC, Dream Queen Glue, CBD Orange Tide, Lemon Wookie Glue, or Cookies Glue. For $70, choose from an interesting old-school Panama Red cultivar with 2:1 CBD ratio, or Nelson’s Ledges, a legendary strain from Ohio with a colorful backstory.

Get started growing a pound of your favorite strain this year by shopping the world’s biggest legal genetics market — the Golden State.

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Cannabis Seeds for Sale in California: A Complete Buying Guide

As you begin your journey into growing cannabis, you want to make sure that you start your growing journey as simple and as easy as you can make it. The trouble is, the growing marijuana seeds for the first time can make you feel completely overwhelmed.

With the massive amount of suppliers on the market, along with the hundreds of different varieties of marijuana strains, how do you know where to start? Plus, how do you know if cannabis seeds for sale in California are legal?

To help you better understand how to buy cannabis seeds and start growing marijuana plants from the comfort of your own home successfully, we’ve created a complete guide to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more!

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in California?

While the federal law for purchasing cannabis seeds varies across the United States, cannabis seeds can be lawfully purchased by anyone over the age of 21 for legal adult recreational use.

The Cannabis Control Board in California states that the maximum number of cannabis plants an individual can grow in California is six plants. For you to legally follow this accordance, you have to be over the age of 21 and not grow these plants in a community that has a restriction on marijuana cultivation.

Purchasing cannabis seeds in California online or in-store is legal, although there are specific procedures that are in place to prevent the sale of cannabis seeds to minors.

How to Find the Best Cannabis Seeds for Sale in California

For you to better understand how to find the best cannabis seeds for sale in California, you should have a solid comprehension of the different types of marijuana plants.

Did you know that cannabis plants have a gender?

Marijuana plants can be female, male, or hermaphrodites. The reproductive organs on a marijuana plant are on separate plans, which makes marijuana a type of dioecious plant. After a male plant pollinates a female plant, a cannabis seed is created.

The cannabis that you’re able to consume is created from a female flower that hasn’t been pollinated. While there are some marijuana plants that contain both female and male reproductive organs, these hermaphrodite plants can self pollinate their own flowers.

Male Versus Female Marijuana Seeds: How to Tell the Difference

For you to be able to identify the gender of your marijuana plant, you have to begin looking during the pre-flowering stage of your plant. During the pre-flowering phase, you can determine if your marijuana plant is female if there is a small bud that appears between the main stock and the fledgling branch.

You can also identify a female marijuana plant if there is the growth of white pistol hairs that are surrounding where the small bud is on the main stock and flooding branch. On female marijuana plants, there will be at least one white hair that grows from the small bud. As a female plant becomes more mature, the white pistol hairs will turn in orange or red color.

Male marijuana plants can be identified by locating a pollen sack that can be found between the main stock and the flooding branch. This pollen sack has a tulip-shaped appearance and doesn’t have any pistol hairs growing from it.

For you to be able to harvest cannabis buds from your female plants, it’s essential for you to immediately remove any male marijuana plants that you find during the pre-flowering stage. If you happen to leave any male marijuana plant in with your female plants, the male plant will pollinate all the surrounding female plants. As a result, this will cause your female plants to produce seeds instead of developing the flower that you’re looking to harvest.

What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Seeds?

Another overwhelming process of growing marijuana plants at home is choosing the best marijuana see type for your personal needs. The choice of marijuana seeds strong lead depends on how much care if you’re willing to donate to your plant.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds will contain a mixture of both male and female marijuana plants. There’s no way for you to identify the gender of the seed of four enters into the pre-flowering stage, which means that when you purchase regular cannabis seeds, you may spend some time growing cannabis seeds into plans to end up having to be thrown away.

However, regular cannabis seeds haven’t been genetically altered or chemically altered, which means that they are entirely natural. While regular cannabis seeds are easy for beginning cultivators to grow, if you are comfortable with identifying the gender of your marijuana plants, there may be better options available for you.

If you are comfortable with identifying the gender of your marijuana plants, you should take care to ensure that none of your female plants turn into a hermaphrodite’s, is hermaphrodite plants still have the potential of fertilizing the rest of your female plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This type of cannabis seed ensures that all of the marijuana plants are growing will turn into female plants. Feminized cannabis seeds are naturally occurring, which means they are created through a process that’s referred to as feminization.

Feminization is achieved by spraying the mother plants with a solution, which is a process known as Rodelization. Feminized cannabis seeds are resistant to becoming hermaphrodite plants.

By illuminating the need to identify the gender of the cannabis plants, you can save time and increase the yield that you’re able to harvest from your plants. If you’re only interested in growing marijuana plants to produce bud, feminized seeds may be the best cannabis option for you.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

For a cannabis seed to continue maturing and producing bud, they rely on the light stage to enter into the flowering cycle. However, auto-flowering cannabis seeds automatically begin their flowering cycle once they reach a specific maturity level.

You can purchase auto-flowering cannabis seeds in both regular and seminars options. If you aren’t interested in having to babysit your marijuana plants, auto-flowering cannabis seeds make an excellent option for beginning cultivators.

Also, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are great if you’re interested in maximizing the yield from your plants. Auto-flowering cannabis plants thrive in long summer days with high-quality light sources.

By planting your auto-flowering cannabis seeds at the beginning of the marijuana season, you can maximize your yield with this type of seed, as they tend to flower earlier than other types of marijuana seeds.

What Auto-Flower Strains Are Perfect for California?

If investing in auto-flowering cannabis seeds sounds like the best option for your unique cultivating needs, there is a large selection of auto-flowering strains that are perfect for Californian growers. Let’s take a look at the perfect auto-flowering strains to grow in California:

White Widow X Crystal Meth Feminized Seeds

Auto-flowering White Widow X Crystal Meth strain seeds provide cultivators with a dazzling try comfort duction and a fresh flavor profile that’s perfect to use if you’re looking to quell your stress levels, insomnia, and anxiety. Not only are bases easy to grow, but they’re high yielding, Making this Tennessee a perfect option for beginning growers.

Auto-Flowering Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 is also commonly referred to as the Original Glue, which is a hybrid strain that was created from crossing Chocolate Diesel X Sour Dubb X Chem’s Sister strains.

Gorilla Glue #4 produces easily recognizable small, bright green leaves. You just have reported tasting a chocolate, diesel, and pine flavor, while also experiencing a euphoric mental high that’ll make you feel like you’re glued to your couch.

Auto-Flowering Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds

This type of cannabis seed produces a short Indica plant that’s been crossed with the Dallas strain and the Indica strain, which produces and a Normas healed. Not only is the auto-flowering Sweet Tooth plant known for producing high-quality and sturdy buds, but many users report pasting an earthy flavor with hints of flowers and berries.

Beginning Your Cannabis Growing Journey

Are Cannabis seeds for sale in California legal to purchase? Yes!

When choosing the best cannabis seeds for you to purchase, make sure that you consider your growing experience when selecting the best cannabis seeds for your unique needs.

Are you interested in purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds that’ll thrive in California? Click here to shop our current inventory.

Looking for California Seed Shops? Buy feminized cannabis seeds online from I49 Seed Bank today. We offer authentic genetics, guaranteed shipping and a no substitution guarantee. Call 1-888-441-4949 to get your next marijuana seeds for your outdoor garden. We offer sativa dominant or indica strains as well as medical cannabis seeds including high CBD and hybrid seeds. Our seeds are perfect for you next cash crop or medicine for your internal use.

We service all of California including Southern Cali, South Cal and Los Angeles.

