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Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds come from the plant cannabis sativa and are considered one of the most nutritious seeds around, and for good reason. These amazing seeds have a wealth of well documented health benefits associated with them, making them an incredible food to add to your diet. They are a rich & a complete source of protein, high fibre content, as well as being packed full of vitamins & minerals. Hemp seeds, when compared to other seeds, are closer to being a complete source of essential amino acids than any other seed.

One of the benefits of hemp seeds is that they can be a rich source of essential fatty acids that can help live a healthy lifestyle. They can be eaten in their raw form and sprinkled on salads, porridge and smoothie bowls, or ground into a hemp powder, or hemp meal as it can be referred to, so that they can easily be added to smoothies, cakes, muffins and other home baking.

Why choose hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds contain a rich nutrition profile including a number of benefits that could potentially improve your health. The shells of the organic hemp seeds can be quite hard but are a good source of fiber. There a number of reasons why you could consider consuming hemp seeds in your weekly diet – it’s an easy way to essential minerals, protein and fibre in your meals, and can be quickly and easily added to a variety of meals at any time of day. Hemp seeds contain over 50% more protein than chia seeds and are low in carbs. We have two types of hemp seeds available for you to buy online including shelled hemp seeds which have had the husk removed only leaving the hemp protein center. Both are rich in important nutrients that are required on a daily basis. Thanks to being rich in essential fatty acids, these tiny little seeds could help with maintaining healthy hair and skin. Just 30g of hemp seeds provides you with all of the omega-3 you are recommended to have per day. Hemp seeds are also high in fibre and a good source of magnesium.

Can you eat raw hemp seeds?

Yes, hemp seeds can be eaten raw. They have a nutty taste and crunchy texture and can be added to a whole range of meals. Think outside the box and get experimenting with hemp seeds – why not create a photo-worthy smoothie bowl to mix up your morning routine or sprinkle on salads for a an extra, nutty crunch!

Hemp seeds are so versatile

These amazing seeds are extremely versatile and given that they are high in protein they are perfect for snacking on and increasing the protein value of meals, particularly vegan meals and breakfasts where we can lack sufficient protein intake. They have a light and nutty flavour making them a great addition to your favourite meals. People worldwide use hemp seeds in salads, smoothies, porridge, stir frys, soups, homemade energy bars and sprinkled on top of the ever-so-trendy avocado on toast!

How to use hemp seeds

  • Sprinkle on top of meals like salads and stir frys
  • Ground down to a powder form and add to smoothies and cake recipes
  • Use for environmentally friendly fishing bait
  • Use as an organic bird feed in your garden
  • Make your own hemp milk
  • Experiment with making a delicious hemp seed butter.

You can buy hemp seeds online and choose from a range of options including organic varieties. We deliver to most of the UK and to Europe with fast efficient delivery times and a great customer services team.

Hemp seeds, with or without the outer shell, are packed full of essential daily nutrients. Buy hemp seeds online for free delivery on UK orders over £30

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