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Which Cannabis Strain Breeders Can I Trust?

Don’t you want the best-of-the-best cannabis genetics for your next grow? You can help ensure you get a great strain by starting with a great breeder. This article shares some of the most popular and reputable cannabis breeders, including information and recommended strains for each one. I’ve divided this tutorial into two parts. First I’ll give a list of recommended breeders and strains, then the second half will discuss the current state of genetics in the cannabis world.

Recommended Breeders of American Genetics

    – They offer modern genetics, but unlike the two examples below, they stabilize each strain in seed form so you can get the consistency of growing the same strain every time. I want to be able to come back and order the same strain if I like it, and Seed Supreme is (so far) one of the first breeders of American genetics I’ve found that offers that option. – Mostly offers “crosses”, which means they breed two good plants together and sell the seeds without much (if any) stabilization or back-crossing. Even though they don’t offer stabilized strains and their yields/results are variable, I included them on the list for people who don’t care as much about consistency and want to hunt for new phenotypes using modern genetics with lots of variation. – I like the strains I’ve grown from this breeder, but the seeds are EXPENSIVE. My friend who gave me some of these seeds paid $200 for 10 feminized seeds. I wouldn’t recommend them unless you plan on taking clones and doing a breeding program as the strains are not stabilized (same as Ethos) but if you’re looking for lots of new phenotypes to explore with cutting-edge genetics, this is another great choice. They release their strains in “drops” and it can be difficult to get your hands on their seeds. I recommend following them on their Instagram account to learn when and where to buy seeds for the next drop.

The Seed Supreme version of Platinum Cookies is something special

Recommended European Cannabis Breeders

These breeders have good reputations and stabilized genetics, which means their strain descriptions can be trusted. Although some of them do source some genetics from the USA, they primarily breed with genetics that have made it to Europe. Some of these genetics are difficult to find in the US, but often offer unique or interesting effects compared to the trendy American strains. European strains tend to be lower in THC (under 20%, though not always), which is great if you want more classic effects, but not the best choice if you want to feel overwhelmed by the bud effects. If you’re looking for “Face melter” strains, then I recommend sticking to the section of American breeders.

    – Barney’s Farm has been selling seeds out of Amsterdam since 1992, and they regularly develop new genetics and refine their lineup. In my experience, strains can be hit or miss, but I included Barney’s Farm on the list because they offer some real winners. When I’ve grown these strains, I’ve been consistently impressed: Acapulco Gold, Ayahuasca Purple, Cookies Kush, Liberty Haze (one of my favorite strains for daytime), LSD, Pineapple Chunk (best Pineapple strain I’ve grown) & Sweet Tooth. – Specializes in stabilizing strains to capture classic strains, clone-only strains, and other hard-to-find genetics in seed form – Sparkly strong buds (they also breed seeds under the name Reserva Privada) – Great all-around selection with something for everyone – potent, consistent results – delightful great-smelling buds

Pineapple Chunk is a quintessential European strain that continues to impress me I grew it in 2012, then 2015, and recently again in 2020. Every time the buds came out even better than the previous time. I personally think this may be Barney Farm’s best strain, and that explains why they keep refining it. This one was grown under an ES300 LED grow light in 2020 and smelled like a mix of citrus with a hint of strawberry. Buds came out dense and sparkly.

Recommended Autoflowering Breeders

Auto-flowering strains cannot be cloned and therefore have somewhat different breeding protocols vs standard (photoperiod) strains. On top of that, old auto-flowering genetics produce weak plants with low potency buds. Therefore it’s extremely important to use a breeder that’s got a high-quality (and current) auto-flowering breeding program. Many breeders produce great auto-flowering strains (Barney’s Farm, etc.), but the following breeders stand out for consistency and potency. Click the name of the breeder to see a list of their currently available auto-flowering strains.

    – sparkly and potent buds – feel-good potency, great choice for growers who struggle with anxiety – Excellent yields, classic effects – Fast and potent – Consistent (auto-flowering only) – unfortunately, they can’t seem to scale up their operations and strains sell out constantly (keep checking back or sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of the Mephisto website to get updates when they release batches of seeds) – Buds always come out beautiful (they look just like the pictures) and smell great. – fast germination, auto-flowering plants grow fast and vigorous – Spanish genetics with beautiful and colorful strains like Cream Caramel Auto – Dense high-quality buds that look and smell like photoperiod strains

Cinderella Jack Auto by Dutch Passion makes extra-potent, rock-hard buds with above-average yields. This little plant produced several ounces by itself.

