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MSNL Review – 15 years leading seed-banks from Netherlands

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What you need to know about MSNL

MSNL has been in business for over 15 years and are one of the leading seed-banks from The Netherlands. They claim to have the best unique selling points off every seed bank out there. They have some great online deals and their customer service is great. A deep range of products and some of the best strains is what makes them one of the best.
We will make sure you know everything about MSNL after reading this article. We gave them a solid rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. As 420BigBud we have almost a decade of experience with seeds, CBD-oils, hemp, growing and guidance. This is why we only allow the best seed suppliers on our website. MSNL is one of them.
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What makes MSNL such a popular option?

The first European country that made weed legal was Holland. Some of the award winning breeds has also come from Holland and why should you not buy from Holland? Every strain from MSNL has been tested and before you make any purchase you can be a 100% sure that the germination rate will be at least ninety procent. For experienced growing, this will be a common line, for beginners, MSNL is also the best stop for you.
MSNL provides a great guidance for beginning growers. They have free information but also great deals and information about genetics. They have awesome catalogues were you can find the best seeds for your need. They have regular, auto flowering & feminized seeds that are award winners. MSNL takes great care in selecting indoor and outdoor seeds that have a stable DNA.
MSNL ships internationally and in 99% of the time pack your order on the day you made the purchase. This is why they also have a good customer service. The shipping is done with great care and the customer service is one of the best. MSNL wants every customer to be a 100% satisfied with their purchase. When you have problems, they will always find a way to help you and give a refund or a new product.
MSNL want to provide seeds for everyone, not just the experienced grower. Shamans, beginners, connoisseurs and even witch doctors will find their needs at MSNL. The best way to see what seeds you need is to check out the strain guides of MSNL. This is the perfect way to start growing and read step by step how you should grow the seeds you bought from MSNL.

Promotion & Sales (MSNL)

The promotions of MSNL’s seeds are one of the best. They offer huge discounts and also have a SALE section were you can find some great deals. 25% discount or buy 1 seed get 1 seed free is very common for MSNL. You can save even more money when you buy one of their value marijuana seed packs. This pack has some great classics, outdoors and budget seeds. With each order MSNL sends a 5 seeds free of charge. Their feminized seeds are one of the most inexpensive on the market today.

Payment options (MSNL)

MSNL is one of the seed banks that provide a wide range of payment options. Most users pay via credit and debit card, but you can also pay MSNL via bitcoin, cash and bank wire. Check out all the options here:

Shipping & return policy of MSNL

MSNL has some great shipping possibilities that you can use. They provide three options which are standard shipping (4,95 GBP), Stealth shipping (9,95 GBP) and Guaranteed stealth shipping (15,95 GBP). If you order anything above 55 GBP, the standard shipping will be for free, if you order even more, the stealth shipping will also be free of charge. Normal orders will be delivered within 6 to 12 working days and you can also purchase a fast shipment for a small sur-charge.
All the orders that are placed will be shipped within 24hours. The seeds are well packed in an envelope that is easily attached in a mail-box. You can get a refund if the goods are damaged and in the original packaging with sending MSNL a foto. Again, they are very helpful in every step of the way with any problems that you might have.

The contact information

The contact information of MSNL: via their contact form or call them at +44(0)7909316916

MSNL Cannabis Seeds review #1

Lisa Maddin from the United Kingdom. I bought the critical marijuana seeds from MSNL with 40% discount. These are the best for mass production. This strain is the best in stacking and I grew around 50+ plants from this beauty. Flowering time is around 50 days and the buds are tight and you can grow these close to each other.
I grew the critical since I was a beginner and they were easy growers. Outdoors this plant will do great, indoors however, they need daily attention. I use them to smoke weed, they critical has around 16% of THC, which is quite massive. It gives a relaxed feeling and has a fruity smell.
Ordering at MSNL is one of the best experiences I had. They help the customer every step of the way and I even e-mailed them every day when I first started growing. No other seed-bank for me anymore; MSNL is my favorite ?

