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is seedsupreme legit

SeedSupreme Seedbank Seedbank Review

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On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 456 user reviews.

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SeedSupreme Seedbank is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

User Reviews

guest United States, March 2021

My order came fast

guest United States, March 2021

The seed surpreme seed bank is alsome low prices on great seeds and fast delivery my new go to seed bank don’t hesitate you want be disappointed

guest United States, March 2021

Thanks. see ya next year!

guest United States, March 2021

i put no grade on seed quality..they look good but I have yet to sprout them. Customer service was A+,quick replys,confirmation on reciept of my payment. Questions answered promptly when I was worried after sending cash. I have had bad experiences elsewhere,so far seedsupreme has been excellent. Thank you! Oh-plus the freebee seeds-now that was icing on the cake of good buisness!

guest United States, December 2020

Do NOT send ca$h to USA, receiver can’t count. Requested more money, i refused and reduced order. At this point, I’m hoping what i receive isnt dead hemp seed. IF you must try, take photos of cash in envelope and record the serial #s, maybe they’ll belieive that, maybe.

guest No info, March 2020

Forst two times were 8/10. This last time however was completely sad. They messed up a $500 order and gave me a $50 voucher and a rude email.

guest United States, December 2019

Second order, quick turnaround time. Good selection, easy to deal with.

guest United States, October 2019

I cant seem to update my original review thats below, so Im following up with this review. Ive received my full refund from SeedSupreme of $326, as Ive mentioned in the review below. I thought they were a scam and now that Ive received my full refund Im glad to see i was wrong. My refund was on a order that was never shipped out to me due to delay on their side which brought up concerns. Anyway I hope other people have a better experience than me and I want to thank seedsupreme for my full refund!

bigbud001 United States, October 2019

the service was excellent and the delivery was on time. i have yet to germ will give a review once i do.

guest United States, October 2019

I ordered my seeds on September 04, they received my payment on September 16th. Its October 4th now and my order hasnt even been shipped out yet. I reached out by email and keep hearing excuses, we are short staffed, it was a busy week. They uploaded Kush money on my account which is worthless because I will never be ordering from them again since they seems like a scam and I will never receive my order. Ive read all the scams regarding SeedSupreme and though id give them the benefit of the doubt. However now I realized i made a big mistake and it was a over $300 mistake. My advice is to STAY AWAY from them since all they accept is Bitcoin and Cash in a envelope, which tells you pretty much everything. there is no way for you to get your money back once they steal it from you. There are plenty of legit and good seed banks out there, its just unfortunate that I live in the US and all the legit seed banks dont ship to the US, so I have to deal with these con-artists. STAY AWAY. (P.S Ive ordered from BonzaSeeds twice in the past, but always questions if the seeds were truly from the breeders that they claim, so i tried SeedSupreme and i guess Id rather have bogus seeds then no seeds at all)

guest Brazil, September 2019

guaranteed delivery is wonderful

guest United States, May 2019


guest United States, September 2018

The vendor SeedSupreme needs to be more understanding and tolerant of shipping errors that may occur. Seed Supreme staff member, Phillip, sent me an email stating that my package that I never received, may have looked like junk mail to me. That completely affirms that there?s a problem with packaging perhaps. They were not willing to work with me, or even entertain the thought that a mistake was made by the post office. My mail carrier has mixed up packages before with neighbors. I?m not exactly sure what happened, but they were in no way willing to work on a solution for the $80 I spent on seeds. I received nothing.

guest United States, September 2018

I see this review site appears to be edited.
You havent posted several reviews regarding the poor quality of product that Seed Supreme Seed Bank sells to people.

guest United States, September 2018

A follow up to my last post. I received a response from SeedSurpreme Seedbank regarding my purchase. I was told they only sell seeds for souvenir purposes and I need to follow my local laws.I live in Colorado not a problem. They had a good price on the seeds but if they dont sprout they are worthless.
Im through with this company no matter the out come. To many other quality companies that sell a quality backed product.