Recommended Cannabis Strains

Now that I’ve given some examples of recommended breeders, I wanted to share some examples of particular strains that my friends and I have grown over the years and recommend. These are all great for beginners unless otherwise noted, and produce excellent buds.

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These strain recommendations are based on…

Potency – THC & CBD content, plus does it have the described effects?

Bag Appeal – Bud structure, color, density, smell

Consistency – Do strains grow the way the breeder says they will? Do plant characteristics vary a lot from plant to plant of the same strain?

Ease of growing – General hardiness of strains

Reputation – Has this breeder earned an excellent reputation over the years?

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a famous clone-only strain from California that has spawned countless copycats and been incorporated into other famous strains like Platinum Cookies. BlimBurn Seeds has captured the magic in their version so growers can see what Girl Scout Cookies is like without having to find a clone.

The BlimBurn version of Girl Scout Cookies produces excellent buds. They don’t always turn purple, but cooler night temperatures towards the last 2 weeks of flowering can help bring out purpling.

Liberty Haze

I am a huge fan of Liberty Haze. The bud effects remind me of the unique psychedelic “day” (uplifting) effects of now-rare outdoor Sativa strains. You never see them anymore because they get huge and need long hot summers in order to produce properly. Liberty Haze gives you access to those bud effects yet is suitable to grow indoors. It still tends to grow tall and stretchy, but as long as you top the plants when they’re small (cut off the tops, which forces the buds to makes many buds instead of one), you can wrangle them indoors.

The left plant here is the 2nd time I grew Liberty Haze. As you can see it got a bit tall, which I’ve come to expect, but it was otherwise easy to grow and produced excellent yields. The Critical Kush on the right was also a good plant, but the Liberty Haze buds won when it came to effects.

Example of a Liberty Haze plant sent in by a reader

Tangerine Dream

For the fruity lovers, Tangerine Dream smells great and produces beautiful buds.


This strain lives up to its name. Amnesia buds are known for making you forget what you were just saying. Not necessarily the best choice for social situations (unless you all just want to chill) but perfect for relaxation at the end of a long day.

Example of an Amnesia plant I grew in a hydroponic setup

Closeup of Amnesia buds. Dense and chunky!

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a whale of a strain. The bud effects let you swim through life with THC levels that can hit 27%. However, it also has a good amount of CBD (1%), which means it’s much less likely to cause brains to dive down into a state of panic or anxiety (especially compared to high-THC strains that lack the calming gentle waves of CBD). Smoke a bud and sail through your mental stress into a state of relaxation.

Okay, that’s enough whale jokes, but seriously this is an excellent strain that’s easy to grow and produces high-quality buds. The one downside is it tends to get a bit tall, but as long as you bend over and tie down any branches that are getting taller than the rest, it grows well indoors and rewards you with above-average yields.

Closeup of a Moby Dick bud

Critical Mass CBD Autoflower

Speaking of CBD, some growers would like to maximize the amount of CBD but aren’t looking for a strain with a lot of mind-altering THC. Critical CBD Auto is a great choice and comes in auto-flowering form, which means that it will automatically grow buds and be ready to harvest about 10 weeks from germination. A nice easy strain for someone who’s just getting started.

Example of bud from a Critical CBD Auto

I’ll be adding more details about the recommended strains below soon

Frisian Dew is a great choice for outdoor growing

Closeup of Frisian Dew bud

Example of a Durban Poison plant that was grown under fluorescent lights. Excellent yield for such low light levels!

A bunch of Master Kush plants

Example of a Northern Lights bud

Example of a small-but-beefy Aurora Indica plant

Example of Bubba Kush plant grown outdoors

Recommended Auto-Flowering Strains

Auto-flowering plants will make buds and be ready to harvest in 2-3 months from germination (check out the details on the page to see the exact estimate for each strain). Click here to learn more about auto-flowering strains.

Here’s the whole Auto Blue Dream plant

An assortment of different autoflowering plants from the breeders listed above

Importance of Strain Names

While we’re talking about breeders and strains, I want to talk about an important topic that affects all of us…

Just 50 years ago, cannabis was considered one of the most immoral and destructive drugs in the world, putting it at the top of illegal drug lists in many countries. Many people still live with this attitude.

But in some ways, things have changed.

These days, people are generally more accepting of cannabis, and laws about marijuana are slowly being changed for the better in many places around the world, especially the US.

