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Jupiter CBD Review Jupiter aptly calls their CBD products the ‘future of stress relief’. And with good reason. In an increasingly hectic world, many people look to alleviate stress in all the With CBD now legal in the United States, many companies are sprouting from all corners, selling the CBD oil products to the public. CBD is touted as the next

Jupiter CBD Review

Jupiter aptly calls their CBD products the ‘future of stress relief’. And with good reason. In an increasingly hectic world, many people look to alleviate stress in all the wrong places. Jupiter provides an all-natural, healthy alternative to help ease the mind and body through the power of full spectrum cannabidiol. Jupiter has received glowing reviews from both major media outlets and online users. Let’s take a look at why they earn a perfect score with our review methodology.

Clean sourcing

The hemp used to make Jupiter’s CBD oil is grown and processed right here in the US. Here’s the kicker– they only use hemp flowers. This is a more labor-intensive, expensive choice, but a win for consumers. That’s because the flowering part of the hemp plant contains more concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes versus the stalks and stems. As far as potency goes, the hemp flower is where it’s at.

We can report that Jupiter has immaculate processing. Strictly organic cultivation techniques are used, such as foregoing pesticides and herbicides, as well as clean CO2 extraction. And their ‘organic’ claims are verified by the USDA– you can clearly see the organic seal on all Jupiter’s products. While many CBD companies claim to use organically grown hemp (and many do), obtaining official organic certification is not yet the norm. It’s expensive and takes time. For these reasons, Jupiter easily wins both the Quality Badge and Innovation Badge from us.

Another note on quality – Jupiter uses single-origin hemp in their CBD oil. For users, that means consistency. Every time you buy CBD from Jupiter, it will be coming from the same organic plants. It’s a real win, especially for CBD power users. Basically, if you find that Jupiter’s CBD oil works for you when you try it, you can bet you’ll get similar results down the line.

Top-notch testing

When it comes to safety and potency testing, we rarely see brands go to the lengths that Jupiter does. The company runs independent lab tests for potency and contaminants at three stages of production: after harvest, after extraction, and the final product.

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Plus, Jupiter goes beyond what we require for the Safety Badge by providing current lab tests for terpene content. These reports prove that their cannabidiol is indeed full spectrum, with the entourage effect in full swing.

Jupiter’s CBD products

Our only qualm with Jupiter? They only have one CBD product! At this point in time, all you can buy from Jupiter are their famous CBD tinctures. These contain organic cannabidiol, organic MCT oil, and organic peppermint oil. The light mint flavor helps the drops go down easy. And interestingly, Jupiter reinfuses the product with terpenes after extraction… which explains the high levels we see on the terpene tests. A solid move that promotes an even more synergistic effect.

You can get Jupiter’s USDA organic CBD drops in three concentrations: 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg. Shipping is always free in the US. Jupiter offers a sample bottle for CBD newbies and those curious about switching brands. The little bottle contains two weeks worth of product, so you can see if it works for you before committing to a larger purchase.

Bottom Line

Jupiter passes all of our tests with flying colors. Their USDA organic CBD oil made exclusively from hemp flowers packs a serious punch. We love that they give back with a compassionate discount for military, veterans, and first responders. We’re excited to see when the next CBD products Jupiter rolls out.

Jupiter Organic CBD Oil Review

With CBD now legal in the United States, many companies are sprouting from all corners, selling the CBD oil products to the public. CBD is touted as the next big thing in the field of medicine, with studies showing a lot of positive promises in being able to help treat a wide range of conditions, especially brain-related.

If you also want to try CBD and see if it can also work best for you, the first exercise will do is find the right source from which you can buy the oil.

With commercial hemp production now legalized, CBD products extracted from hemp can now be bought across state lines, meaning you can also buy this product online and have it shipped to your home.

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However, it is important to keep in mind that not all CBD manufacturers follow the same production processes. Recently, the FDA has closed down numerous suppliers who have been found to falsely claim to have a particular amount of CBD content in their products, only for an authentic lab test to show a lesser amount.

If you are considering buying CBD products, Jupiter Organic CBD Oil is one of the most trusted CBD companies in Denver, Colorado. The company’s product is 100% USDA Certified Organic, which essentially means you can use it without any worries; since every ingredient is organic, all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO.

This product, which is called Jupiter, is Full-Spectrum CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD means that the product contains all cannabinoids, including terpenes and flavonoids. Full-spectrum is the opposite of THC, which only contains CBD after all the cannabinoids are removed.

Jupiter Full-Spectrum CBD contains below 0.3% HTC, which is required by the law. This low amount also means you will not get high from using the product. However, this also means that the product has a level of HTC than can show in case you take a drug test.

Unlike other CBD companies who extract their hemp from the whole hemp plant, Jupiter takes a different approach by extracting their Jupiter CBD Drops product from the flowers. While it is time-consuming, it means that the end product is of high quality.

Jupiter CBD Drops is also a triple lab tested from seed to bottle, which is essential, purity, and strength of any CBD product.

The hemp plants from which this product was extracted are tested before and after its harvest. On top of that, the hemp extract is also tested immediately after the extraction. And the finished products are tested before they are shipped.

The process of lab testing goes far beyond just the basics. The testes prove that Jupiter CBD Drops are free of any harmful pesticides, mold, heavy metals, yeast, as well as any other toxins and contaminants.

The hemp plant used for this product is grown in the United States. The whole manufacturing process is also done in the States, as well as bottling and shipping.

The company also partners with a single-family farm to make sure that the quality of the hemp plant is top-notch. Jupiter is also made in small portions, each with a personal touch.

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Moreover, the production of Jupiter is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company uses BPA-free glass bottles as well as 100% recyclable packaging.

The labels on the products are transparent. Unlike many companies that usually hide the amount of CBD their products have, Jupiter has everything in white and black. The label shows the exact amount of both hemp extract and CBD in every bottle as well as in every serving.

Jupiter Organic CBD Drops are made with simple ingredients, as the company’s goal is to produce the purest product on the market. The ingredients include four items: organic full-spectrum hemp extract, organic coconut MCT oil, organic peppermint oil, and organic hemp terpenes.

There are no fillers, sweeteners, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. This is one of the purest CBD products you will ever find in the market.

The product comes in different quantities, the smallest being Jupiter Organic CDB Drops 210, which is for user sampling, while the largest Jupiter Organic CBD Drops 1350mg Strength.

The smallest product, Jupiter Organic CBD 210 Sample contains the following cannabinoids content:

  • HTC – 0.44 mg
  • CBD – 15.96 mg
  • CBDa – 0.12 mg
  • CBG – 0.28 mg
  • CBDv – 0.12 mg
  • CBC – 062 mg

Jupiter 900mg CBD Drops introduces a new compound called CBLa.

  • HTC – 088 mg
  • CBD – 31.51 mg
  • CBDa – 0.15 mg
  • CBG – 0.55 mg
  • CBDv – 0.24 mg
  • CBC – 1.39 mg
  • CBLa – 0.13 mg

Jupiter 1350mg CBD Drops has the following CBD contents

  • THC – 1.29 mg
  • CBD – 45.27 mg
  • CBN – 0.12 mg
  • CBDa – 0.17 mg
  • CBG – 0.79 mg
  • CBDv – 035 mg
  • CBC – 1.92 mg
  • CBLa – 0.14 mg

When you buy Jupiter Organic CBD Drops, you get a 30 days money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the product, you can return it to the manufacturer. Moreover, every order also comes with free shipping, free returns, as well as a complete satisfactory guarantee.

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