Strawberry Banana Marijuana Seeds

If you want to grow Strawberry Banana Seeds – this guide is for you. Where to buy Strawberry Banana Seeds online, cultivation tips, strain features & more! Strawberry Banana Seeds – this is one of our exciting new additions. Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. <p>So packed full of flavour you would think you are drinking a smoothie, introducing <strong>Strawberry Banana</strong>!</p> <p><strong>Strawberry Banana</strong> is an enticing combination of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush.</p> <p>This strain pa

Strawberry Banana Seeds

Strawberry Banana is a game-changing indica that elevated the cannabis industry to another level. Discover everything you need to know about the infamous Strawnana strain in this guide to growing Strawberry Banana seeds.

Industries such as technology, medicine, and cannabis usually move forward in small steps.

Every so often, however, a change comes about that is so great it shatters the industry altogether, creating the wide-sweeping revolution known as a paradigm shift.

In the cannabis world, the Strawberry Banana weed strain created a tectonic shift upon its release. Before Strawnana, weed was amazing, no doubt. There was frost, flavor, and a plethora of effects to be found across the available strains.

But, after Strawberry Banana dropped, everything changed forever. Terpenes were the name of the game — everything was about terps.

You see, Strawberry Banana kept almost nothing from the traditional side of cannabis while contributing an entirely future-oriented look at what cannabis could be.

The Strawnana strain was insanely resinous, perfectly balanced between heavy indica effects and satinous sativa, and possessed the most audacious bowl-of-fruit sensorials on the nose and palate.

After Strawberry Banana, extracts shifted from a focus on pure potency to delivering distilled flavors via formats like live resin and sugar wax. All of this was made possible by the terp-filled crystals of weed’s new generation introduced by Strawberry Banana.

With so much acclaim, influence, and respect under its belt, don’t you think it’s time to learn everything you can about growing Strawberry Banana seeds?

You’re in luck because this guide has you covered.

Strawberry Banana Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Indica
Cannabinoids: >20% THC, Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
Effects: Euphoric, Creative, Sleepy
Landrace Strain: Banana Kush X Bubble Gum

Grow Difficulty: Easy
Harvest: 9 Weeks / 10 Weeks
Yield: 450-550g/㎡ / Up to 650g/plant
Height: Up to 6 feet/ >6 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 20-24% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £6.9 Per Seed
• Bulk orders get discounted rate

• 23% THC
• Harvest: 9 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

About Strawberry Banana Seeds


How do you create a cannabis strain that smells like sweet summer fruit on the inhale, tastes like mellow banana on the exhale, and has so much trichome coverage that just pinching the flowers creates hash?

It took a mixture of experimentation, expertise, time, and luck before the stars aligned to create Strawnana.

Today, Strawberry Banana is known as a Reserva Privada Seeds strain. However, Reserva Privada is a subdivision of DNA Genetics, one of the top marijuana cultivator outfits of all time.

DNA Genetics has produced some of the world’s best-known strains, including Kosher Kush and Chocolope. Despite the DNA Genetics label on Strawberry Banana, the strain was created by legendary breeder Dave Crockett of Crockett Family Farms.

Crockett and the team at DNA Genetics have been close collaborators since the early 2000s, a relationship that tightened after Crockett’s landmark release of the Tangie weed strain.

Soon after, Crockett struck gold again when he crossed a Banana Kush plant with a Strawberry phenotype of Bubble Gum, creating Strawberry Banana in the process.

Given the close relationship between Crockett and DNA Genetics, the latter, having a wider global distribution platform than Crockett, decided to put the strain under the DNA label.

Strawberry Banana seeds instantly sold out. In California’s medical dispensaries, it became impossible to keep Strawnana on the shelves.

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Then, Strawberry Banana’s fame exponentially increased when cannabis extractors started using the strain to create award-winning shatters, resins, and hash.

Whereas kush-influenced fuel terpenes dominated the game before Tangie and Strawberry Banana, the entire industry began focusing on exotic flavors and fruit after them.

Today, Crockett’s influence remains intact, but now it’s way easier to find Strawberry Banana seeds.

Growing Strawberry Banana Seeds

You would think that Strawberry Banana seeds, being as exotic and terpene-rich as they are, would be complicated to grow.

It turns out that the opposite is true. Crockett and the team at DNA Genetics selected Strawberry Banana for its ease in the grow room, exceptional sugar production, and fat yield come harvest time.

Buying Strawberry Banana seeds is a pretty simple affair as Reserve Privada only offers one variety — feminized Strawberry Banana seeds.

Feminized seeds give growers a cheat code in the grow room. Instead of investing tons of time, resources, and patience into your plants only to discover half of them are males, feminized seeds guarantee a female crop.

The only downside of going with feminized Strawberry Banana seeds is they won’t develop seeds in turn — a process that requires males plants.

