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northern light


The world famous indica notorious for her rock hard dense buds, immense plant resistance and potency. A short sized plant that is easy to grow great for plant training, requires very little maintenance and has a fast flowering time, perfect for commercial growers wanting big yields in a short time.

Genetics: When it comes to stability, you can rely on Northern Light feminized as she is an interbred line. Meaning she has been backcrossed to the point of a pure lineage. Using our Afghani, we were able to create a line that is extremely uniform and homogenous. She grows exceptionally well in a Sea of Green and is one of the toughest strains on the planet suited for both hot and colder climates.

Strain Characteristics: Thanks to her Afghani heritage, expect this lady to grow short and stocky, with a fat main stem. She will grow with a dark green, waxy appearance where she will finish low and not stretch much once flowered. Her internodal spacing will remain short and tightly stacked, meaning when she flowers her buds will grow into small, rock hard nugs filling up the entire branches.

Flowering time will take as little as 7 weeks making her one of the fastest blooming strains we offer. We advise growing her closely together in a Sea of Green formation, as

she remains low and out of sight, she is well suited for balcony and terraces. Yields of 400 – 500 g/m² can be expected. THC will range between 16-20% and her terpene profile is a vintage old school, earthy, spicy, with overtones of fruity and floral fragrances.

Experiencing this strain: Northern Light feminized is a strong strain, that has a very happy, giggly and dream state effect. Smoking her long enough will leave your eyes feeling puffy with a big smile on your face. She can have a heavy physical effect due to full blooded indica effects, so is best suited for evening times, or when you are putting your feet up with nothing to do.

The flavours when smoking a very bold, spicy with an under lining earthy funk, that lingers in the mouth long after the exhale. Medical patients may find this strain useful for relief of stress, insomnia, inflammation, muscle spasms and reducing feelings of anxiety.

What makes this strain so great: She is one of the toughest strains on the block and produces excellent results in the worst of climates. Dense, frosty buds that will put you to sleep if you keep coming back. Perfect for beginner growers and commercial growers looking for something superb.

Quote from a customer: “Very dense buds with a strong intense high. Can make you dizzy so you’ll want to sit down and watch a movie. Strong grower and has a good yield. 3oz+ is not uncommon with this plant. Perfect for stealth grow as it has little smell while growing and flowering in comparison to many. I even got 3oz off using 8 75W equivalent CFL’s with this on one of my first grows. ” – Glenn L.

Northern Light seeds grow fast and compact with high yields! ⭐Perfect for stealth growing ⭐High Yield

Northern Lights Fem

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Dominant Origins & Notables


Have you been considering growing your own home stash of weed? Northern Lights strain seeds grow a hardy plant that is forgiving of a few small mistakes, making them a great place for a beginner to start. Reaching up to five feet in height and being quite strong, dense and generously frosted, these plants are mighty sturdy to grow. They have an ability to withstand temperature fluctuation with ease and are pretty resistant to mold and pests as well! With a little attention to pruning to allow for airflow and well-rounded light exposure, these plants will provide you with a high yield of quality smokables! Look forward to resin rich, lime green flowers sitting on thick branches. As photoperiod bloomers, you have to be mindful of their exposure to light, but do not worry. If that seems too much for you, I49 has an autoflowering variety as well!

Flowering Time

Once you get planting your weed seeds, you only need to wait between 6 and 8 weeks to start harvesting your fresh bud!



These cannabis seeds will do well outdoors as well. They are resistant to pests and mold, hold up well in weather shifts and fight off diseases with a vengeance. Their sturdy stocks and condensed flowers make this a robust plant for the garden. Temperate and sunny is the ideal overall climate and if you are reading this from somewhere in the Mediterranean (lucky!) just carry on. These babies will do just fine in your backyard. Be prepared to harvest your delectable stash as you approach the month of October.

Medical Application

It is no wonder this strain is hot on the medical circuit as it supports a variety of physical and mental challenges. It’s one of the purest indica strains around and has a profound sedative effect. This definitely makes it recommended for evening use as a support for insomnia. The heavy body high helps weaken the hold of chronic pain, joint aches and cramps. As well, the euphoric and happy effects can help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Some of the most popular applications are to treat conditions such as bipolar disorder and PTSD. The strong appetite inducing impact make this also a great option for those suffering from certain eating disorders too. This powerful strain does so much more than light up the nose and delight the mouth!

Adverse Reactions

Northern Lights weed seeds are a crowd favorite for a reason. While you have to be cautious about smoking too much since it is potent and can deliver a swift knock-out hit, there are little other adverse impacts. The minor irritations of drying out the mouth and eyes common with most weed use is hardly a deterrent from the mood lifting and relaxing quality this beauty strain offers. Stock up on some water and eye drops and enjoy the flood of calm! There are some reports of paranoia and anxiety in high doses too, so be sure to start slow and only use more if needed.


As an indica heavy hybrid, this strain is known to lock you to your couch. However, it still offers swift mental stimulation as well! It kicks off with a nice cerebral buzz with a euphoric and uplifting quality; utter bliss! Some report increased focus and creativity to boot! Smoking this flavorful bud is a great way to pick up your mood before settling in for some rest. The stimulating effects wear off quickly and as the indica wave washes over you, your muscles will be soothed and deep relaxation will sink in. Characterized by an indulgent warm buzz, this is a great choice for the end of the day. Allow the soothing warmth to wash over your body and lull you into a deep, pain free sleep.


The aroma of this strain is as multifaceted as the dynamic luminosity of the Northern Lights themselves. With hints of grounding sandalwood and cedarwood under a bouquet of floral and pine, this sweet and spicy scented smoke will lure you from your busy day to a relaxing evening on your couch.


Let the smoke swirl as your tongue picks up sweet maple and spicy, earthy wood. A hint of mint and floral makes this a treat for the taste buds as well as the busy brain.

Similar Strains

With feminized, autoflowering and regular versions of the Northern lights seeds available through the I49 catalogue, you have options to meet your growing needs. There are a few other similar strains too. Try Skunk x Northern Lights Fast for a high yielding, fast growing indica with similar effects or check out Northern Critical fem strain for medical grade relief. If you want an even bigger yield at a fast pace without having to worry about lighting schedules, try Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud strain seeds. Maybe you are missing the tasty fruity flavor of the classic blueberry strain? We also have Auto Northern Lights x Blueberry strain seeds that nicely combine that delightful fruity flavor with the soothing effects of Northern Lights. Last but not least, Northern Lights 10 is a pain relieving indica dominant, loved for its ability to reduce pain from migraines, anxiety and stress.

Nick Names

Formally known as CI #5 F1, this award winning indica blends euphoric effects progressed the strain into the now more aptly named Northern Lights.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the hunt to buy Northern Lights strain seeds online, check out the I49 catalogue. With autoflowering, feminized and regular seed options, you can find the best product for your growing desires and capabilities. I49 is run by a dedicated and enthusiastic team committed to quality. We make sure to find the best, genetically pure, seeds and ensure that we store them in optimal conditions to get them to your door ready to plant and take root! We are so sure of our process that we offer a germination guarantee on most of our seeds. Knowing you are getting the best of the best while having secure payment options and discreet packaging, you cannot go wrong, or be disappointed with, I49 USA. If you have any questions along the way, we have an online contact form and phone number available so you can access one of our helpful team members at any stage of your growing journey.

Each seed option in our directory comes with a detailed portfolio and information about the roots of the strain, grow tips, effects and percentages of content are all included. You can find the best strain for you, even if it doesn’t turn out to be some variation of the lovely Northern Lights! Browse our comprehensive catalogue now and get yourself started on the awesome home growing journey!

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