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Flordason Dr, Oak Hills Estates, Singleton Road, Tournament Hills, Upper Calimesa, Yucaipa-Calimesa

Calistoga, Castle Amorosa, Knights and Franz Valleys

Acacia, Adohr Lane, Adolfo Glen & Los Arboles, Amber Drive, Amli Spanish Hills, Anotonio Drive, Antonio, Arena Bodega, Arneill Ranch, Barry, Bella Vista, Birchview Park, Biscayne, Brently, Brookhill Drive, Calarosa Ranch, Calle Cita, Camarillo Heights, Camarillo Miramonte, Camarillo Springs, Camarillo West, Camilar, Carmen, Cartagena, Cerro Vista, Charter Oak Park, Corby Ave, Crestview, Dara, Del Prado, Dos Caminos, Dwight, El Rancho, Encanto Park, Fairchild, Fairfield, Fairways, Foothill Park, Galano, Granger East, Hartnell, Hidalgo Felicia, Hillcrest Cupertino, Hilltop, Hobart West, Irena, Lakehurst, Lakeside Village, Lamplighter Mobile Park, Lantana, Las Posas Estates, Las Posas Greens, Laurel Park, Leisure Village, Lewis, Loma, Los Pueblos, Manzano, Mariposa Calderon, Mission Oaks, Mission Ridge, Mission Verde, Modesto, Munson, Murray Loop, Old Ranch, Old Town Camarillo, Parkway Dr, Paseo Camarillo, Pinnacle Estates, Pitts Park, Pitts Ranch, Ponderosa, Quito Park, Rancho Adolfo Estates, Rancho Lomita Estates, Regency, Ridge View, Rosewood Valley, Saddleback, San Como, Seybolt, Sparkman, Springville, Sterling Hills, Sun Grove, University Glen, Ventana, Via La Silva, Village at The Park, Vina Del Mar, Wilcox, Windsor Pacific, Woodcreek Park, Woodside Green

Apricot Avenue, Avalon, Bon Park, Campbell Community Center, Campbell Shamrock, Dell Ave, Downtown Campbell, Dry Creek, Hacienda, Hamann Park, Hazelwood, McGlincy, Morgan Park, Newport Apartments, Pollard Road, Pruneridge Plaza, Pruneyard, Rolling Hills, San Tomas, Sheffield Phantom, Timber Cove, Union Ave, Vizcaya, Westchester Park, White Oaks

Capitola Beach, Capitola Greens, Cliffwood Heights, Depot Hill, Gross Road/Frontage, Jewel Box

Aguajito Road, Brookdale, Carmel Highlands, Carmel Hills, Carmel Meadows, Carmel Point, Carmel Valley, Del Mesa Carmel, Hatton Fields, Mercurio, Mid-Coast, Pacific Meadows, Quail Lodge, Rancho Rio Vista, Rancho Tierra Grande, Schulte Road

Canalino Village, Carpinteria at Santa Ynez, Carpinteria Bluffs, Carpinteria Downtown, Casitas Pass, Concha Loma, Foothill Estates, Franciscan Village, Heath Ranch, Lagunitas, Lavender Ct., Linden Ave, Padaro Lane, Rincon Hill, Santa Monica, Serena Park, Shepard Mesa, Singing Springs Village, Via Real, West of Cravens

Anderson Park, Calas Park, Catskill Ave, Central Carson, Civic Center, Colorado Circle, Del Amo/220th St, Del Amo Park, Dolores Southend, Dolphin Park, E Walnut, Keystone, Links at Victoria, Ocean Villa, Postal Annex, S Main / Dolores, Star of India Lane, Stevenson Park, Sun Ray Manor

35th Avenue, Aldea the Vistas, Bankside, Caliente Sands, Campanile, Canyon Shores, Cathedral Canyon, Cathedral City Cove, Cimarron Cove, Date Palm SE, Desert Princess Resort, Desert Sands, Landau Homes, Landau Manor, La Pasada, Montage ,Palm Springs Country Club Estates, Panorama, Paseo Real, Perez Business District, Ramon, Rich Estates, Rich Sands Estates, Rio Del Sol, Rio Vista East, Rio Vista II, River Canyon, Royal Palms, Santoro and La Paloma Estates, Serenity, Sungate, Sunny-Papaya-Pomegranate, Tapestry and Century Park, The Canyon

Blaker Hills, Blaker-Kinser, Bluebird Drive, Central Valley, Christy Ln, Don Pedro Park, Faith Home, Kingston Estates At Westpointe, Mine01, Morgan and Whitmore Area, Myrtlewood Drive, North Central Ceres, Sam Vaughn, Service / Morgan, Skeena, Villa Ramon Dr.

Bechard, Carmenita/South, Cerritos, Felson Pl/183rd St, Friendship Park, Gonsalves, Heritage Park, Liberty Park, Normandale, Pioneer-Bloomfield, Ray Circle, Reservoir Hill Park, Rose St, Shadow Park, Sunshine Park, The Courts, West of Auto Mall, Wiersma

Barber, Chapmantown, South Campus Neighborhood

Amherst, Auburn, Ballestros Ave, Baymeadow, Breton/Derby, Casablanca Apartments, College Park, Crystal Lane, Cypress Park, East Chino, Eleventh St, Fern-Mountain, Francis Ave, Francis to Philadelphia, Glam Blowout, Gun & Pipeline, Hampshire Village, Harrison St, Hill Point, Liberty Park, Madison, Manzanita Court, McLeod Park, Meadow Square, Monte Vista – Central, Mountain-Benson, Oaks, Park East, Pembroke Downs, Pepper Tree Grove, Ramona/Walnut/Pipeline/60, Riverside, Royal Palm Ranch, San Antonio/Fern, San Antonio/Walnut, Schaefer, Seneca Village, Somerset Apartments, Sonoma Court, Stanford Square, Tree Streets, Vernon Ave, Walnut-San Antonio Ave, Washington/Central, Woodbury HOA, Yard Knotsees, Yorba Ave

Los Serranos, Sleepy Hollow

Avenue 19, Chowchilla, Fairmead Blvd, Greenhills

Antiqua, Autumn Hills, Barberry Place, Bella Lago, Bonita / Long / Canyon, Brandywine, Buena Vista, Burgundy, Cabo-Chapala, Carissa and More, Castle Park, Charter Point, Chula Vista Trails, College Estates, Countryside, Del Mar Ave, Eastlake, East Los Niños Park, East Rios, E Palomar, Eucalyptus, Falcon Valley, F St and Broadway, G St/Broadway, Guava Ave, Hillsborough, Hilltop, Indigo, Industrial Blvd, Jonathan Origel, J St – Marina Pkwy, Lake Pointe, Lomas Verdes II, Mariposa Circle, Medical Center Dr, Orange, Otay Ranch, Palomar /Industrial, Palomar St., Pulse Millenia, Rancho\Del Rey I, Rancho Vista, River Bottom, Rogers Park, Rolling Hills Ranch, San Miguel, Skylark Way, Summer Hill, Sunbow, Sunny Vista ,Tapestry/Mosaic, Telegraph Canyon, Terra Nova, Terry’s Mobile Home Park, The Woods Gates Rolling Hills, Treviana, Verona, Village of Montecito, Vista Del Mar, Windingwalk, Winding Walk, Woodland Hills, Woodlawn and Broadway, Wueste Road

Almaden Place, Antelope Downs, Antelope Station, Auburn Oaks Village, Big Oak Mobile Home Park, Birdcage Heights, Citrus Heights, Crosswoods, Farmgate Ridge, Golden Oaks, Greenback Wood, Heritage Oaks, Inspiration Heights, Larchmont Rosewood, Marilope, Mariposa Glen Pocket, Northwest, Oak Creek, Oak Crest Village, Pacheco Park, Park Oaks, Parkoaks Estates, Parkside, Roseville, Sunrise Ranch, Sunrise Terrace, The Heights, Twin Creeks, Woodmore Oaks, Woodside Oaks

Chaparral South, Chapparal, Claraboya, Claremont, College Ave, College Park, Foothill, Griffith Park, Griswold Townhomes, Larkin Park, Mills East, Mountain-Indian Hill, Mural / Lynoak, NoFo, Padua Ave, Padua Hills, Piedmont-Princeton, Serrano, Southwest Arrow-Indian Hill, Spring Hill, Thompson Creek, Victoria Place, Village South, Wheeler Park

Clayton Estates, Clayton Greens, Clayton Palms, Coal Mine Ct, Dana Hills, Diablo Estates, Downtown Clayton, Keller Ridge, Marsh Creek Rd, Marsh Morgan, Mitchell Canyon Rd, Oakhurst Drive, Peacock Creek, Regency Meadows, Regency-Woods, Russelman Park, Silver Creek II, Stranahan, Upper Easley Estates, Westwood

Austin Dr/Old Hwy 53, Clear Lake, Clearlake Park, Gooseneck-Clearlake, Hillcrest Ave, Lakeshore Business Dist, North Avenue, Olympic, The Avenues, The Village

Citrus Fair, Cloverdale/Asti, Cloverdale Meadows, Clover Springs, Dutcher Creek, East Boulevard, Furber Park, North Jefferson, Oat Valley Road, Rancho de Amigos, River, South Cloverdale, Tarman