guest United States, September 2018

Second time I place an order with this company. The first time everything was excellent. This time ordered 3, 10 seed variety packs 0/10 on germination on first pack have not tried other 2 packs yet. contacted company waiting for their response. I will post an update asap.

guest United States, August 2018

Super stealth shipping awesome bag came with order

guest United States, August 2018

great seed selection. fast,stealth delivery in 10 days. 3 for 3 on seed germination so far. yes, I can highly recommend this seed bank.

guest United Kingdom, July 2018


guest United States, July 2018

Great customer service, fast delivery, honest people, telling my friends this place is awesome.

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SeedSupreme Seedbank Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 456 user reviews. SeedFinder Info SeedSupreme Seedbank is listed as “green” at the

Seed Supreme Review

Just because a seed bank has a nice website and on top of your search results doesn’t guarantee it’s dependable.

And on top of that, there are so many things to get right.

Even if they grow the best seeds and follow the most advanced cultivation techniques, the seeds can still get seized if your delivery isn’t stealthy enough.

Those are mistakes I guess everyone makes in the beginning. Then, there are companies who simply don’t take customer service seriously enough. And in a business like selling cannabis seeds, it’s important to have excellent customer service.

If god forbid something happens to your seeds, like they get seized or something, you would want a voice on the other end of the line telling you not to worry.

Before ordering from anywhere, make sure you check out a ton of reviews online on websites like Trustpilot and on Facebook.

Seed Supreme seems to receive a lot of flack online, mostly from the USA. And because I read through these reviews, I was super skeptical trying this out for myself.

About Seed Supreme

It’s hard to find much information about Seed Supreme on their website. However, they are based out of the United Kingdom, and their facebook page was started back in 2013, so I’m guessing that’s when they started the business.

My experience with Seed Supreme

My experience with Seed Supreme definitely tested my patience and anger-management skills. And I wouldn’t want to wish this experience on anybody else, which is precisely why I’m writing this review today.

I mean, I guess I knew what to expect going in. They have problems when delivering to the US, and naturally, I wasn’t going to be exempt from those problems.

So anyway, here’s why you should definitely stay clear of Seed Supreme.

Seed Quality (Depends)

Seed supreme is just a seed bank. They do not grow their own seeds. They simply resell seeds from other producers. In that way, they’re like an e-commerce store for cannabis seeds.

As a result, the quality of your seeds depends entirely on the seed bank (cultivator) you buy it from. You need to check up individual reviews of the Seed Banks you’re buying from in order to make a good decision on what to buy.

Now, there are some people out there who say, that its a scam and they didn’t get the seeds they ordered. Instead, they got something else which turned out to be very substandard.

I didn’t have any experience of the type though. I ordered from Seedsman, and my seeds felt exactly like genuine Seedsman seeds.

Seed Strain Variety (8/10)

One thing Seed Supreme does not lack in is seed Strain variety. Just going through the website, you’ll see that they have a huge collection of seeds from all the best seed banks out there. Sensi Seeds, Ministry Of Cannabis, Seedsman, you name it – it’s on their list. There are seed banks from all over the world, and you definitely won’t be at a lack of choice.

They have regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. They even have them categorized according to THC and CBD content, Indica/ Sativa, Kush strains, Blue Strains, Hush strains, etc.

Just select a list, and then you get to compare the best strains from different seed banks.

If you’re having a hard time choosing, simply choose one of the staff picks or their highest selling strains or the ones with the highest THC if you want to get bombed.

There are seeds for all sorts of medical conditions like ADHD, glaucoma, bipolar and there are also types for symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, etc.

Shipping And Discretion (4/10)

This is where Seed Supreme gets really disappointing. They promise to deliver within 10 days, but it took 4 weeks before my seeds finally got delivered.

There are people everywhere going nuts over how their packages never reached them and they have been trying in vain to get a refund or something.

