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original seeds store review

The Original Seeds Store Reviews

The original seeds store seed bank is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA and to all other countries as well.

They have a great range of cannabis strains with high-quality genetics and strength . If you need seeds in bulk or in personal sizes, this original seeds store seed bank will be an ideal option for you to buy.

Let’s head on to the complete review of this best online seed bank 2021.

The Original Seeds Store Review

History & Experience

This seed bank is one of the most favored best online seed banks for 20 years. People have been buying from them for a long time, and they stick to it because of their quality seeds and good customer support service.

The original seeds store seed bank was started in the year 1992 in Newport, South Wales . They started out as “Sensible Light Systems and Seeds.”

They were one of the first people in Amsterdam to offer their customers hydroponic equipment. As they became famous, they even shifted to the UK and started their business there as well.

People who smoked weed at that time used to refer to this company as Original Sensible and saw them as legends. They were the pioneers in seed sales.

For the last ten years, they have been selling cannabis seeds all over the world from their headquarters in Spain.

If you want to read more about their adventures in 1994.

Seed bank Stats

The website of the original seeds store seed bank is very neat and clean; you can navigate it pretty easily.

They have direct links on their homepage which will get you straight to:

  • Medical cannabis strains
  • Feminized strains
  • Bulk seeds
  • High THC strains
  • Cheap seeds
  • Fastest flowering marijuana strains
  • Highest yielding weed
  • Indoor weed seeds

Very handy, right?


This original seeds store seed bank has a lot of options when it comes to catering to different customers. The following are their most sold marijuana strains right now:

  • Bruce Banner #3
  • Wedding cake
  • Bruski Russki
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Zkittlez
  • Gelato

They source all of the best marijuana strains from the best seed banks and breeders all over the world. They have collected marijuana seeds from over 100 different breeders and seedbanks all over the world.

Some of the most known seedbanks products you will find on their website are Dinafem, Barney’s farm, Dutch passion, Dr. Krippling, Sensi seeds, and hundreds more.

Another we love about them is that they sell marijuana seeds in bulk. You can buy up to 500 seeds in one order .

Germination Success

As it is not legal to germinate marijuana seeds in a lot of the countries, they will not answer anything related to germination at all.

But after reading a lot of positive reviews from happy customers, it’s safe to say that their seeds have a very high ratio of germination , and you probably won’t have to worry about anything.

Unfortunately, if your seeds don’t germinate, you won’t have any options to get a replacement or a refund.


They have insured delivery options for their customers. If you want a delivery guarantee, then you have to choose this option. So, if your parcel is lost somewhere, you can get a new one for free.

Overall shipping delivery time is between 4 to 10 days in Europe and up to 14 days outside Europe. Upon receiving the payment, they will ship out your order within 1 to 3 days.

There are basically four different types of shipping modes with original seeds store seed bank:

  • Insured express : this delivery method has a tracking facility , and it will be the fastest method with which you can get your parcel.
  • Insured : This is similar to the above shipping method; the only difference is in the delivery time.
  • Standard : this is the cheapest method of all and will be the most efficient one for an everyday customer.
  • Stealth : if you do not want anyone to notice the marijuana seeds in your parcel, then opt for this method. This can be done in combination with any of the above shipping methods.

The following are the prices (all prices are in Euros) you would have to pay for different shipping methods:

  • Within Europe
    • Standard – 5.5
    • Insured – 19.99 + cost of stealth item
    • Standard + Stealth – 9.99 + cost of stealth item
    • Insured express – 29.99
    • Insured express + stealth – 39.99 + cost of stealth item
  • Rest of the world
    • Standard – 10.5
    • Standard + Stealth – 12.5 + cost of stealth item
    • Basic stealth tracked – 14.99
    • Insured – 25.99 + cost of stealth item
    • Insured express + stealth – 59.99 + cost of stealth item


You can avail the stealth option with a little charge, and they send the item in a very stealthy way. They will hide the seeds in just regular things, so anyone who opens the package cannot see the seeds directly.