Because of better attitudes about cannabis around the world, we get…

Fewer people are getting their lives ruined or going to prison because of a simple plant that’s more harmless than Tylenol

But good things don’t come easily. We still have a long way to go, and the cannabis legalization movement highly scrutinized. The image we create now is going to set the tone for the rest of the world.

We are the face of the cannabis community. When people think about legalizing cannabis, they’re looking at our actions. As growers, every one of us has a responsibility to represent the growing community in a positive light.

Politicians around the world are trying to decide whether removing penalties for cannabis will have a positive effect. We are at a critical turning point, and it could go either way.

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We’ve come to an important fork in the road

I believe that making cannabis legal and available to adults and medical patients is incredibly important. Whether someone uses cannabis for a medical condition or just because it helps them relax, I believe that everyone should have fair and equal access to this miraculous plant.

Yet with change comes responsibility. I believe that, as growers, we have a responsibility to present a good image to the public about growing cannabis. We must earn a better reputation to prove to the world that cannabis is not only a safe source of medicine but also that cannabis is less dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol. I believe adults and medical patients deserve the freedom to use this plant responsibly.

The world is watching us, and the way we act now is going to decide whether cannabis ever gets fully legalized. That’s why I’m ashamed of some of the most popular strain names…

I am ashamed the cannabis growing community has popular strain names like…

I know a lot of these strains have great genetics; in fact, some of them are award-winners!

But do these strain names bring to mind the image of peace-loving and laid-back growers and consumers which make up the majority of the cannabis community?

I believe we must improve our public image. I have chosen to no longer grow strains that carry an offensive name. Growers, I encourage you to do the same. Strain breeders, I’m begging you! Please be mindful of the cannabis movement when naming new strains.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

I just received this slightly alarming email, and I had to share. Don’t let this happen to you!

This is supposed to be Auto Bubble. 4 weeks in from seed. What is the deal? What is this plant?

This is NOT a marijuana plant! Unfortunately, this person got ripped off

Seeing a case like this is a huge reminder of why it’s so important to buy your seeds from a trusted seed source!

View’s list of trusted seed vendors here:

Our list only contains seed banks who have proven themselves over the years with high-quality seeds from trusted breeders, discrete shipping, and reliable delivery.

Reviews voor

order is always correct, very fast and discreet delivery, seeds germinate at 100%.

Very happy with supplements best on the market full stop

Very professional service all round without supplements delivered well padded and boxed always cheers mark

The service is excellent and everything popped.

I received product in a reasonable amount of time and have continually ordered from them. I wouldn’t go elsewhere. There has been no issues with anything, shipment etc. Lyle A

Even though there were issues, team MSB made everything good without having to ask.

First time purchase from MSB. I got the medical marijuana seed mix pack it came with 9 auto feminized seeds. 3 each of the following; white widow, critical and cheese. I also purchased the gelato grow kit. I used the kit as instructed. I placed 2 gelato and 1 each seed of the ww, cheese and critical. The Critical and Cheese didn’t pop/split, the gelato and ww did and are growing as expected healthy and no issues whatsoever. I accepted that 20% didn’t germinate. Life went on I didn’t complain or make any demands. I then received an email from Henk and Bob asking was I happy with my experience. I told the above story through email explaining that although I was satisfied with the results but unfortunately I wasn’t Happy. The next morning I received an email stating that my order was placed and included a tracking number. I hadn’t placed an order WTF! I then read the reply from MSB from the prior email. It stated that MSB was not happy that I wasn’t happy and replaced the entire order costing over $200 USD. Who else would have gone to this extreme? I was in shock at their actions taken to ensure my happiness. In closing, MSB is my go-to supplier for all of my grow needs they have ensured that I will be a lifelong customer. PS: The educational info on their site is short sweet and to the point. I’ve read it all and learned new techniques. If you’re new to growing your own it’s well worth the time to read. I also like the bios of the team at MSB. It gives me a sense of knowing them individually.

GreenCrack! Yay!

Shipping was fast and I received my seeds. Not a big fan of third party bill processors, but it is what it is. Until we can get Washington out of the the pockets of big Pharma, we have to play the game. MSB customer service is very attentive, and concerned about the customers needs. I’m not afraid of using regular seeds. I like that I can occasionally get a male so I can pollinate a branch of one of my females to get more seeds. I haven’t germinated just yet because I still have some other plants growing. I plan to get these going in a couple weeks. Thank You, Mad_Andy

New to growing pot

Your seeds and grow kits are great just follow directions they got it all figured out. My plants are going into flower state now. Thank you Guys

Happy with my orders!