Academy, Appaloosa Acres, Ashcroft/Donner/Holland, Auberry-Cherokee, Barclay Square, Barstow Square, Been Park, Bonadelle Homes, Bonneville, Buchanan Estates East, Buchanan High, Bullard McCall, Bullard/McCall, Camden Place, Carmel Village, Cedarwood, Claremont-Stanford, Clovis, College Green South, College Junction, Cottonwood Grove, Cougar Place, Country, Coventry Cove, Del Parque, De Wolf, Drycreek Sanctuary, Dry Creek Trail, East of Madsen, East Sierra, E Barstow Ave, Euclid, European Glen, European Parc, European Quarters, Fairmont-Rialto, Fancher, Fowler/Bullard, Fowler to Alluvial, Fox Run, Freedom/West/South, Gettysburg and Armstrong, Gettysburg Park, Harlan Ranch-Master Plan, Havenwood Estates, Jefferson, Kings Crossing, Lafayette Square, Lamonica Stadium, Lennar Park, Lincoln, Locan Ranchettes / Harlan, Loma Vista, Monte Verde, Monte Vista, Morris, Nees Avenue, NE Sierra and Willow, Northwood Estates, Northwood Park Loop, N Traverse Ave, Old Town, Pacific Grove, Peach Ave, Pinnacles, Pittman Hill Area, Polson Connector, Quail Lake, Rancho Estates, Red Bank, Redington Ave, Regent Park, Rodeo Estates, Rollertown, Sage Stone, Sanders Avenue, Scottsmens, Seville Estates, Shaw & McCall, Shenandoah Farms, Sierra Bicentennial Park, Sierra Ridge, Sierra Sun Park, Sierra Vista, Silver Ridge Senior, Silverton, Stanford Ave, Stuart Ave, Sun River, Swift, Tamarack, Tarpey, Temp/Bullard SE, Temperance, Thompson, Tollhouse, Tuscany – Goshen East, University Eastgate, Valerie Meadows, Ventana Hills Estates, Via Monte Verdi, Wawona Ranch Estates, Westcal Park, Willow and Sierra, Willow/Magill, Willow/Nees, Windsor, Woodbridge Apartment, Wrenwood

Avenue 53, Bella Canto, Coachella, De Oro Park, Grapefruit – Ave 52, Paloma Estate, Tierra Del Sol

Coalinga/Avenal/Huron, Monterey – Sunset, Olson Park, Pacific / Elm, Posa Chanet, Van Ness / Elm

Alpine Meadows, Cape Horn, Colfax, East Weimar, Eden Valley, Milk Ranch Rd, Placer Hills, Rollins Lake, Sun Valley Road

Cadena, Cliffhill, Colton District 1, La Loma Hills North, Mt Vernon/Colton Ave, North of 10 East of RR to Mt Vernon, North of East Olive and Colton Ave, Olive to Mill East of Rancho, Olive Valley, Reche Canyon, South La Cardena Dr, South of 10 Cooley, W Valley/Grand

Central Arbuckle, Colusa, Walnut Ranch

Commerce, Veterans Park, Vista del Rio

Alondra and Tamarind, Central Compton, Cesar Chavez Park, Cypress St, Del Amo Estates, Dominguez Hills, E Alondra Blvd, East Sibrie Park, Foster, Gibson Avenue, Kelly Park, Northwood, Peace District II, Roy Campanella Park, School St, S Pearl-S Long Beach, Stone & Castle Amigos, Wilmington, Wilmington Ave

Adobe, Avila, Ayers, Baldwin Park, Bluerock, Bonifacio/Salvio, Broadway, Brookview Manor, Buchanan Field, Canterbury Village, Chestnut Avenue, Clayton, Clydodians, Colony Park, Concord Mobile Home Park, Concord Park, Crystyl Ranch, CVHS, Dalis/Victoria, Del Rio, Detroit Ave, East Concord, East Sun Terrace, Ellis Lake, El Monte, Estates, Fair Oaks, Graymont Circle, Hillcrest, Hitchcock, Holbrook Heights, Kaski Lane, Kirkwood, Laura Park ,Limeridge, Live Oak, Lyon Circle, Meadow Homes, Melody, Montecito, Monte Gardens, Monument Blvd, Mt. Diablo, North Todos Santos, North Willow Pass, Northwood, Oak Grove, Olive, Orchard, Park Plaza ,Pine Hollow, Reitz, Ridge Park, Rose, Ryan, Saint Francis Park, San Miguel, San Vincente, Sendera Hill, Sierra, Silverwood, Sunny Acres, Terraza Del Sol, The Alameda, Tioga, Todos Santos Plaza, Town and Country, Tree Garden/Mohr, Turtle Creek, Via Montanas/Navaronne, Walnut Ave/Chestnut, Walnut Country, Willow Pass Rd, Willow Walk, Woodside, Wren Avenue, Ygnacio

Banium Ave, Perry Heights

Amberhill Farms, Auburndale/River RD Park, Avonlea, Aztec Circle, Briarvale – Waverly, Buena Vista/Railroad, Butterfield Estates, California Meadows, Cedar Creek Park Area, Chase Ranch, Cimarron, Citron/Belle, Clear Springs & Steven Dr, Cloverdale Farms, Cottonwood Ct, Crescent Grove, Devonshire, Dominguez Ranch, Dos Lagos, Eagle Glen, Eagles Nest at Main St, El Cerrito, Fieldstone, Fire Street, Georgetown, Glen Eden, Green River Village, Griffin Park, Griffn Way NBW, Hearthside Lane, Heights, Horsethief Canyon Ranch, Lincoln & Ontario, Marks Gate, McKinley Village, Meadowside, Milalina, Montecito Ranch, Montoya, Mountain Gate, New American Homes 1, North Main, NW Eastvale, Oakridge/Canyon Crest, Old Temescal, Orchard Glen, Orchard Park, Painted Hills, Parkside Green, Pepper Corner, Pleasant View Ave, Providence Ranch Park, Ramona Ave, Ramsgate, Ridgemont, River Glen, River Road Villa, River Run, Sampson Ave Industrial, Seven Oaks, Sierra del Oro, Sky Ranch, S Lincoln Ave, South Corona, Stagecoach, Starlings Green, Sumner / Bellegrave / Limonite ,Sunmeadow, Sycamore Creek, Temescal Valley, Terramor, The Enclave, The Retreat, Trilogy, Upper Drive, Via Miguel/Via Sevilla, Vintage Circle, Wildrose, Wild Rose, Willowranch II

Coronado, Silver Strand

Bon Air Business District, Casa Buena Business District, Casa Madera, Chapman Park, Christmas Tree Hill, Corte Madera Avenue Business District, Corte Madera Town Center, Downtown San Anselmo Business District, Drakes Cove, East Corte Madera Hillside, Echo – Harbor, Greenfield-Red Hill Business District, Larkspur, Madera Del Presidio, Madera Gardens, Mariner Cove, Mariner Green, Marin Estates, Meadowsweet, Paradise Drive Business District, Redwood Hwy, The Shores

3400 Avenue of the Arts, Adams Ave, Back Bay Gardens, Bluffs / Fairview, Brighton Springs, Canyon Park/Fairview Park, Central Mesa Verde, CharleDr, Civic Center Park, College Park, Croftdon, Freeway Triangle, Halecrest, Harbor, Joann, Lower Birds, Marina Highlands, Merrimac Way, Mesa Del Mar, Mesa North, MV Islands, Orange Coast-Playport, Princeton Group, Santa Ana Heights, Seabluff Canyon Village, South Coast Plaza, South Pointe, The Eastside, The Enclave, Village Creek, Westside Costa Mesa, Wimbledon/ Flowers

Bird Section, Cotati, Gravenstein/Wilford, Santero Way

Alta Hill, Central Charter Oak, Cove & Vines, Covina, Curtis, Edna Park, Greenhaven, Heathdale, Hollenbeck/Badillo, Hollenbeck Park Area, Mesa Oaks, Nevilla, N Grand – W Badillo, Puente, Queenside, San Bernardino Rd, Vincent Heart ,Vista Pointe, Walnut Creek

Bertsch-Ocean View, Crescent City, Del Monte, East Coolidge, Lake Earl/Fort Dick, Old Mill, Parkway Drive, Pine Grove, Vipond – Lakeview, Willow Glenn

Chanslor Ave, Cudahy

Blair Hills, Carlson Park, Culver Crest, Fox Hills, Sunkist Park

Monta Vista, Rancho Rinconada

Ball / Bloomfield, Bloomfield Ball Orange Denni, Cedar Glen Park, Civic Center, Cypress, Fairway Park, Fruit Tract, Greenbrook & Brentwood, Lincoln Center, Morris Elementary, N Crescent Ave-Dennis St, Orangewood Estates, Pinewood Park, Sorrento-Woodside-Homes, Sprague Ave, Sunshine Tract, Tanglewood, The Village, Tract 6276, Vessels, Vista Tract

Bayshore, Broadmoor, Crocker, Crown Colony, Eaves Daly City, Hillside, Hyde Court, Original Daly City, Serramonte, St Francis, The Franciscan Park, Westlake

