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how to plant wildflower seeds in a pot

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How to sow in containers

Wildflowers can happily grow outside in containers.

If you don’t have access to a patch of soil, it’s a great option, especially for balconies, paved areas and to add variety to larger outdoor spaces.

Types of container

One of the keys to success is to avoid small containers; wildflowers won’t survive in a cramped space. They need room for their roots to grow and absorb nutrients and water, so best to go big or go home.

The kind of things you could use are large wooden planters, oversized pots, old baths (see below), or even boats (like the one above).

Bath by the side of the street filled with green plants and plant markers

You will need:
  • Large container
  • Stones or broken crockery
  • Top soil or multipurpose compost
  • Watering can or jug
  • Wildflower seeds
  • Something to label your container with
  1. Check your container has a few holes in the base to let water gradually drain out. Otherwise, use a drill or sharp instrument to add holes, taking care not to hurt yourself
  2. Add a few stones or broken crockery to the bottom to help drainage
  3. Move your container to your chosen space before filling it; an empty container is much easier to move than a full one
  4. Fill the container with top soil if possible, or use multipurpose compost. The compost doesn’t need to be the most expensive, but for environmental reasons please avoid any that contain peat
  5. As you fill the container, gently push down the soil or compost to break up any lumps and get rid of large air pockets. Stop filling 25mm from the top to allow room for watering
  6. Sprinkle seeds by hand evenly over the surface and cover with 1mm of soil or compost
  7. Water well
  8. Label the container with plant markers you could even make some yourself. Look here for some inspiration.

Watch Hannah Grows show you how to do it:

After sowing your seeds…

Make sure that the soil in your container remains moist and water it if dry. This is the most vulnerable time for seeds – seedlings can be killed if the soil dries out completely – and wildflowers in containers need regular watering throughout their lives.

In Summer this can mean a good soak every day, even if it’s been raining. But be careful not to over-water. If the soil is too saturated, the seedlings could die from a lack of oxygen reaching their roots.

Your seeds should germinate within a couple of weeks of being sown, depending on the weather. Be patient and keep looking out for the tiny green shoots of life.

Wildflowers can happily grow outside in containers.If you don't have access to a patch of soil, it’s a great option, especially for balconies, paved areas and to add variety to larger outdoor spaces.

How To Grow Wildflowers In Pots or Indoors

November 15, 2017 2 Comments

So you want to grow wildflowers in pots? Follow these simple steps .

  • Planting Time? – Planting outdoors in a container? Check for your last frost date and plant after your date passes. Otherwise, plant 10 weeks before the first winter frost comes in the fall. You can plant anytime you can ensure at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day will contact your flowers.
  • Locate Sunny Spot – Choose a spot in your house, maybe a South or West facing window that gets 6 or more hours of direct sun a day. Or plant in a sunny spot outside.
  • Acquire Supplies
    • Pot / Container – Acquire a pot at least least 4-6″ in diameter.
    • Soil – A bag of potting soil if possible, or simply composted soil.
    • Seeds – You can use Seedles, wildflower seed balls. Or you can purchase wildflower seeds locally.


  • Add Compost – Fill the pot or container 3/4 with soil, until the soil comes up to 1-2″ below the top. Ensure the soil uncompacted and has proper aeration.
  • Plant Seeds – Mix the seeds with a bit of compost, then spread lightly across the surface. Add a small dusting of compost to any uncovered seeds. Careful only to allow them to be buried between 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch deep. Do not bury them deeply, they will not be strong enough to grow out and sprout. Plant Wildflower Seedles approximately 2-4 per square foot and only half-way into the soil. Plant plain wildflower seeds at a density that is indicated on the seed package.
  • Pack Soil – Gently press down the soil to firm it up a bit and ensure the compost is contacting the seeds.

Porch Grown Seedles Lora Medlyn Lewis

  • Water Gently – Water daily, then semi-weekly. For proper germination, you want a moist soil, like a moist brownie texture, not wet, not soaking wet, just moist to allow germination until seedlings are about 4-6″ tall. If you live in a drier climate, we recommend watering regularly.
  • Weed – Occasionally you may need to pull out small sprouts or weeds you know are not from your wildflower seeds. If you’re unsure, don’t pull it, just wait to see if it flowers. Even weeds like dandelions are great for bees and pollinators.

Seedles Testimonial

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