Payment options

All European customers can pay via Credit cards. This method is very easy and secure for everyone. The statement on your bank’s transaction will show OSSC only. No marijuana-related information will be shown on the statement.

Buyers from all over the world can pay them with cash or bitcoin. We always suggest people to pay with bitcoins as it is very safe and completely anonymous.

Plus, you will get a 10% discount when you pay with cash or bitcoins. They will accept USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR, and NZD cash currencies only.

Another way you can pay for your seeds is by bank transfer or western union.

Discounts and Promotions

Right now, at the time of writing this post, they have many classic marijuana strains on sale on their discounts page. Best cannabis strains like Bruce banner #3 and Wedding cake are sold at a low price .

They even offer free seeds on the purchase of many strains like Purple punch and Tutankhamon.

Head over there right now and take advantage of these exciting offers !

Customer Support

The original seeds store seed bank has survived for this long because of their exceptional customer service. They take care of their buyers before and after-sales of seeds.

You can email them, or you can send them a message from their website directly in case you want to ask them something. The support ticket system on their website is much like online chat; you will be very comfortable contacting them through it.

Looking to buy cannabis seeds in bulk? Checkout this Original Seeds Store Seed Bank Review 2021. They have some of the best weed strains one sale!

Original Seeds Store Seedbank Review

In 1992 Original Sensible Seeds set out on an incredible journey to pioneer a unique business and bring what was available in Amsterdam to the UK developing hydroponic and automated growth systems together with a unique blend of cannabis seeds. Working with classic stable genetics Original Sensible created strains like Bigger Pine and PR#1 – Potency and yield were the focus of their aspiration but what started out as a small cottage business spread quickly or you might say it ´grew like grass´ and skunk or ´green´ was made accessible and readily available throughout the UK becoming more popular than hashish with the added appeal to be able to grow your own.

Fed up with restrictions in the UK (. well, on advice of the Judge!) the business went underground in late 90s but with the promise of more opportunities to advance on new projects eventually Original Sensible packed up and took the business from Newport South Wales and re-established in Spain.

Original Sensible Seeds has grown from strength to strength to showcase the most craved for marijuana genetics on the planet including their flagship strain Bruce Banner # 3 which has been further developed and is now available in feminised and both fast and autoflowering varieties.

Original Sensible´s passion for the cannabis industry is unparalleled and they will always strive to bring you the best cannabis seed genetics as they have done for the last 30 years and will continue to do so for many more to come.

Bon Voyage!
Original Sensible Seeds. Growing your skunk since 1992!

User Rating

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 106 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Original Seeds Store is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder, additionally you can find prices and offers for 2015 strains at our pages! Tip: At the moment there are 997 reduced strains available from this seedbank!

User Reviews

guest United States, October 2019

used litecoin ordered on the 7th oct . got here on the 24 of oct. sent a extra seed! of blueberry 99! will order from them anytime. Cheers

guest Germany, June 2019

Hat alles super geklappt und war nach 4 Tagen da

guest Sweden, January 2019

Second time I order from OSS. This time delivery took a little longer but it was Christmas time, so that was expected.
Nice stelth and some extra seeds in the bag.

All and all really happy!

guest Germany, October 2018

the seeds arent in original packages, they are in little plastic bags with a printed label. Doenst look very trustworthy..

guest Portugal, September 2018

first i ordered a pack of 3 seeds from flash seeds. 1 week After i get payed, they emailed me saying that don´t had that seeds in stock. The solution was change the order by a cheaper seeds and they never refund my money back

guest Turkey, July 2018

guest Sweden, June 2018

Ordered from them the 28/5 got delivery to Sweden 1/6 (4 days, thats fast!) forgotten to add my free seeds at checkout. Sent a support message telling them I forgotten to add them, they replied fast and added the free seeds manually!
Payed with BTC that went smooth and chose the stealth option. And I cant complain about the stealth, the seeds was wrapped in a bandanna nice and discrete!