Alcapulco/Cheltam, Central Dana Point, Crystal Lantern, Dana Crest/The Landing, Dana Knolls, Danawoods, Del Avion Del Obispo, Harbor Pointe, Lantern Bay Villas, Lantern District, Mariner, Marinita/Marluna, Monarch Bay, Monarch Beach, Monarch Hills, Niguel Shores, Pointe Monarch, Ritz Pointe, Seabrook, Sea Canyon, Strand, Tennis Villas, Thunderbird

Alamo Creek, Anderson Ranch, Belleterre, Bettencourt Ranch, Blackhawk, Bolero Adagio Heather, Brookside / Laurel, CA Chateau/Danville Ranch, California Meadows, Cameo Acres, Crow Canyon Country Club, Culet Ranch, Danville South, Danville Station, Danville Woods, Del Amigo, Diablo Highland Country Estates, Diablo Highlands, Diablo Ranch Estates, Diablo Rd, Diablo West, Downtown Danville, El Pintado, Elworthy Ranch, Fostoria Terrace, Glenwood, Greenbrook, Green Valley, Heritage Park – Meridian – Center Court, Hidden Valley, Highland Drive, Holbrook Dr, Las Lomitas, Magee Ranch, Matadera, Meadowside-Briar, Meadow Wood, Middle Brookside Drive, Midland/San Ramon Valley, Montair, Monterosso, Monte Vista, Northridge, Oakgate, Ocho Rios Place, Orange Blossom, Podva Rd, Podva Westside, Rancho San Ramon, Rose Garden, Rubicon Circle, San Michelle Estates, Shadow Creek, Shadowhawk, Sycamore, Tasssajara Creek II, Via Hermosa, Vista Grande, Vista Tassajara / Tassajara Ranch, Wendt Ranch, Westside Danville, Woodbine Danville, Woodmont, Wood Ranch

Arbors at Oakshade, Aspen, Binning Tract, Birch, Cannery, Carmelo, Central Davis, Covell Farms, Davis Apartments, Davis Manor, Downtown, East Central, El Macero, Evergreen, Frogs, Green Meadows, Holmes, Hutchison Drive, John Barovetto Park, Lake Alhambra Estates, La Rue Park, Mace Ranch, Northstar, Old East Davis, Olive Drive, Parkside, Patwin, Pioneer Park, Renaissance, Richmond American Homes, Rose Creek, Royal Oaks/Waggner Ranch, Slide Hill Park, South Davis/West Park, Stonegate, Sunrise, Sycamore, The Cottages ,University Village Apartments, Verona, Village Homes, West Central, West Plainfield, West Village, Wildhorse, Willowbank, Willowcreek, Windmere I, Woodbridge, Zaragoza La Coruno

Del Mar-South Coast, Del Mar Terrace, Olde Del Mar, Santa Fe Downs, Sea Point Townhomes, Solana Beach East, Spindrift Del Mar, The Beach Colony, Via De La Valle

20th/Cecil, 9th and Trenton, Almond Tree Village, Bel-Aire, Countyline Rd, Fremont, Garces Hwy, Legacy Estates, South Delano, University Heights, Via Sorano/Via Pelago, Xenia

20th/Cecil, 9th and Trenton, Almond Tree Village, Bel-Aire, Countyline Rd, Fremont, Garces Hwy, Legacy Estates, South Delano, University Heights, Via Sorano/Via Pelago, Xenia

Desert Hot Springs

Acoma Ave, B Bar H Ranch, Brittany Road, Desert Edge, Desert Hot Springs East, Desert Springs Estates, Eagle Point, Fine Homes, Hacienda Heights, Indio Hills, Mission Lakes West, Mountain View, North Ps, Ocotillo Rd, Palm Drive, Palm – West Dr, Park West, San Jose Rd, Skyborne, Sky Valley, Sunny Slopes Estates, Wardman Heights, Whispering Sands

Chisolm, Cimmaron Oaks, Dbar, Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar/Brea Canyon, Diamond Bar Golden Springs, Diamond Point, North Country, North Diamond Bar, Pantera Park, Pathfinder-Grand, Racquet Club, Silver-Meadow, Summit Ridge, Valle Lindo, Willow Heights/Olivecrest

Buena Vista Ave, Chevy Chase Dr, Dina, Dinuba Heights, K Hovnanian, Kings Estate: Dinuba, North Side, Viscaya

Central Dixon, Creekside/Miller, Dixon Northwest Park, Gretchen Higgins, Hall Memorial Park, Lincoln – Hillview, Patwin Park, Pembroke Way South, S 1st St, Sievers, Stratford – Lincoln ,Upper Regency Pkwy, Valley Glen, Walnut Ranch ,Watson Ranch/NW Park, Westside Park ,Yolano

Dos Palos, Valeria / Brannon

Apollo, Appleby, Birchcrest, Brookmill, Cheddar, Coldbrook, Columbia Way, Crossdale, Dalen, Downtown, Foster, Gallatin, Gneiss, Golden Park, Golondrinas, Imperial, Independence, Little Lake, Pico Vista, Pine Crest, Pomering, Quill Dr, Rancho Los Amigos, Rio Hondo, Rio San Gabriel, Salford, Smallwood, Stonewood, Texas St, The Island, Vista Del Rosa

Beardslee, Chimes, Duarte Mesa, Euclid-Shrode, Evergreen, Fish Canyon, Highland down, Hope, Maynard, North of Huntington, Rancho Duarte, Royal Oaks, Swiss Trails

Arivare, Arrivare, California Highlands, Connolly Station, Dublin Ranch, Echo Park, Hansen Ranch, Jordan Ranch, Longford Way, Piazza, Positano, Schaefer Ranch, Tassajara Hills, The Preserve, Tralee, Village/Dublin, Village Pkwy, Wallis Ranch, West Dublin

Newbridge Kavanaugh, Palo Alto Park, Palo Mobile Estates, Pulgas Gardens, University Village, Weeks Gateway 101, Woodland Bayshore

Artesia, Avenida Del Charro, Avocado Estates, Beacon Street, Bel Air Estates, Blossom Valley, Bostonia, Brookhurst Estates, Chase/Avocado, Corte Madera, Cottonwood, Crest, Cuyamaca, Dehesa Valley, Downtown, East County, East Lexington, E. Chase Ave., El Cajon Central, El Dorado, Emerald Ave, Fletcher Hills Central, Fletcher / N Johnson, Fletcher Terrace, Fuerte Knolls, Granite Hills, Grant, Greenfield Dr, Grossmont Terrace, Harbison Canyon, Hidden Mesa, Hillsview Terrace, Hood, Jackson Hill, Jamacha Road, Judson Park, La Tierra, Lexington/2nd, Madison, Main to Marshall, Monarch Ridge, Mountain View Estates, Mount Merritt, Mt. Helix/Fuerte Hills, N 1st St, N Mollison, North Central ,Olive Acres, Par Four, Pasatiempo, Pecan Park, Pepper Drive, Persimmon Avenue, Rancho San Diego, S619, Singing Hills Estates, Singing Hills View Estate, Singing Trails, Sumner Ave, Taft Ave, The Knolls, Valhalla, West Park Square, West Village, Wisconsin Avenue

24th St, Bucklin Park, El Centro ParksRecreation, Euclid Ave, Main / Lotus, Miramontes, Naval Air Facility, Ross / Evan Hewes, Smoketree, Storm’s Crossing / Rio Bend

Bonnie Drive, El Cerrito del Norte (Inner), El Cerrito del Norte (Outer N), El Cerrito del Norte (Outer S), El Cerrito Lower Hill, El Cerrito Plaza, Lower Hill El Cerrito, Lower Terrace, San Pablo, Sunset – Sea View, Vista Heights

1 Poinsettia Ave, Arden Village, Cortada/Adelia, Dahlia, Dodson St, Durfee, La Madera/Valley Blvd, Magnolia – Allgeyer, Middle El Monte, Montecito, Mountain View Park, Norwood-Cherrylee, Parkview Annex, Parkway Drive, Peck Rd Park, Rio Vista Veterans Park, Riverview, Santa Anita, Zamora

Downtown, El Segundo Southwest, Mariposa, Smokey Hollow

Arlington, Arthur C Butler, Bellaterra, Bilby Meadows, Bilby Ranch, Black Kite, Bradshaw Road-PGHS, Calvine Spa, Camden, Centex, Chesterbrook, Coventry, Cresleigh Ranch Village, Del Webb Glenbrooke, Diamante, East Park, Elan Estates, Elliott Ranch East, Emerald Vista, Fallbrook, Foxberry Glen, Franklin, Grant Line Rd, Hearthstone, Helen Carr Castello, Hop Ranch, Jungkeit Dairy, Laguna West, Lake Point, Lakeside, Machado Dairy, Madeira East, Maritime Estates, Montage, Montego Falls, Newton Ranch, North Elk Grove, Parkgate, Perry Ranch, Poesia Ct/Risata Way, Quail Ranch, Quail Ridge, Rancho Verde, Renwick, Rio De Onar, Sheldon North, Silvergate, Somerfield, Sonoma Creek, Southmeadows, Springmont, Sunland Lakeshore, The Ridge, The Seasons, Toby Johnson, Tributary Pointe, Valley Hi Estates, Valley Oak, Van Ruiten Ranch, Vista Creek Village, Walnut Orchard, Waterman, Wisteria Place, Woodside Creek