I always sign up for the extra stealthy delivery ($9.99) and delivery guarantee ($12.) That’s a lot of extra money, and I can’t imagine why it’s not possible to simply put the stealthy delivery and delivery guarantee together.

I would definitely not sign up for them if I was making small orders and that is why I guess so many people didn’t get their seeds.

Seed Supreme makes no effort whatsoever if your seeds get seized by authorities and they claim they are totally not liable if the seeds don’t reach you. My order got seized several times, and I had to show them photos and receipts to get them to send it again, which was a massive headache especially with their almost non-existent customer care.

As far as discretion goes, if you choose the stealth option, they package your seeds inside very non-suspicious items like the inside of a pen or a DVD case or a t-shirt. While that is okay, they must still be doing something wrong if so many of their orders are getting seized by customs.

Payment Methods (5/10)

As far as payment methods go, they seem very keen on promoting certain methods over others – this might seem like a shady practice, but I guess they just don’t want any problems that can be avoided.

As of the moment, they do not accept Paypal or bank transfers or wire transfers. I really don’t get what so many people have against Paypal.

My guess is they’re all terrified of leaving a paper trail with any bank whatsoever, which is also why they don’t accept cheques. You can pay with a credit or a debit card, but that’s only if the orders are above £50 and below £250. What’s also very weird is that you can make credit card payments only at certain hours of the day.

What that basically leaves you with is using Bitcoin or some other digital currency (they’ll give you a 20% discount if you do) or you could send them cash in an envelope. But again, they’ll take no responsibility if your envelope gets misplaced.

Who’s to stop them from taking your money and then telling you they never got paid? While that might sound like I’m being a little too suspicious, that’s just the way the website has made me feel.

Promos And Free Seeds

They do give away free seeds with every order, and they also give you back some amount of cashback or ‘Kush money’ as they call it. No matter what problems you might face – if the delivery is delayed or your seeds are broken, they’ll want to just give you some Kush money, which you can redeem for future purchases.

Don’t fall for it. It’s the oldest trick in the book. They’ll give you loyalty points which you can redeem, but you can’t use all of it – you can only use 25% or 50% at a time – you’ll have to pay the rest with your money.

That way you can only use the kush money if you want to order a second time and even then, you can’t use all of it.

Customer Service (2/10)

Who do you have to kill to get a reply? I must have mailed them a dozen times, and I got a reply only once. It’s always automated, and there doesn’t seem to be any real effort in providing a good experience for a customer.

When I finally got to talking with someone, they made every effort possible not to honor the delivery guarantee. They will transfer you to other people, claim it’s not their fault, and I’ve read countless reviews where people weren’t allowed to order with the delivery guarantee, and then their seeds never arrived.

Maybe it’s all their fault, maybe it’s not. Things would have been a lot clearer, and there would have definitely been a lot more clarity if I could just talk to a customer exec to find out what went wrong. But that seems impossible.

– Stocks seeds from reputed seed banks

– High diversity in strain options

– Highly undependable delivery

– Separate costs for stealthy and guaranteed delivery

– Very few payment options

– Lack of responsibility

– Terrible customer service

Will I order from Seed Supreme Again?

This is definitely the final time I’m ordering from Seed Supreme. They have an impressive catalog of strains, but their delivery and poor customer service is just too much trouble to deal with.

At no point during my purchase, was I confident the seeds were going to reach me (even with the guaranteed delivery), and all of my messages to them were coming back unanswered.

Also, with so many good seed banks out there, there is no need to trouble yourself with them. If you want to head somewhere which has just as diverse a catalog of strains and who are totally and completely dependable and reliable, I highly recommend you check out I love Growing Marijuana.

They are one of the best seed banks out there. The seeds are of top-notch quality and most importantly you can put your mind at ease, that the seeds will reach you, and they will germinate once planted. And if anything goes wrong, customer service will be there to help you out.

Meta: Is seed supreme worth your hard-earned dollars or should you take your business elsewhere? Here's what I have to say!