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Great seeds, great prices

High quality, got great results, thanks!

So far a rip off scam

Ordered $426 worth of seeds. Followed all instructions perfectly. Sent cash priority mail tracked. Tracking verified delivery. Still no seeds. Emails to them getting no results. They tell me they submitted the issue to their finance dept. Buyers beware. Was a USA purchase, mailed to their USA LLC in California. They seem to be trying to rip off a verified delivery cash payment. Will give them a couple more days and then I will start my action.

Service was great but only 2 out of 8 seeds germinated

Dealing with the company was flawless but I’m not happy with the quality of the seeds. They gave be points to compensate for the bad seeds when I tried to germinate the first few. Now that I’ve tried the rest of them I’m really disappointed. I’ve been growing for many years and I realize we’re dealing with mother nature but this is the worse results ever. I give the company 5 stars but the seed quality 2.


I ordered the supreme mix of 10 seeds and when i got them the blue dream autos were crushed. I got credit for 1 cause i thought it was just 1 but it was both so 2 were gone. I could not get either cheese auto to germinate and i tried everything. So so far 4 seeds out of 10 that are no good. Not happy at all.

Good Service and Customer Service

Good overall quality. They sell some neat novelty items that serve as a great conversation starter. Customer service is also very good. No real complaints from me.

The only place I use

Great service quick shipping and good prices with an immaculate variety what more is there to say

Got just what I ordered and also some free seeds. What more could you ask for?

I am very satisfied with my order and will be ordering again.

Very nice to work with

Very prompt delivery and customer service is great

2 didnt crack

you still get 4 and a half stars

Everything as planned

Once again I’m very satisfied and I’ll be back

Always a pleasure to do business.

I have never had a bad experience with Seed Supreme. However I did not receive my last order. Probably not their fault. Still sucked for me being out a little more than a hundred bills. I will continue to purchase with them until I have another bad experience.

Prompt service

Placed my order and within two weeks I received my package great service

Always get what I ordered

Many purchases through many years great souvenirs.

Excellent seeds, I will buy again.

This is my second time purchasing feminized auto seeds on seed supreme. My order both times arrived in about 4 days from ordering with was awesome. All the seeds from both orders germinated with no problems. I was really happy with the end result as well. I used zelle to pay and had no problems. All in all I recommend seed supreme. I purchased 3 seeds for around $50 all in. and its totally worth it. My first seed I grew 3 ounces and my second seed I grew 4 ounces. Both times I got a bunch of trim and was able to make a lot of dry ice hash as well. I will continue to use Seed Supreme as my choice for feminized auto seeds.

Terrible Product, even worse Customer Service.

Spent Hundreds of dollars with this company spread over 7 orders to acquire strain diversity. Absolutely nothing but issues on every single order. First, with each order I would receive emails providing me with “discount code” I would immediately sign in, place an order enter discount code – said invalid. I’d contact them. would infer I was doing something wrong. Well, the discount code was only 10% off so, I’d eat it place the order. Seeds show up. Now, anyone who is even remotely familiar with these can tell an underdeveloped seed. These would show up pale, undersized, and underdeveloped. But. I attempted to germinate anyway. Now, I have seeds from several suppliers. Almost all others have a 90%+ germination. I have had maybe 15% with this company if even that. Again, I contact them, their reply is “as we can not and do not sell for germination purposes and can not discuss this” and “we do not guarantee germination” etc. etc. Offering no refund, no replacement, nothing, Just “good luck” see ya later. Their site clearly advertises ” HIGH QUALITY CANNABIS SEEDS” – I don’t know what they constitute high quality but small, pale, underdeveloped is not “High Quality” in my world. And not making it right makes them not only liars, but theives.

Very good

Ordered a few times this year and last year very good seeds all come up the best selection of seeds out there great service

Stress free

Have had 2 successful, stress free orders. Very easy from start to finish. One of the better selections of seeds also. Definitely will be a returning customer.

Excellent quality delivered as promised

Very easy to use website, excellent service.

seeds didn’t grow well

i planted 5 seeds at the same time as 3 others from another supplier and all 5 seeds from seed supreme are stunted and barely growing. Same conditions but 3 others are already 12” tall and seed supreme seeds are only 3”. I’m honestly confused why this would happen.

Great experience
Prompt deliver and communication.

Very good company to deal with so far.

perfect, in every way, Thanks

Everything as advertised, no complaints!

Good sofar

Nerve-racking waiting on a $340 order as we speak don’t know where they you have received it or not

Fast and reliable

Ordered online and paid via Zelle. Totally legit. Had the goods within a week or so. Packaging is discreet. Goods are packed in little baggies by type. Good prices, too. Would definitely recommend.

They sprouted very quick, so far so good 🙂

Great payment options quick shipping and great service!

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Grape Seed Supreme™

Grape Seed Supreme™ is derived from grape skin and seed extracts, and contains protectivepolyphenols and anthocyanins shown to be beneficial for many aspects of health, including support for blood vessels, brain, and skin.** This formula has a unique combination of whole grape extract (similar to a non-alcoholic wine extract), grape skin powder and a special grape seed extract (MegaNatural®-BP); all of which help to provide the vast array of benefits seen in studies on various grape or wine extracts.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules per day with meals, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Grape Seed Supreme™ Grape Seed Supreme™ is derived from grape skin and seed extracts, and contains protectivepolyphenols and anthocyanins shown to be beneficial for many aspects of health,