Archstone Encinitas, Bonita, Bridgewater Willowcreek, Cantebria, Capri, Crest Drive, Elfin Forest Harmony Grove, Encinitas Blvd/Seeman Dr, Encinitas Estates, Encinitas Highlands, Encinitas Ranch, Encinitas Village Park, Flair Encinitas/Encinitas Real, Fortuna Ranch, Garden View Rd, High Country Villas, Leucadia, Lone Jack North, Molena Hill, North Village Park/Creek, Oak Crest – St Andrews, Old Encinitas, Olivecrest/Morning Sun Ranch, Olivenhain Northwest, Orpheus Park, Pacific Pines, Pacific Serena, Park Encinitas, Quail Gardens, Requeza, Sandalwood, Saxony Road, Sienna Canyon, Sienna Hills, Skyloft, Spyglass, Summerfield, Val Sereno/CDT/VDC, Villanitas 02, West Hampton Cove

California St, Escalon, Five Corners, McHenry Ave/Main St, Sims Station, Sultana, Yosemite/Brentwood

2nd/Fig, 4th/Grape, Adobe, Albert, Rosa, Socin, Alexander Dr, Amarillo Pl, Anaheim Hill, Avenida Del Diablo, Banyan Way, Bear Valley/El Dorado, Birch Ave, Broadway Laurashawn, Candlelight Hills ,Center City Parkway, Central Escondido, Champagne Village, Cimarron, Circle R/Castle Creek, Citracado Village, Citrus Gardens Inc., Cloverdale/Mountain View, Country Club, Country Estates, Del Dios and Mt Israel, East Grove, East of Broadway, East Reidy Creek, East Valley, El Ku, El Norte Villas, Encino ,Eureka Springs ,Felicita, Forest Glen, Grand/Valley, Greenway Rise, Harbor Hills Estates, Hidden Hills/Citracado, Hidden Meadows, Hidden Trails, Highland Valley, Idaho Ave, Jesmond Dene and Montreux, Kalmia, Kent Ranch, Lake Hodges, Las Casitas ,LaSerena-Mary Ln-Summit, Le Chateau Heritage, Lincoln/Ash, Mary Lane/Kit Carson Park, Mesa Rock, Midway Manor ,Montiel, Northeast El Norte Triangle, North El Norte, North E Under Big E, Oak Hill, Old Guejito, Rancho Verde, Rustic Village, San Pasqual, Savanna, Shirey Rd, Sierra Linda, Sonata, S Quince St, Summer Creek, Sunset, Terrace Gardens, Upas, Vineyard, Vintage Place, Vistamonte, Westside, Westwind, W Mission Rd

14th and West Ave., Bridge District, Carson Park, Cooper Heights, Eureka High, Henderson Center, Highland Place, Hodgson Street, Lloyd St, Lowell St, Lundbar Hills, North Myrtle and West, Ridgecrest, Rosewood, Sequoia Park, South Ave, Stop and Shop, Summer to California, Westside Eureka, W Hawthorne

Athletic Park, Badger Hill, Channing Way, Davis Street, Exeter, Lincoln Triangle, Mehrten Valley, Parkplace, Walnut to Pine, Wilson, Woodland Estates

Bay Road, Bothin Park, Cascades, Deer Park, Fairfax Heights, Fairfax Park, Laurel/Pine/Madrone, Manor Hill, Marinda Oaks, Monte Cristo, Oak Woodland and Toyon Hill, Pacheco Park/Downtown, West Fairfax

Air Base Pkwy/Waterman/80, Alaska Ave, Allen Witt Park, Arlington Circle, Avondale Circle Area, Balsam-Candleberry, Barbour Drive Area, Bedford Falls, Bobwhite, Bradbury Estates, Branden Estates Utah St, Burgundy-Concord-Diamond, Business Center Drive, California Faire, Candlewood, Capitola-Barbour-Waterman, Casa Nova Mobile Home Park, Castlerock, Central Fairfield, Claybank, Cobblestone Area, Copperidge, Cordelia South, Cordilla, Coventry Gardens, Creekside Meadows, David Weir School, Dover, Downtown North, Dwight D Eisenhower, Eastridge, Elmhurst Circle, E Wyoming St, Flower District, Fox Glen Area, Glen Ellen, Goldridge, Grande Circle, Green Valley Residences, Green Valley – Upper, Hickory – Candleberry, Hillridge, Ironwood Circle, Jasmine, Kennsington, Kolob and Gregory Heights, Lakeshore, Lakewood, Laurel Creek, Ledgewood Creek, Locke Paddon, Lower Flower Streets, Lower Sanctuary, Madison Park, Mankas, Marigold Dr-Sunrise Park, Matthew Street, Meadowlark / Quail, Miller Drive, Minnesota Street Area, Moss Valley, Mountain Meadows, Mystic Drive Area, New Providence, Northwood Area, N Tesas St, Oakbrook, Paradise Creek, Paradise Crest, Paradise Highlands, Paradise Valley, Parkview Terrace, Parkway Estates, Parkway Gardens, Pecan Circle, Pine Creek, Providence Walk, Quail Dr, Raintree Terrace, Rancho Solano, Ridgefield, Ridgeview, Rolling Oaks, San Marco-Travis, San Remo, Seabreeze, Shaker Run Circle, Siena, Silver Fox Area, Skyview, South of Texas Downtown
Suisun Valley, Sunrise Terrace, Tassajara Ct-Tidewater Pl, The Masters Drive, The Santa’s, Tolenas, Travis Blvd/Sunset Ave, Twin Sisters, Villa Cir, Vineyards, Vintage Estates, Vintage Green Valley, Vista Serena Area, Waterman Highlands, Waverly Way Area, Welford Estates, West Travis Blvd, Whitney/Cascade, Willotta Oaks, Woodcreek North, Woodlake, W Texas

Sierra Woods, Walnut-Petunia

2 Rivers Park, 3rd and Mtn View, Balden, Bardsdale, E 4th Stonehedge Foothill, El Dorado, E St / C St, North Fillmore, Sespe Creek, The Bridges

Firebaugh, Las Laureles

American River Canyon, American River Estates, ARC South – River Ridge, Blue Ravine Oaks, Briggs Ranch, Broadstone, Camberwell/Kennerly, Canyon Falls Village, Canyon Ridge, Cascades, Cimmaron Hills, Cobble Hills Ridge, Cobble Ridge, Cresleigh Natoma, Diamond Glen Cir, Fieldstone Meadows, Gold Oak ARC, Hildebrand Circle, Hoxsie Ct, La Collina Dal Lago, Lake Pointe, Lakeview Oaks, Legends, Los Cerros, Morningside, Natomas Heights, Natoma Shores, Natoma Station, Oak Ave, Oak Canyon & Judah Ct, Oak Villas, Oak Vista Estates, Parkway, Pinebrook Village, Prairie City Corners, Prairie Oaks, Preserve at Blue Ravine, Rancho Diablo, Reflections, Ridgeview, River Run, Sibley, Sierra Woods, Steeplechase, Terrazzo Estates, The Empire Ranch, The Enclave, The Knolls, Turnstone, Union Square, Valley Pines/Baldwin Dam, Veranda, Waterford Place, Willow Creek, Willow Springs, Woodbridge

Arrow Route, Bella Strada, Cabernet Dr, California Landings, Cecilia Solorio, Celebration Park, Central Fontana, Citrus and Baseline, Condor Ave, Cypress, Estero /Topanga/Butano/Li, Hunter’s Ridge, Juniper Paine, Juniper/Payne/Barbee, Locust Ave, Lytle Creek, Mango Ave, Marygold Ave, Merrill & Randall, Miller Ave, Montelago, Morgan Estates, Northwood Ranch, Pacific Electric Trail, Palmetto Ave, Redwood, Sgt Bryan Brewster, Shady Trails, Sierra Lakes, Silver Ridge/Morningside, Slover Ave, South Jurupa, South Park, Southridge, South Ridge, Summit, Sycamore Hills, Valley Blvd, Vanguard, Village, Windcrest Dr

