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organic raw hemp seeds

Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds

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Our organic hemp seeds may be tiny, but they are a versatile nutritional powerhouse. Really, you can’t go wrong with adding hemp seeds to your diet. Naturally gluten free, they’re a great source of energy at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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Particularly rich in complete protein (36% protein per weight, which is more than meat), they’re also packed with fibre, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E. Most interestingly, they’re among the few plants that contain the perfect ratio of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – which is important, because the average person’s diet tends to have too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3.

They’re also excellent sources of B vitamins, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron.


Organic shelled hemp seeds

May contain Almond, Brazil nut, Cashew, Hazelnut, Pecan, Pistachio, Walnut and Sesame

Caution: Natural products may contain pit, shell, stem and other fragments.



Hemp seeds are very fragile and must be kept in the refrigerator to avoid oxidization.

Culinary Uses & Recipes

Their delicate, nutty flavour makes them a great ingredient to cook with. Add some organic hemp seeds to your smoothies, granola, energy bars, pesto and salads. You can even make milk out of them! Enjoy them in a variety of recipes and reap all the benefits of these great seeds!

It is recommended to eat them raw and to not cook them over 180˚C / 350˚F.

Need more inspiration? Try these recipes:

Kale, basil and hemp pesto (that’s great in a veggie burger or on noodles)

Buy Prana raw organic, shelled (or hulled) Hemp seeds (or hearts). Sprinkle into your meals for extra added nutritional benefits. Save money on 1kg in bulk

Organic EU Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 1kg

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Our organic shelled raw hemp seeds (or hulled hemp or hearts as they are also known) from European grown hemp have a delicious slightly nutty flavour. They are high in protein, a good source of dietary fibre, omega fatty acids, iron, magnesium and potassium. Plus they are free from gluten, dairy and lactose, sugar, GMO, additives and preservatives.

Our hemp seeds contain 30% protein which is a high ratio for a natural whole food source. It is the most easily digested and absorbed protein for your body and also contains all ten essential amino acids making it a top source for protein and a superb raw supplement for vegans and sports practitioners.

Our organic hemp seeds are also dried and conditioned with temperature controlled under 40C. They are then de hulled, separated and cleaned.

Please note our shelled hemp is a natural product and has a very, very small amount of shells (as you can see in the product photo). This is because current European hemp are very small seeds and some shells sneak through the filter. Although Chinese hemp is often larger seeds without shells we prefer to source our shelled hemp as locally as we can and support the EU hemp industry. There is no need to remove them as the shells contain a lot of fibre and essential minerals and are actually very good for you.

Suggested uses:

Bake with them, sprinkle them, add to your shakes and smoothies or make your own homemade hemp milk! We love them in cookies, biscuits and breads, sprinkled on salad or porridge or added to our shakes. They also make excellent hemp milk.


100% Organic Hemp Seeds

May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

Typical values per 100g:

Total Fat(g) 51.7 of which saturates(g) 4.8, Protein(g) 32.1, Carbohydrates(g) 0.9 of which sugars(g) 0.5, Fibre(g) 4.2, Salt(g) 0.03

Organic EU Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 1kg Description Additional information Our organic shelled raw hemp seeds (or hulled hemp or hearts as they are also known) from European