MSNL Cannabis Seeds review #2

Steve Peterson from Canada. The THC bomb is a feminized seeds which is a top strain from MSNL. I purchased this baby 1 month ago and the seeds are doing very well. With a flowering time of 8 weeks, my plants are almost ready for harvest. The name THC bomb is because this strain has 22% THC content and is perfect to harvest around 550-600 grams per m2.
I am a professional grower and I use this strain for commercial purposes. The smoke is fruity and has a deep aroma in the buds. MSNL has been great in informing me about this plant. I am buying more and more seeds from them and I would recommend them if you are a professional grower. They have great bulk deals and for returning customers MSNL is great.

MSNL Cannabis Seeds review #3

Peter Handson from Germany. Me and my brother ordered the Aurora Indica feminized marijuana seeds. Me and my brother have a family condition were we feel more pain than others. We use the plant for CBD oil and with a 18% THC level; it is a great opportunity. This strain is especially made for medical purposes. All your aches and pains will disappear in no time.
The flowering time is around 9 weeks and you can best grow the Aurora Indica feminized indoors. Me and my brother love this CBD strain and we can easily yield around 400grams per m2. We could find enough information about this strain on MSNLs website and their customer service has been great so far.

MSNL Conclusion

Overall a great seed-bank that have one of the best prices in the market. MSNL takes great care in providing the right information for every type of grower that comes to their online shop. The customer service is also excellent and the shipping & payment options are also very reasonable. A great seed-bank and this is also the reason why we gave them 4.9 stars.

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What you need to know about MSNL MSNL has been in business for over 15 years and are one of the leading seed-banks from The Netherlands. They claim to

MSNL Review

Thinking of buying marijuana seeds from MSNL?

Well, you have come to the right place if you want to know more about them before making an order.

We both know that trust doesn’t come easy in the world of marijuana seed banks and people get ripped off more often than they’d like to admit.

I got cheated quite a few times. Sometimes it was the vendor; sometimes my shipment “got lost on the way,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

So, looking up MSNL reviews before placing your first order is a good step indeed. And if this is the first review you’re reading, then I have good news!, referred to MSNL in short, is a reliable brand that offers an impressive range of outdoor and indoor seeds. The company has been operating at the seed bank since 1999 and have customers around the globe.

But will their products be right for you?

Find out in this MSNL review.


It’s not hard to find info about the company. A quick visit to their home page gives us a glimpse of what it is all about. MSNL’s team is an award-winning developers of cannabis seed genetics and are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Satisfying their customers is the ultimate priority and they take extreme care to ensure no shipment gets delayed or confiscated. Their delivery time track record is one of the best in the industry, so is the discretion. The International stealth shipping option is something I truly appreciate.

Especially after seeing how careless some seed vendors can be when it comes to packing their products. MSNL offers a broad category of seed types including, feminized seeds, auto-flowering, medical, indoor and outdoor seeds.

Contrary to most instances, I ordered my first batch of seeds from this brand with complete confidence. Hey, they’ve been in business for over 17 years, they must be doing something right!

And thank God the products turned out to be just how I expected.

My experience with MSNL

As I said, my experience with this company has been nothing but positive. Still, if I were to think objectively, there are a couple of flaws that are worth pointing out.

And by flaws, I don’t mean “Stay back! Don’t ever touch this again” flaws. I mean, “you can overlook this part in light of the other advantages.” So, without further ado, allow me to describe my experiences.

Quality [9/10]

All the seeds I ordered, germinated just fine! Be it feminized or standard or the auto-flowering variety. Now, I have no business in trying out so many types, but I do it anyway for the sake of finding out what works and what doesn’t.

The sheer variety of strains that this seed bank grows 100% by themselves is something I must applaud! In fact, I read that MSNL follows a highly efficient and streamlined process for growing, which gives them a steady output of seeds.

If you’re a first-time buyer, I suggest you try a value back which comprises of their most popular strains. And if you’re wondering how much that costs, let me put your mind at ease and say that these packs are almost always available at a discounted price.

Again, I’ve not tried all of them personally, but have heard all positive reviews. I would have rated the quality 10 out of 10 only if the company guaranteed germination.