Fort Bragg, Hwy 20, Little Valley, Maple-Chestnut, Noyo Harbor, Pearl Ranch Environs, Pudding Creek, Rivers End/John Hyman, Turner Road

Downtown, Mountain View, Old and New Lawndale, Redwood Empire, Rohner Park – Newburg Park, Sunnybrook

Beach Park, Carmel Village, Catamaran Park, Coyote Point, Farragut Park, Foster City Central, Harborside Complex, Ketch Island, Ketch Park, Lantern Cove, Marina Point Condominiums, Marlin Park, Metro Center, Sea Cloud, Triton, Vintage Park

Bellflower, Calendula Ave, Corte Bella, Ellis/bushard, Euclid, Fountain Park, FV/HB Border, Gisler neighborhood, Green Valley, Harper Park, Los Caballeros, Mariposa, Meadowhomes, Mile Square, Moiola, New Chase, Northwest Fountain, Paradise Manor, Plavan, Rancho La Siesta, Road 43, Talbert, Tamura Track, The Meadows, Tiburon, Villa Monterey, West Fountain Valley, West Grove Valley

Adams Avenue West, E Adams Ave, Fowler California, RJ Hill, Sumner and Sunnyside

28 Palms, Antelope Hills, Ardenwood, Avalon Heights, Barrington Place-Boxwood, Baylands, Becado/Tonica, Birds, Brookvale-Nicolet, Brookvale North, Cabrillo, Calistoga Circle, Calypso, Cameron Hills, Canyon Heights – Vallejo Mills, Capriana, Carol Avenue, Castilleja, Centerville, Central Downtown, Central Park Terraces, Cherry-Guardino, Creekside Village, Decoto, Driscoll Rd, Earle Street, FallBrook Terrace, Galindo, Gallegos – Glenhill, Glenmoor, Gomes School, Gordon, Greenhills/Euclid, Greenhouse, Grimmer-Blacow, Hampton Place, Irvington, Jamie Circle, Kimber Park, Klamath Street, Lakes, Laurel Glen Common, Mission Highlands, Mission Hills, Mission Lake, Mission – Ohlone College, Mission Ranch, Mission San Jose, Montebello, Niles, Nimitz, Noria-Salamanca Fremont, Northgate, Old Canyon, Osgood Rd, Pacific Park, Palm Ave, Parkmont, Paseo Padre, Patterson Ranch, Ponderosa Heights, Ponderosa Square, Quail Run, Rancho Arroyo, Rosewood, San Marco Ave, Santa Teresa/El Dorado, Southlake, South Parks, Southwycke Court, Stevenson, Sundale, Thornton, Vallejo St, Vargas, Villa D’Este, Vineyard Heights, Vintage Grove, Warm Spring Friends, Warm Springs, Warmsprings Connected Community, Waterstone, Weibel, Zacate Ave

Adams – Mountain View, Adoline-Palm Historic District, Alluvial and West Bluff, Alluvial West, Annadale, Applegate, Armenian Town, Armstrong Ave, Around Raintree, Ashcroft, Ashlan and Valentine, Ashlan & Fowler/Armstrong, Ashlan & Grantland, Ashlan Village, Audubon Wedge, Avaya’s Circle, Bakman, Bardell-Clara, Barstow/Blackstone, Belgravia, Bel Haven, Bella Montagna, Bellaviera, Belmont, Blackstone/Dakota Ave, Blackstone/Maroa/Shields/Clinton, Bluffs, Blythe Bound, Bowles, Brawley, Browning Heights, Brunswick Ave, Bullard, Burl, California/Jensen/Willow/Chestnut, Calwa, Campus Edge, Campus Pointe, Canyon Crest Apartments, Cary Park West, Casa Del Sol, Casa De Luna, Casitas Van Ness, Cedar/Chestnut/Shields/Dakota ,Cedar/Herndon, Centex Amberpoint, Central Fresno, Central Valley, Central Van Ness Estates, Central Westside Fresno, Champlain Drive, Channing, Chelsea Knolls, Chestnut and Nees, Chestnut and Woodrow, Chestnut/Sierra, Chinatown, Clinton/Mckinley, Clinton/Shields/Fresno/Fwy41, Clovis Estates, Colby Park, Copper River, Cornelia and Ashlan, Corona Tierra, Cortland, Country Club III, Country Mobile Park, Country Villa Estates, Craycroft Village, Crystal Tree, Dakota and 99, Dakota/Palm/Shields/Fruit, Dakota/Pontiac/Fresno/Mariposa, Dakota/Shields/Fresno/Fwy41, Dakota Square, Daleville, Dearing Place, Delbert, Del Mar, Destinations, De Wolf, Dominion Courtyard, Donner and Bond, Dovewood Estates, Downtown, East Ahwahnee, East Chestnut Hallmark, East Clinton – North Cedar, East Lexington, East Madison Ave, East Portals & Robinwood, East San Jose Ave, East Side Floradora, Eastside Fresno, Eaton Elementary, E Calimyrna, E Hamilton Ave – S Sarah, Einstein Park, Elderberry, El Dorado Park, Ellendale, Emily Estates East, E. Santa Ana Bulletin, E Sparks, European Grove, Fancher Ave, Fancher Creek, Figarden, Figgarden, Fig Garden Estates, Fig Garden Loop, Fig Loop Circle, Fig Village, First/Millbrook/Shields/Michigan, First & Sierra, Fordham, Forkner Sequoia, Fort, Frank Thomas, Freemont, Fresno Diamond, Fresno/First/McKinley/Weldon, Fresno/Nees/Angus/El Paso, Fresno Zoo, Friant and Copper, Garden View, Garfield Acres, Garland Ave, Gates Fig Garden, GBGB, Gettysburg and Feland Area, Gettysburg/Parkway/Shaw/Hayes, Granite Park, Green Village, Griffith Way, Hampton Renaissance, Hampton Way, Harvest Park, Headliner, Heights on Copper, Heritage Park Barstow, Herndon/Fresno, Highway City, Historic Huntington, Holland Avenue, Holt, Home Lansing Way Park, Hoover, Horseshoe, Howard, Hunter Place, Hwy 41, Inner Loop, Island Waterpark Barstow, Jackson Park Place, Jensen/Church/Elm/Cherry, Jensen/Mason/Cedar/Ninth, Just West of West Ave ,Kaiser North, Kearny Estates, Kerman, La Buena Vida/Allicante, Lafayette, Legends, Lennar, Liberty Square, Liddell, Lincoln Cornelia, Lincoln Park, Locan, Logan Park, Loma, Los Altos, Lowell, Madison Place/Poets Crossing, Manchester, Mansionette Court, Marks, Maroa Parks, Mayfair, McKinley Ave, Mckinley/Blythe, Meadowbrook, Melody Park, Meridian, Milburn Bluff, Millbrook and Cedar, Millbrook/Eleventh/Floradora/Canal, Millbrook-Shepherd, Millbrook to Alluvial, Minnewawa/Peach/Huntington/Kings, Miramonte ,Montelena ,Mural District, N Charles, N Chestnut Ave, Nees-Alluvial, Nees Park Place, Nelson Chester School, New Haven, North Ashlan, North Bond Street, North Creek, Northdale Ave, North Hayston, North Park, North Side, Northside Church, NorthTower, North Van Ness Ave, Northwest Trend Tract, Norwich and Indianapolis, Old Fig Garden, Oleander, Olive, Our Lady of Victory, Oxford Commons, Palm and Dakota, Palm Gates, Palm Lakes, Palm/Shaw, Palm & Shields, Palo Alto, Park Ridge, Parkway Village, Peach/Willow, Pine, Plaza Homes, Polk, Powers-Ginsburg, Princeton, Ranch, Redlands Avenue, Reservoir Park, Riverpark, River Park, River’s Edge, Riverside Golf Course, Riverside Town Homes, Riverview, River Walkway, Rotary Park, Royal Coach, Roy St, Rustic Oaks, Ryan Lane, Safford, Sageberry, Sagewood, Saginaw Way/Farrin, San Gabriel Ave, San Joaquin, San Ramon Ave, Scandinavian, Sears, Selma Layne Park, SE of Clovis East, Shaw/Dickenson, Shaw/Maroa, Shawstone, Shepherd and Willow, Shields/Clinton/West/Hughes, Sierra-Chestnut, Silver Springs Estates, S Minnewawa, Southeast Magnolia, South Sabre Ave, South Van Ness Ext, South West – West Park, St Agnes First & Herndon, St. Johns Historic District, Stonebridge, Stonegate, Stonemark Hones, Storey, Strother, Sun Garden Acres, Sunnyside Central, Sunrise Meadows, SW Perrin-Sommerville Dr, Teilman and Gettysburg ,Teilman Heights, Temperance Ave, Temperance Colony, Terrabella, Terrace, The Circles at Decatur, The Dominion, The Four Seasons Park, The Highlands, The Masters Collection, The Outlet to Air Control, The Parks, The Vineyards, The Willows, Three Palms, Tollhouse Park, Tower District, Trend Big Country, Tuscan Villas, United Community, Van Ness Blvd Estates, Van Ness/Pleasant Estates, Ventura/Butler/First/Chance, Veteran’s Blvd East, Victoria Park, Villa Del Sol, Vista, Wathen Mansionettes, W. Beechwood Ave., West Browning, West Herndon, West/Hughes/Kearny/Canal, West Huntington Blvd., West of Ashlan Park, West Rural, West Shaw Estates, West Shields, WFRC, William Saroyan School, Willow/Hamilton, Windsor North Vicinity, Winery Street, Woodrow Culdesacs, Woodside, Woodward