Grow Difficulty:

Strawberry Banana seeds are easy to grow for both beginners and experts alike. Beginners will find a tolerant plant (within reason) of simple mistakes. At the same time, advanced growers will hone and develop intensely frosty nugs during a massive harvest.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

Despite being suitable for both indoor and outdoor grow operations, widespread feedback from seasoned growers indicates that this strain is best grown indoors.

Regardless of your system, medium, or space preferences, as long as your method is locked down, your Strawberry Banana seeds will happily grow.

Having said that, preferred mediums amongst growers are organic soils amended with compost tea and coco coir, an environmentally-friendly growing medium used as an alternative to soil.

While Strawberry Banana seeds grow well regardless of medium, they do take on high amounts of nutrients during feeding. As such, it is important to keep feedings consistent and heavy to produce the bud results you want during flowering.

Additionally, Strawberry Banana plants greatly benefit from being topped to encourage bushy, fanned-out growth that results in increased cola sites, and denser flowers.

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, maintain a relatively arid climate between 68°F and 80°F.

Flowering Time:

Strawberry Banana seeds flower in 9-weeks. However, it’s possible to drop that to 8 weeks if climate conditions and feedings have been flawlessly maintained throughout the duration of the growing process.


Strawberry Banana plants are heavy yielders. What you will love about them is that independent of your skill level, Strawnana just heaps on the nugs.

Expect between 450 and 550 grams per meter squared indoors, or up to a whopping 650 grams per plant when grown outdoors.


Growing Strawberry Banana seeds indoors results in medium-tall plants that benefit from being trained and topped early to cut back on height while increasing horizontal bushiness.

Outdoors, Strawberry Banana seeds will grow vigorously with plenty of stretch owing to their 30% sativa lineage.

During flowering, some Strawberry Banana plants are known to stretch 400% — a factor to keep in mind when building your grow tent.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Strawberry Banana seeds are a hearty variety known for their resistance to fungal diseases and mold issues.

Pests, however, are often the result of user-error. Keep your grow room clean and make sure not to introduce pests by using a separate set of clothes and shoes when entering.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Strawberry Banana Weed:

How to describe perfection?

Strawberry Banana weed combines the permafrost of a sativa like White Widow with the ultra-fatty, dense buds of the loudest Afghani indica nugs.

Somehow, the pistils’ redness as they wrap around the pillowy, key lime-tinted buds recalls actual strawberries.

If you grow Strawnana seeds yourself, you’ll be shocked at the weight some of the palm-sized colas can pack, too.

Strawberry Banana weed combines the permafrost of a sativa like White Widow with the ultra-fatty, dense buds of the loudest Afghani indica nugs.

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Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Strawberry Banana Seeds:

Strawberry Banana seeds are descended from indica-dominant Banana Kush, one of the highest THC strains ever.

As such, Strawberry Banana seeds are overwhelmingly THC dominant, usually testing above the 20% range. In some samples, small amounts of CBD registering just under 1% have also been found.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Strawberry Banana Seeds:

Terpenes aren’t perfectly understood by scientists yet, but what they do know is that they create the flavors and aromas found in exotic strains like Strawberry Banana seeds.

  • Limonene — Strawberry Banana’s fruity-berry aroma and tropical banana bubblegum flavor stem from a play between the limonene terpene and myrcene. Limonene also brings joyousness to your mood.
  • Myrcene — A microbiological, earthy undertone present throughout your Strawberry Banana smoke sesh derives from the myrcene terpene’s presence. Myrcene is also responsible for bringing above a feeling of sedation.
  • Caryophyllene — As a peppery terpene that does wonders as a painkiller, caryophyllene adds a touch of sour depth to Strawberry Banana’s flavor profile.

Effects of Strawberry Banana Weed:

Sit back and take a hit of Strawberry Banana weed.

Its smooth, flavorful smoke arrives on your palate before making your eyes smile. That’s when you know it’s gonna be a good time.

Strawberry Banana is a blissed-out indica that puts you at utter peace and contentment with your surroundings. The euphoria it induces also provides the ideal pathway for creativity as your inhibitions become unhinged, allowing you to freely express yourself without reservation.

After Strawnana’s main effects wear off, the uplifted side turns into a sleepy joy, lulling you into a dreamy — and hungry — mood.

Medical Properties of Strawberry Banana Seeds:

The calming effects contained within Strawberry Banana seeds make them the perfect strain to treat a variety of medical conditions.

In short, Strawberry Banana cannabis is highly effective against stress-related ailments and is capable of quickly delivering serenity, calm, and focus.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Banana Weed:

Strawberry Banana cannabis is universally acclaimed for its mellowing effects, although it does have a few drawbacks.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Light-headedness

All in all, Strawnana has very mild negative effects but should still be approached with caution due to its powerful THC content.

