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regular cannabis seeds for sale

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds

While we are also working on feminized seeds, most of what we produce at Greenpoint are regular marijuana seeds. When germinated, regular marijuana seeds produce about 50% female and 50% male plants. Female plants are desired for their high resin, terpenes, and cannabinoid production as well as large floral clusters. When you smoke cannabis or marijuana, you are smoking flowers from a female plant.

If these flowers have seeds in them, it means that a male plant was present among the females during the flowering growth stage. Male plants produce much lower quantities of resin, terpenes, cannabinoids, and flowers compared to females. Instead, males produce pollen, which is used to fertilize a female flower. If a female is pollinated by a male plant, she will produce flowers full of seeds that are less than ideal for smoking or otherwise consuming. This is why commercial grow rooms only grow female plants–seeds are extremely undesirable in high-quality marijuana or cannabis flowers.

Cannabis DNA

The resulting seeds will possess 50% DNA from each parent, just like you! This means that in order to produce high-quality seeds, both parents must be of exceptional quality. A breeder could be using excellent females, but the male pollen donor must have desirable attributes as well. Since male plants do not produce flowers the same way that females do, it is much more difficult to determine if a male plant will be a desirable breeder or not.

In reality, the only way to know if a male plant is worth breeding with is by test-growing his offspring, and seeing if they display desirable traits. If a male plant consistently produces high-quality progeny, then he is obviously a desirable breeder. If he is inconsistent or consistently produces undesirable plants, then he should not be used for breeding.

This makes marijuana breeding a laborious process requiring patience, diligence, and integrity. At Greenpoint, we have all of the above, and only sell regular seeds that have parents with proven and verified genetic value after rigorous testing. Buy your regular cannabis seeds with confidence at Greenpoint Seeds!

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Regular cannabis genetics and marijuana seeds available, shipped worldwide, discreet and fast service. Colorado Seed Bank USA

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds are seeds that produce both male and female plants. Regular seeds are a product of the cannabis plant’s most natural state. In nature, both male and female marijuana plants breed among each other to create new varieties of cannabis. The cannabis plant is mostly dioecious, meaning it will have either all male or all female parts on it. Both male and female cannabis plants have their own unique reproductive characteristics allowing growers to tell the difference between them during the pre-flowering stage.

Best Cannabis Seeds

Even though in recent years the interest in regular cannabis seeds has dropped considerably, many continue to choose regular over feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds. Regular seeds have the potential to produce new phenotypes and cultivars that are not yet available in their feminized or autoflower counterparts.


If you’re looking to find a keeper, go pheno-hunting, or if you’re looking for something truly unique, then regular seeds are the way to go. Our regular seeds have proved to be some of the best genetics for pheno-hunters and breeders looking to find new and exciting dominant traits. You won’t be disappointed.

Greenpoint Seeds has specialized in regular cannabis seeds production for many years. You can feel confident buying any of our regular strains and know that we’ve put years of experience, care and hard work into every pack we sell.

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