Brea Reservior, Carol Dr, Cedarhills Estates, Clear Creek, Coco Palms, College Park, Commonwealth & Raymond, Concord Plus, Coyote Hills, Craig Park, CSUF, E. of BP/N. of Anaheim, Esi1230, Euclid to Highland, Fender – State College, Fern Drive, Fieldstone Arbor, Foothill Village, Gingerwood, Golden Hill, Greentree, Grissom Park, Hawks Pointe, Highland Pines, Homestead Apartments, Ladera Vista, Lakeview, Lambert/Palm, La Ramada, Las Palmas Hermosa, Maison De Fleur, Malvern Creek, Maxzim – Woods, Meredith Manor, North Buena Park La Mirada, Nutwood, Orange Fair, Orangethorpe, Peppermill Run, Presidential Collectio, Presidents Homes, Raymond Hills, Rolling Hills, Rosecrest/Grace/Pacific, Sapphire Road, Somerset, Summerhill, Sunnyhills, Sunny Ranch, The Gallery Collection, Threewoods, Treeview Place, Valencia Park, Water Gardens, Westbluff, West Fullerton, West Oak Ave, Williamson, Woodcrest

Amberhill Ave, Arno/Colony/Alta Mesa, Christensen, Creekside Galt, Ellis Circle, Emerald Park, Fumasi Ranch, Galt Twin Cities, Gold Creek, Greenwood, Keystone Hofmann, Liberty Oaks, Liberty Road East, New Hope, North Galt, Oak Ave, Orr / Harvey, Pringle Ave, River Oaks, Schmidt Ranch, S Lincoln, South of Elm, Three Palms, Valley Oaks, Victorian Park, Wilder Way

Acacia Pkwy, Barney St, Briarglen Loop, Buaro, Candy Ln, Central Stanton, Chapman Commons, Citruswood, Country Woods, Davmor, Eastgate Park, Garden Park, Gilbert, Haster & Lampson, Lake Grove, Lampson Ave, Les Jardins, Magnolia St, Meadowood, Midwick, Newland St, Nutwood, Park Grove, Partridge, Santa-Grove Boundary, Skylark Estates, Taft, The Bird Cage, Twin Lakes, Vons, West Garden Grove South, Westhaven Park, Westminster West, Woodbury / Brookhurst

Cassidy Street, Central Gardena, District 3, Dublin, East 157th Street, El Camino Village, Emerald Square, Gardena-Ardath, Gardena-Raymond, Harbor Gateway North, Hollypark, Parron Van Ness, Redondo Village, S Broadway, Three Ranch Estates, West Rancho Dominguez

Carriage Hills, Christopher, Country Estates of Gilroy, Crestwood, Day Rd West, Denio, Eagle Ridge South, Eldorado Dr, El Matador, Garlic Farm, Gilroy Downtown, Glen Loma Ranch, Godfrey, Gurries Dr, Harvest Park, Hecker Pass, Hidden Glen, Holloway, Las Animas, Long Meadow, Luchessa, Luigi, Maplewood Lane, Mesa Ranch, Mesa Ridge of Gilroy, Miller Avenue South, MOHWST, Montebello Ridge, Monterey Manor, New Avenue, North Murray Com., Old Gilroy, Orchard to Princeton, Outlet, Pacheco Pass 152, Princevalle, Redwood Retreat Rd., Renz Park, Santa Barbara Wren, Saratoga Place, SE of 1st and Santa Teresa, Sobrato, South of Tenth Street, Sunrise Park, The Whitehurst Zone, Thomas Road, Upper Mantelli, Village, Vineyard Valley, Wren/ Wayland/ Welburn

Adams Hill, Brockmont, Chevy Chase, Citrus Grove Northwest, City Center, Crescenta Highlands South, Downtown Glendale West, El Miradero, Emerald Isle, Fair Oaks, Fremont Park, Glenoaks Canyon, Glenwood North, Glenwood Oaks, Grand Central, Grandview, Highland Estates, Mariposa Northeast, Montecito Park, Monterey Corridor, Montrose East, Moorpark, Oakmont, Pacific-Edison East, Pelanconi, Rancho San Rafael, Riverside Rancho, Rossmoyne, Royal and Greenbriar Canyons, San Rafael Hills, Somerset, Sparr Heights, Sycamore Woods, Tropico, Verdugo City, Verdugo Viejo North, Verdugo Woodlands, Vineyard East, Whiting Woods, Woodbury

Concord, Coral, Country Clb-Wildwood Cyn, East Baseline Off Amelia, East Glendora, East Mountain View Ave, E. Glendora, Elwood Village, E Whitcomb Ave, Glendora, Glendora Big Tree, Glendora/Charter Oak, Glendora Mountain Rd, Hunters Trail, La Fetra, Morgan Ranch, North Country Clb Road, North Foothill Glendora, North Glendora, North Glendora Goddard, North Penn Street, North Vermont Ave, Oak Tree Rancho, Palms, Sierra Madre – Grand, South Cullen and Colorado, South Glendora, South Sunflower, Vecino, Verdugo/Hacienda, Washington Ave, Washington/Bender, W Bennett Ave, West North Glendora

Brandon, Cathedral Oaks, Dos Pueblos/El Encanto, Elacora, El Encanto Heights, Ellwood Acres, Ellwood Bluffs, Ellwood Station, Evergreen, Fairview Kellogg, Goleta, Lake Los Carneros North, Marketplace, Meadow Tree, Modoc-Hollister, Mountain View Ranch, Oak Glen/El Sueno, Old Town, Rancho Embarcadero, Santa Barbara Fairways, Storke Ranch, UCSB Storke, University Village, West Campus FSH, Willow Springs Apartments, Winchester Canyon, Winchester Commons

Asecension Parish, Babin Road Neighborhood, Bayou View, Black Bayou, Brittany, Cannon – Church Point, Carrington Court II, Central Galvez, Cypress Alley, Denham Rd, East Creek Villas, Essen Terrace, Gateway Cove, Gravois Subdivision Rd, Green Acres, Lake Meadows/Crossing, Lake Side Oaks, Lake Summerset, Loosemoore Road, Magnolia Crossing, Main – Cornerview, Mire Road, Old Dutchtown, Park Vista, Pecan Grove, Pelican Crossing, Pelican Point, Reid Drive Gonzales, Saint Marks Place, S Hodgeson Rd, St Amant

Barton Palm, Blue Mountain, North Grand Terrace, Rollins Park, The Highlands, Westwood

Allison Ranch Road, Alta Hill, Alta Sierra, Ballantree Lane, Bennett Hill, Brighton Estates, Brookview Acres, Buck Mountain Estates, Catherine Ln, Cedar Ridge, Chicago Park, Cole Country Estates, Cottage Hill Drive, Country Llife, Cypress Hill, Empire Hill, Forest Springs MHC, Glenbrook, Glenwood, Golden Oaks, Grandview Ter, Grass Valley – The Bar, Greater Greenhorn, Hidden Valley, Kenwood Estates, Litton Hill, Lodestar, Matthis Way Rd, Meadow ,Mill Street, Morgan Ranch, Mustang Valley, Newtown, North Church St, Old Auburn, Pampas Dr, Peardale, Perimeter Rd, Rattlesnake, Rollins Park, Rough & Ready/Ridge Rd., Sherwood Forest, Sierra Alta, Sontag Hill, South Auburn – Empire, Squirrel Creek Road, Stacey Lane, Starbright Acres, Sweethaven Ct, The Oaks, Union/Osbourne Hill, Willaura Acres, Wolf Hills Estates, Wood Rose Towle Burma, You Bet

Apple, El Camino Rea, Woodbridge

Eagle Meadows, Golden State, Gridley Rd, Heron Landing, Virginia/Sycamore

Grover Beach Old Town, Grover Heights, Just Off The Pike, Oak Park Streets, Ocean View, Rockaway Ave, Saratoga, S Oak Park, Thomas Hill

