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regular seeds cannabis

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

While we are also working on feminized seeds, most of what we produce at Greenpoint are regular marijuana seeds. When germinated, regular marijuana seeds produce about 50% female and 50% male plants. Female plants are desired for their high resin, terpenes, and cannabinoid production as well as large floral clusters. When you smoke cannabis or marijuana, you are smoking flowers from a female plant.

If these flowers have seeds in them, it means that a male plant was present among the females during the flowering growth stage. Male plants produce much lower quantities of resin, terpenes, cannabinoids, and flowers compared to females. Instead, males produce pollen, which is used to fertilize a female flower. If a female is pollinated by a male plant, she will produce flowers full of seeds that are less than ideal for smoking or otherwise consuming. This is why commercial grow rooms only grow female plants–seeds are extremely undesirable in high-quality marijuana or cannabis flowers.

Cannabis DNA

The resulting seeds will possess 50% DNA from each parent, just like you! This means that in order to produce high-quality seeds, both parents must be of exceptional quality. A breeder could be using excellent females, but the male pollen donor must have desirable attributes as well. Since male plants do not produce flowers the same way that females do, it is much more difficult to determine if a male plant will be a desirable breeder or not.

In reality, the only way to know if a male plant is worth breeding with is by test-growing his offspring, and seeing if they display desirable traits. If a male plant consistently produces high-quality progeny, then he is obviously a desirable breeder. If he is inconsistent or consistently produces undesirable plants, then he should not be used for breeding.

This makes marijuana breeding a laborious process requiring patience, diligence, and integrity. At Greenpoint, we have all of the above, and only sell regular seeds that have parents with proven and verified genetic value after rigorous testing. Buy your regular cannabis seeds with confidence at Greenpoint Seeds!

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Wow I just found this site, I was getting ready to send cash in the envelope to swedden and really not wanting to. I figured someone would steal the money and I would never get my seeds

Regular cannabis genetics and marijuana seeds available, shipped worldwide, discreet and fast service. Colorado Seed Bank USA

Regular seeds cannabis

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Buy at least 12 seeds of your choice, and you’ll directly get 1 pack of 12 Random Mix.

We produce only High Cannabis strains because we’ve got the most rigourous requisites in the world.

Legacy line is the main collection from REGULAR SEED’S.

All varieties you can find here are original creations, generated with the best genetic materials in order to produce Superior Cannabis.

The Bubble project consisted to offer to mythic BubbleGum a second life.

Our fruitiest plants Agent Lemon, Pineapple Kush and Strawberry Banana were evident partners for this amazing enterprise, BC Grapefruit surprised us revigoring BubbleGum original features, and with a particular wine pheno bonus !

REGULAR SEED’S universe available in customized versions.

Most open-minded will be seduced by the Legacy mix, fruity weed lovers by Bubble mixes. Adventurers will enjoy the Random !

Always in preview for the Club members.

You can find here our tomorrow champions and original crosses. Each EDITION is very very LIMITED.

Enjoy the full experience of the French Legacy !

We decided to create a real grower and cannabiss lover community to enjoy our REGULAR SEED’S universe.

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Notre-Dame Notre-Dame
Mandela Kush Mandela Kush
Veteran Sativa Veteran Sativa
Agent Lemon Agent Lemon
White Queen White Queen
Cacao Kush Cacao Kush
Sour Power Plant Sour Power Plant
Bubba Haze Bubba Haze
Pineapple Bubblegum Pineapple.
Banana Bubblegum Banana Bubblegum
French Bubblegum French Bubblegum
Lemon Bubblegum Lemon Bubblegum

Twenty years ago, a small community of local like minded growers came together and nurtured a shared passion to create a genuine alternative to feminised seeds, and the money driven mainstream industry around them.

Together we embarked on a project to replace the lost soul, spirit and power of authentic natural Cannabis bred from a Male and a Female as nature has always intended.

Over those two decades we’ve cultivated thousands of plants, and gained an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. That dedication and hard work year after year only reinforced our belief that true F1 seeds will be always be more potent, grow more vigorously, produce a superior quality product loaded with the full spectrum of active compounds that its DNA dictates.

All legendary strains such as OG Kush or White Widow were developed like this, not through forced feminisation that damages the very genetics they claim to represent. We have no interest in competing against the feminised seed industry as we view them as inferior and back the superiority of our F1 strains unashamedly.

In creating our strains, we explored our extensive range of collected genetics, and scoured the globe for the extra genetics we needed to create unique strains of exceptional quality.

The virility of the male is incredibly important as it controls the potency of a strain. All of our males were rigorously tested against a strict selection criteria and in time we uncovered some of the finest males around to perfectly match our exceptional selected females.

After the amazing reception we had from the releases of our White Queen, Veteran Sativa and Mandela Kush. We decided we should share our highly respected genetics more widely and REGULAR SEED’S French Legacy was born to allow everyone access to the strains we have worked so hard to create, protect and share.

REGULAR SEED'S French Legacy is a cannabis breeder company who really wanted to create a true alternative to feminized's business, but also to deviances of the cannabis industry.