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Where to buy marijuana seeds in Ohio

While Ohio became the 6th U.S state to decriminalise cannabis in 1975, the state has still yet to adopt a fully legalised cannabis market for both medical and recreational users despite the legalisation of medical marijuana in 2016.

So, what is the current status regarding cannabis in the state of Ohio?

In this article, we take a closer look at the existing marijuana laws in the 7th most populated U.S state.

Ohio Cannabis Law

At present, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in Ohio; however, the state has taken a largely relaxed approach to cannabis crimes, eliminating heavy penalties for possession and consumption of small quantities of marijuana. Indeed, since 1975, the possession of up to 100 grams of cannabis in Ohio has been decriminalised, transforming the state’s approach to the punishment of cannabis-related crimes,

While a recreational market remains sadly absent with the most recent initiative to formally legalise recreational cannabis failing in 2014, the medical use of cannabis was first legalised in 2016 with the first sales occurring in 2019.

Under the law, anyone aged 21 and older can legally shop at medical cannabis dispensaries in the state. Proof of age and a medical marijuana card are required to purchase any marijuana product.

Unfortunately, the consumption of cannabis by smoking is restricted under the law, which permits cannabis use only in edible, oil, vapour, patch, tincture, or plant matter form.

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Buying Cannabis Seeds in Ohio

Are you an Ohio resident who wants to collect or cultivate cannabis seeds for your own use? You’ll need to consider the state’s laws when doing so. Like most states, Ohio bans the sale, cultivation, and possession of cannabis. However, the possession of small amounts has been decriminalized and the state allows for medical marijuana use. With the loosening of the state’s laws on cannabis, it’s easier and safer than ever to get the seeds you want.

Cannabis and Ohio Law

Though the state has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis, it is still illegal. In some parts of the state, a first offender may be able to get into a diversion program, but the possession or sale of cannabis always carries the potential for jail time and fines.

Why You Should Buy Cannabis Seeds

No matter if you’re looking for an energetic high or a blissful buzz, having your own cannabis selection can be a great asset. Though the plant is beneficial, it can be hard to find the seeds you’ll need to get started. At i49, we offer some of the best strains on the market, all of which are ready to ship in only a few days. Read on to learn more about selecting, purchasing, and enjoying your Ohio cannabis seeds.

Can You Legally Possess Cannabis Seeds in the State of Ohio?

In Ohio, medicinal cannabis is used to treat conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Dravet Syndrome
  • Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome
  • Other conditions that cause seizures

Like other states, Ohio allows the possession and purchase of cannabis seeds as long as they’re un-germinated. The state considers cannabis seeds an adult novelty, and anyone over 21 can possess them.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

If you are a collector of cannabis seeds, you can count on the experts at i49 for quality products and fast shipping. Ordering your seeds online is very easy because of our simple purchase platform and the helpful information we provide. However, if you can’t get your question answered on the website, you can always contact us.

Cannabis Seeds Straight to Your Door

At i49, we’re proud to offer more than 20 of the world’s highest-quality cannabis seed strains. Each of these varieties has been chosen to offer you the best resources with which to build your collection or to legally plant and harvest a crop. We offer auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, and medicinal strains with a high CBD content.

Medicinal Cannabis Seed Strains

We’re honored to offer 54 different medicinal cannabis seed strains. Though the plant itself is medicinal, and THC has several documented health benefits, high-CBD strains are often referred to as “medical cannabis” because they do not provide the “buzz” of a high-THC variety. Some of our best strains, such as OG Kush CBD and ACDC CBD, contain about 1% THC and upwards of 18% CBD.

CBD doesn’t offer a mental high, and what’s more, it counteracts THC’s effects. This attribute makes i49’s high-CBD strains a great alternative when conventional treatments no longer work. Furthermore, a CBD/THC combination may be more effective than CBD alone in the treatment of some conditions.

When you shop with us, you’ll gain access to a range of cannabis seed strains, including indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and hybrid varieties. Below, you’ll get some easy tips on successful cannabis seed germination.

Our Guide to Seed Germination

When you receive your seed shipment, it’s time to start the process of germination. It couldn’t be easier! Simply submerge your seeds in a cup full of distilled water and let them remain for at least 18 hours. While that time passes, prepare your space. Fold a clean paper towel in two and put it on a plate before pouring the contents of the cup onto the towel. Cover the seeds with the other part of the towel and moisten them as needed.

After two to seven days, you’ll start seeing taproots emerging from the seeds. Allow the seeds to stay on the paper towel until the roots are about ¾” long. Then, they’re ready to transplant and grow.

If the seeds’ taproots haven’t emerged after a full week, a lack of moisture might be to blame. With our method, you may be able to re-moisten the seeds. Take them off the paper towel and plate, re-covering them in clean distilled water until the taproots emerge. Then, follow our steps again, keeping the seeds covered until the roots are ½” long.

Germination Guaranteed

At i49, we stand behind our seeds’ quality. If you follow our easy steps and your cannabis seeds still don’t germinate, simply contact us. We’ll send a replacement shipment that’s equivalent to an 80% germination rate. With our guarantee, you’ll surely have the seeds needed for a substantial crop.

Selecting the Right Type of Seeds

We offer a range of seed types to suit growers of all medical requirements and cultivation abilities. Are you seeking the energy to get through a long day? Consider one of our Sativa seed strains. Or, if you just want to chill out, an Indica variety can provide the mellow feeling you want.

If you want the best of both worlds, our Hybrid varieties combine elements of Sativa and Indica. They’re great to use at any time of day and they’re beneficial to those suffering from various medical conditions. Our seeds are popular among our new growers for their ease of use.

As you shop, you’ll find a vast selection of seeds sorted by category, average rating, popularity, newness, and price. When you’re looking for Fire OG, Siberian Snow, Green Crack, or Sour Diesel, i49 has the feminized seeds you’re looking for. Finally, our auto-flowering seed strains are great for those looking to grow a crop quickly.

Get Started Today, Why Wait?

At i49, we have the seeds, tips, and tricks needed for a great crop. We invite you to peruse our seed selection and contact us with your questions and concerns. We are dedicated to helping you grow!

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