East side 140, Gustine-Westside, Santa Nella Trailer Park, South Ave., Sullivan Road, Via Milano

Alsace Lorraine, Arleta Park, El Granada, Frenchman’s Creek, Half Moon Bay, Highland Park, Kehoe/Casa del Mar, Miramar, Ocean Colony, Ocean Corner, Princeton by the Sea, Seahaven

Aspen, Bird Village, Bonneyview Estates, CA-198, Cameron/Brown, Campus Estates, Centennial Dr, China Alley, Copper Valley, Country Crossings, Douty Central North, East Fargo 10th, East Myrtle, Edgewater, Encore, Fargo Place, Flint/10th, Flowers, Grangeville, Greenbrier, Happy Acres, Hartley Grove, Hawthorn, Hoover Way, Houston Ave, Jackson Avenue, Lacey Courts, Lennar, North East, Northeast Kings County, North Fargo, Northstar Dr, Oakview, Parsons, Pioneer ,Quail Run, Redington, Silver Oaks, Southeast Hanford, South of Fargo, Stonecrest, West 7th St, West Saffron, Windgate, Woodrow

Bodger Park & ECV, Burleigh Tract 134-139, Del Aire, Eucalyptus Park, Fusion at South Bay, Hindry, Hollyglen, Memorial Park, North Central Hawthorne, Parkside Village, Prairie and 135th St, Prairie Ave, Ramona Tract, Three Sixty South Bay, Wiseburn, York

Downtown Hayward, Eden Landing, California, Hayward Heath, California, Mount Eden, California, Schafer Park, California

Bailache/ Rio Linda, Bailhache, Chalk Hill, Chemise-Big Ridge Road, Fitch Mountain, Healdsburg, Kinley Drive, Leslie Road, Limerick, Mill Creek Rd, Mill Creek-Wallace Creek, Old, Redwood South HB, Parkland Farms, Pine Flat Road, Presidential Estates, Riverside-Riverview, SW Alexander Valley, West Dry Creek North, Westside – Felta

City Center, Idyllwild National Forest Hwy / Willowbrook Rd, S Lyon Ave / W Stetson Ave, W Esplanade Ave / S Santa Fe Ave, E Whittier Ave / S State St, Route 74 / Mountain Ave, E Florida Ave / Stanford St, W Florida Ave / N Western Ave, Marlyce Ln / Shellie Ln, Whittier Ave / Meridian St

Bay Pointe, Bayfront Boulevard, Belle Terre, Bravo, Caprice, Central, Central Waterfront, Chelsea By Bay, Country Run, Coventry, Crescent Heights, Forest Park, Foxboro, Foxboro Downs, Foxboro Heights, Foxboro Village, Franklin Canyon, Glenwood, Hawthorne, Hercules By Bay, Hercules Point, Heritage By The Bay, Herpoco, Hill Town, Historic Hercules, KB, Marsala Court, New Pacific, North Wildwood, Northshore Business Park, Oceana, Olympian Hills, Refugio, Refugio Valley, Seagate At Bayside, South WIldwood, The Astronauts, The Birds, The Flowers, The Islands, The Stones, The Tides, The Trees, The Village, The Waterfront, Transit Village, Village Park, Wildwood

Central Hermosa Beach Sand, Golden Triangle, Hermosa Hills 7th St, Hermosa & South, Manhattan Beach Hill, South Hermosa

A Ave, Bangor Ave West, Bangor – E, Cactus St, Capri St, C Street Villages, Hemlock Avenue, Maple – Topaz – Main St., Mesa, Mission Crest, Muscatel, Oakhills, Olive/Sultana
, Orange Street, Rosemary, Safehood, South Hesperia, Summit Valley, Timberlane Park, West Maple

Amber Hills, Highlands, Mountain Shadows, Patton, West Highlands

Mountain View, Swanson – John Fox, Washington Rd / Tully Rd, Whitmore

Beach, Beach Boulevard, Downtown, Edinger, Ellis-Golden West, Gothard, Holly-Seacliff, Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor, McDonnell Center, Meadowlark, North Huntington Center, Northwest, Old Town, Pacific City, Pacifica, Palm-Goldenwest, Seabridge, Seacliff, Southeast, Townlot

Pacific Paseo, Pacific Village

City Center, Westside, Calflax

Bayside, Central IB, Mar Vista, Oneonta, Seacoast, Seaside Point

Ironwood Rd/Lee Rd, Monterrey Park, Savannah Ranch, Sky Ranch, Victoria Ranch

Colony Cove, Desert Horizons, Indian Wells Country Club, Indian Wells Village, Los Lagos, Indian Wells, Montelena, Mountain Cove, Rancho Palmeras Estates, Toscana

Arbor Vitae, Ashwood Park, Center Park, Centinela, Centinela Adobe, Centinela Springs, Century, Century Project Area, Circle Park, Crenshaw-Imperial, Darby Park, Downtown, Edward Vincent Jr Park, Grevillea Park, Hollywood Park Race Track Casino, Imperial Highway, Imperial-Prairie, Inglewood Park Cemetery, International Business Park, La Brea, La Cienega, Manchester Prairie Area, Manchester-Prairie Project Area, Morningside Park, North Inglewood, North Inglewood Industrial Park, North Inglewood Industrial Project Area, North Park, Queen Park, Rogers Park, Siminski Park, South Inglewood, Southwest Inglewood, The Village

Concordia University, El Camino Real, Irvine Business Complex, Irvine Spectrum, Lower Pete’s Canyon, Northpark, Northwood Pointe, Oak Creek, Orchard Hills, Portola Springs, Quail Hill, Rancho San Joaquin, San Joaquin Marsh, Shady Canyon, Turtle Ridge, Turtle Rock, UC Irvine, University Park, University Research Park, University Town Center, Walnut Village, Westpark, Westpark II, Woodbridge, Woodbury

Downtown, Riverside, Orangecrest, Riverside, Hawarden Hills, Riverside, Arrowhead, San, Bernardino, Sycamore Canyon Park, Riverside, Canyon Springs, Riverside, Roosevelt, San Bernardino

Barajevo, Čukarica, Grocka, Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Palilula, Rakovica, Savski Venac, Sopot, Stari Grad, Surčin, Voždovac, Vračar, Zemun

Jolon Road Grade, Pine Meadow Estate, S Mildred Ave, West Coast

Dalarna, Kamm / Madsen, Lincoln Square, Reagan Square, Traver

La Cañada Flintridge
La Habra
La Habra Heights
La Mesa
La Mirada
La Palma
La Puente
La Quinta
La Verne
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Lake Elsinore
Lake Forest
Lemon Grove
Live Oak
Loma Linda
Long Beach
Los Alamitos
Los Altos
Los Altos Hills
Los Angeles
Los Banos
Los Gatos
Mammoth Lakes
Manhattan Beach
Menlo Park
Mill Valley
Mission Viejo
Monte Sereno
Monterey Park
Moreno Valley
Morgan Hill
Morro Bay
Mount Shasta
Mountain View
National City
Nevada City
Newport Beach
Orange Cove
Pacific Grove
Palm Desert
Palm Springs
Palo Alto
Palos Verdes Estates
Paso Robles
Pico Rivera
Pismo Beach
Pleasant Hill
Point Arena
Port Hueneme
Portola Valley
Rancho Cordova
Rancho Cucamonga
Rancho Mirage
Rancho Palos Verdes
Rancho Santa Margarita
Red Bluff
Redondo Beach
Redwood City
Rio Dell
Rio Vista
Rohnert Park
Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills Estates
St. Helena
San Anselmo
San Bernardino
San Bruno
San Carlos
San Clemente
San Diego
San Dimas
San Fernando
San Francisco
San Gabriel
San Jacinto

San Joaquin
San Jose
San Juan Bautista
San Juan Capistrano
San Leandro
San Luis Obispo
San Marcos
San Marino
San Mateo
San Pablo
San Rafael
San Ramon
Sand City
Santa Ana
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara
Santa Clarita
Santa Cruz
Santa Fe Springs
Santa Maria
Santa Monica
Santa Paula
Santa Rosa
Scotts Valley
Seal Beach
Shasta Lake
Sierra Madre
Signal Hill
Simi Valley
Solana Beach
South El Monte
South Gate
South Lake Tahoe
South Pasadena
South San Francisco
Suisun City
Sutter Creek
Temple City
Thousand Oaks
Twentynine Palms
Union City
Villa Park
Walnut Creek
West Covina
West Hollywood
West Sacramento
Westlake Village
Yorba Linda
Yuba City
Yucca Valley

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