Pros/Cons of Growing Strawberry Banana Seeds

  • Game-changing strain
  • Bold fruit flavor and aroma
  • Easy to grow for beginners
  • Large yields of frosty nugs
  • Award-winning resin
  • Regular Strawberry Banana seeds unavailable
  • Grows too tall for tiny spaces

The Best Strawberry Banana Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 20-24% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £6.9 Per Seed
• Bulk orders get discounted rate

• 23% THC
• Harvest: 9 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

Cannabis Strain Seed Index – A curated index of the world’s best cannabis seed strains. Each review contains vital information, such as cultivation tips, strain profiles, and where to buy the best cannabis seeds.

Strawberry Banana Seeds

Strawberry Banana is a new addition at Seed Bank that we are particularly excited about. This indica-dominant strain has a 70/30 Indica to Sativa balance. It was developed by DNA Genetics when they combines Crockett’s Banana Kush with the mouthwatering Bubblegum strain. The lineage of these feminized Strawberry Banana seeds have contributed a sweet, bubblegum taste. Ideal for those who prefer a less earthy taste and a more extreme sweetness.

Happy High

The Strawberry Banana strain is known for its relaxed and happy highs, with euphoric feelings which will still allow you to function as you normally would. Having said that, some do experience an uplifted but sleepy sensation, which is ideal if you are suffering from stress or insomnia.

The high resin production is an added bonus of the Strawberry Banana cannabis strain, therefore making it popular among home growers who are experienced in making extracts, distillates and concentrates. This amazing hybrid strain also has a high THC content, giving it the euphoric sensation it is so famous for.

THC/CBD Content

The Strawberry Banana strain produces heavy THC producing plants with average THC levels testing between 17%-21%. Some phenotypes get as high as 30%. The CBD is lower in this strain .01% but, Strawnana still provides many medical benefits.

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Terpenes Profile

Limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene are Strawberry Banana’s most prominent terpenes. As well as smaller amounts of alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. The terpenes present are noted for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Taste & Aroma

The initial taste is like eating a mouthful of sweet tropical strawberries. Strawnana is one of the fruitiest tasting strains out there. The smoke is sugary smooth and not harsh at all leaving a delicious fruity banana and skunky aftertaste that calls for more.

Strawberry Banana Effects

Strawberry Banana is a creeper high that gently takes over and leaves you feeling relaxed and stress-free. The calming effects are a helpful relief for those with ADHD, insomnia and chronic pain. While the blissful and cheerful high can also help with feelings of depression and anxiety.

Strawberry Banana Strain Medicinal Characteristics

We have to talk about possible side effects, and the most likely ones are dry eyes and a dry mouth, in equal amounts. These are the two effects which users reported most commonly. Lesser known effects include dizziness, feelings of anxiety, and paranoia, although in a much less amount compared to dry mouth and eyes.

Strawberry Banana Is For Those Who Want to Be Creative

Strawberry Banana weed has been known to sharpen creativity and contribute to a more developed sense of sensory awareness. The peaceful and happy effects are therefore ideal for users who are suffering from stressful situations in life, or mild depressive times. Those who suffer from chronic pain or headaches may also find benefit from using Strawberry marijuana seeds, as well as those who are going through a period of insomnia. This is all due to the calm and sleepy feelings which are likely to happen when you buy Strawberry Banana seeds.

Growing Strawberry Banana Seeds

Strawberry Banana is an easy to grow strain that works well for both indoor and outdoor environments. Strawberry Banana Seed prefers warm Mediterranean conditions with lots of air circulation. Indoor flowering time is 8-9 weeks with an average harvest of 15-19oz/m2. Outdoor, the plants should finish in early to mid-October and produce 23oz/plant. This is a very high-quality strain that is sure to produce some fruity smelling buds with so many crystals that you can hardly see the green underneath. Amateur and professional growers alike can count on this hardy and forgiving plant.

The sweet tastes of berries are really what sell this particular strain, as well as the euphoric, yet calm feeling this seed produces. For those who want to avoid extreme highs and feelings of high euphoria, this is a good source of middle ground and despite the somewhat high THC content, Strawberry Banana is a relatively good option for beginners. Its parents, both Banana Kush and BubbleGum are two strains which are sweet on their own, so the combined effect is a super sweet, relaxing sensation, which most users love.

Strawberry Banana Marijuana Seeds

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So packed full of flavour you would think you are drinking a smoothie, introducing Strawberry Banana!

Strawberry Banana is an enticing combination of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush.

This strain packs quite the punch in the aroma department, with scents described as sweet strawberry citrus.

Thanks to the high THC levels of around 32% and its mostly Indica genetics, Strawberry Banana is a fantastic choice to aid in the relief of anxiety, stress, pain and depression.

Strawberry Banana flowers in as little as nine weeks producing up to 500g/m² of some of the most fragrant and potent cannabis we have had the pleasure of growing.