I have ordered a few times with MSB and have had an overall positive experience. First off, the seeds were excellent and all germinated. We had an issue on one of the orders but the folks at MSB actually care about their customers and made things right. I will order more seeds from them for sure.

Nothing but problems

Buy 10 and get 10 free scam. Nothing but problems from the start. This is my second order and I had problems with both of them. The second time I wrote an email to confirm by 10 get 10 free and low and behold the order was canceled before he only sent 10 seeds. Scammmed. Go elsewhere.

Excellent products! Excellent customer service!

Bob and Henk know their stuff. I have been a customer for awhile now and I am very happy with the results. The customer service is wonderful.

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Great first time experience

Being a beginner and first time grower, i have had an amazingly good experience. Bob has gotten back to me on several occasions with information and direction as i have needed it. I will be ordering more seeds with them soon, as the grow kit i purchased from them came with enough material for many grows. Thanks for all your help, i am hooked and love the process of growing.


Couldn’t be happier with my purchase Thank you

Excellent products, service and communicaton.

These guys love what they do and their passion for cannabis and customer service is obvious. You will not be disappointed. I found MSB last year. I ordered 10 Blue Dream feminized seeds and received 3 free feminized Critical beans. I only germinated 3 BD and 1 C and they all split within 36-48 hours and were immediately planted directly into 10 gallon pots filled with my custom blended organic, recycled, peat-based soilless media. I vegged them under a 600 Watt MH lamp, 24X7 until they reached 18″-20″ tall. Then they matured under a 600 W HPS until the trichomes started to turn amber. Two BD plants reached the top of my 6 1/2 foot tall tent and I yielded a few grams under 16 ounces and just shy of the Holy Grail of 0.98 GPW! I would have passed the pound mark but I lost the tip of one bud to bleaching. The C yielded just shy of 5 ounces of premium dried flower! I do not train, top or lollipop my plants. I only remove fan leaves that are no longer viable. I utilize earthworm castings and dry, organic fertilizers and minerals. I also brew my own ACT and create my own RO water since my well water averages 800 TDS. The yields, flavor, aroma and potency were great! I placed my second order with them last month. I ordered their feminized Down Under Mixpack. While talking shop with them they recommended I try mycorrhizae fungus. It so happens the mixpack came with a free bag of Mycorrhizae Mix as part of a sales promotion. I can’t wait until I germinate them next spring. The orders arrive in a timely manner considering that COVID is still negatively affecting us all. The seeds are well hidden so do not throw anything away! They will tell you where to look in their emails. They take cash which is my preferred method of payment due to the legality of our grows here in NY. Their Website is clean, informative and well organized. A big thumbs up to my friends in the Netherlands.

Great product

Discreet packaging, arrived on time, seeds A+ thank you

100% satisfied customer will be back soon

Have nothing but good to day about my experiences with MSB. I grew out their gear last summer and have some going in my tent. Ladies have been very good to me. Strong growth and great harvests. The one time that I ran into an issue they immediately got to fixing the problem. Great genetics and great customer service. Top marks all the way around in book.


Many years always success

Quality products and very easy to do business with.

The team at MSB have quality product and a provide a quality experience. I’m completely satisfied!

It has been fantastic!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Love these guys and will continue shopping with them!! They actually care about you and their products.

Top notch service and quality seeds

Easy tracked delivery and well packed goods. Seeds are all good quality. Can’t wait to try it this summer.

Very discrete, I’m quite impressed so far, looking forward to testing the final results.
Damaged goods

Let me start by saying I’ve grown for a very long time, I purchased 60 seeds and started 40, only 12 made and every single one I was lucky to get 2 ounces from it all. From the get go the seeds looked to be deformed and did not look right, as they germinated and grew they was yellow at all times and just looked diseased. I spent alot of money and trusted that I would get at least something I could work with. I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the product I was given I was hoping to make this a every year thing but see I am better off just getting my own. Would be nice if they would attempt to make things right with me but I’m not one to hold my breath, but I’ll let you know if they do. MSB reached out to me and offered to send new orders that my original order had a good chance of being crushed while on its way to me during shipping. While it sucks that a entire growing season was wasted I’m hopeful for the next as MSB got ahold of me and offered to make it right, I’m not a big internet person that trusts and engages slot on it but as far as I can see MSB is a trustworthy company in retrospect to making things right and caring about their customers. They sent me a tracking # the very next day, hopefully these make it without incident. I will follow up in future, I seen where one can do a diary of progress which I believe would be helpful for others.

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