Information available on the website [10/10]

Nothing much to say here, except the fact that has everything you need to know about their products. From the concentration of THC to their popularity, from the germination time to the taste and flavor of the final product – you have everything there!

Honestly speaking, their website is one of the best resources if you want to learn more about seed banks and marijuana seeds in general.

And it doesn’t come as a surprise to me at least because the enterprise has been operational since 1999. Go ahead and check out the website; I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

Types of strains available [10/10] has an incredible variety of strains for every need and budget. Among their huge online inventory, the Girl Scout cookies feminized seeds are the most popular – it has 24% THC and is apparently California’s favorite.

  • White Widow Feminized Seeds are a worldwide favorite and boast of being the winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup.
  • Classic Feminized Seed Pack gets you three classic strains at a very humble price
  • Northern Lights Feminized Seeds are the winner of the 88, 89, 90’s Indica Cups and is highly popular among indoor grower circles

If you feel overwhelmed with the choices, value packs are the way to go. And if you’re an enthusiast, some of the best strains I would suggest are:

  • THC Bomb
  • White LSD
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Blue Dream
  • Golden Nugget
  • Nitro Lemon Haze

You can search for what you want easily using the website’s user-friendly search tool. And every category comes with a top 10 list of popular strains to help you narrow down the search.

Customer service [8/10]

if you’re ever in need of answers regarding this seed bank and their products, I suggest reading through their FAQ page first. Most of your queries will get resolved there. And in case you want to speak to a customer care representative, you can do that through the Contact Us page.

However, I didn’t always get a reply within 24 hours like it was mentioned in the contact us page. And not just me, some of my weed enthusiast buddies also experienced the same.

The customer service operations are open from Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM GMT. Emailing them during the weekend will most likely get you no immediate results. I would really prefer they add a phone line so that the customers and potential customers can reach them easily.

MSNL is good at resolving queries, just wish it was done faster.

Payment method and price [10/10]

You get loads of choices when it comes to payment methods. For me, credit and debit cards are the most convenient. You can, however, choose bank transfers or cash payment as well.

Oh! There are international money order and Bitcoin payments. If that was not enough, consider the fact that the company accepts US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pound, Australian dollars, Euro, New Zealand dollars, and even Japanese yen.

Almost all their products are conveniently priced, so anyone who knows anything about seeds will no doubt feel they are getting the best value for money.

Shipping and discretion

Discretion is of the utmost priority to MSNL. That’s why the company gives you three choices based on the level of discreteness – standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth. Obviously, you would have to pay more for better discreet shipping options.

Here’s the difference between the three:

  1. Standard: the seeds are shipped in a crush evidence container enclosed in a regular envelope. These shipments do not offer a tracking facility.
  2. Stealth: is more discreet than the standard shipping method and the seeds are usually sent with some unrelated goods in an effort to hide them. You pay extra because of the processing time and costs involved in concealing.
  3. Guaranteed stealth: this is the best method of shipping but always comes with a tracking ID. If you do not get the product in a certain time period, the company will resend the shipment free of charge. But don’t worry, I’ve never received a delayed shipment.
  • A huge variety of strains are available
  • All the seeds by MSNL are grown in house, under expert supervision
  • Most of the products are super affordable
  • Stealth delivery options open up choices in the budget
  • Customer service could be better

Frequently asked questions about MSNL:

1. Does MSNL ship to the USA?

Yes, the company ships their products worldwide, but you should still comply with the laws and regulation of your state.

2. Is the guaranteed stealth shipping worth it?

In my opinion, yes. I don’t like placing an order and wondering if it will even arrive. Though MSNL has got a solid reputation for not missing deliveries, I prefer to be on the safer side.

3. Can I pay through Bitcoin?

Absolutely! You’ll also receive a discount of 15% with each successful order.

4. Are there any risks involved in receiving packages?

There are risks, sure, but the company takes your privacy and the right to remain anonymous very seriously. That’s why none of the boxes are labeled in a way that would imply they contain marijuana seeds.

Final words: Would I recommend seeds from MSNL

Before you buy marijuana seeds from, read this honest MSNL review to know all about them.