Got some extra seeds in my pack (excluding the free ones), maybe cus it was a bulk size :DOverall a really good experience!

guest Turkey, June 2018

delivery has not reached me

guest Sweden, June 2018

Ordered from them the 28/5 got delivery to Sweden today 1/6 (4 days, thats fast!) forgotten to add my free seeds at checkout. Sent a support message telling them I forgotten to add them, they replied fast and added the free seeds manually!
Payed with BTC that went smoth and chose the stelth option. And I cant complain about the stelth, the seeds was wrapped in a bandanna nice and discrete!

Got some extra seeds in my pack (excluding the free ones), maybe cus it was a bulk size 😀

The seeds are under germination now so unless something is really wrong with the seeds Im a happy costumer!
Overall a really good experience!

guest Greece, May 2018

Excellent and discreet packaging (no such thing as too much bubble wrap when it comes to seeds). Products arrived in about 10 days from placing the order (standard mail), exactly as described, and in perfect condition. Thank you.

guest Turkey, April 2018

so lame delivery but nice free seed

guest United States, March 2018

I was worried about my order after looking at reviews online about this company..but they had a auto strain I wanted to run (purple Haze) after seeing the all the bad reviews I contacted them for reassurance they emailed me back in a timely fashion and assured me that they are legit.. anyways my package came in about 10 days from the day I ordered and the seeds look strong the freebie is kind of small but it looks mature..Ill be writing an update review in a couple months in the quality of the product

guest Greece, March 2018


guest United States, January 2018

Well I gave these dirt bags months to make it right, but, after they had no problem charging my card for $192.00 . my order status from march 22 untill early May, said:prosessing order (for a month and a half) then in May , my order status said:Cancelled!? I then e-mailed them and their response was that they were going to have my money put back on my card , but, it could take as long as 90 days . ( I s#!# you not)!! And they said”” is there anything else we can help you with?) WOW. After emailing thoes bastard thieves 100s of times ..their response were the same. I told them to make it right somehow! Just send me some gear $192.00 they owe me but, i said just at least do somthing for screwing me out of almost $200.00 THESE BASTARDS ARE THIEVES. BELIEVE ME THEY STOLE MY HARD EARNED MONEY RAN MY CARD FOR 192.00 IN MARCH 2017 ITS NOW JANUARY 2018.I am more than reasonable and patient. OriginalSensiableSeeds RIPPED ME OFF!! PUNK LIERS. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW. ReBoMaN

guest Ireland, September 2017

Quick delivery, havent used yet will update later

guest Ireland, August 2017

all good only I seed failed to pop, will order again

guest Brazil, July 2017

The seeds are really fresh, 100% germination rate. right now i have 3 DNA genetics 60 day lemon, 1 royal cheese auto, 1 chronic thunder and 1 original cheese. all of then are going very well.

ACAPULCO Brazil, June 2017

Got around 15 seeds from the clearance section, took 25 days to get here by regular mail, and I live in Brazil. The seeds are fresh though it was seeds from the clearance, 100% germination rate, so far I am enjoying a lot the auto original sensible cheese that I got for free. The Barneys Farm Chronic Thunder is good too, and the 3 60 day Lemon By DNA are amazing. I strongly recommend. I will order again

guest United States, June 2017

I used Bitcoin to order 1 Grapegum arrived cracked and I took a picture of it sent it to customer service never heard back from them wrote another email and said Id appreciate their response no response

guest Brazil, May 2017

I decided to buy from Original sensible seeds because of their clearence seeds section, i bought seeds from DNA genetics, barneys farm and other major breeders. Usually i buy seeds only from HIPERSEMILLAS, but they had such good prices that i decided to try. It took 30 days to arrive, but the seeds are great and i got 2 original sensible cheese, plus lots of freebies that i chose.

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