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hemp seeds nut allergy

Hemp seeds nut allergy

Posted by Hippie Butter on 19th Jul 2014

Why Choose Hemp Seeds for Kids with Food Allergies?

You may have already tried flax and chia seeds as a healthy blend of just the right amounts of protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates. The latest superfood seed to hit your organic market might be hemp seeds. While the cultivation of the Cannabis Sativa Medical plants might be tightly controlled or even illegal in your local area, the seeds of the Industrial Hemp plants can be found in organic grocery and even pet stores. By the way, these seeds are also a favorite with many types of large parrots. Large tropical birds actually have nutritional needs similar to human beings.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds for Children with Food Allergies

The tiny industrial hemp seeds pack large nutritional benefits for entire families. This is a list of the major nutrients found in just one tablespoon of seeds from hemp plants:

  • Omega-3 essential fatty acids: 1 gram in the perfect 1:3 balance with Omega-6 fatty acids that young bodies needs for growth and repair
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Phosphorus and magnesium: 16 percent of the average daily requirement

Nuts like walnuts, for example, are also known for providing protein and healthy fats. However, many children with food allergies have to avoid any types of nuts or even legumes like peanuts. Allergies to soy products and dairy are also common. The seeds from hemp plants deliver similar benefits without aggravating these same allergies in almost all kids.

For peace of mind with family members who suffer from severe allergies, consult your child’s doctor before offering them at home. Also, make certain that your hemp seeds come with assurance that they were not packaged or processed where they might get contaminated by nuts or other allergens. They are also vegan and kosher.

How to Eat Hemp Seeds

You will find it very easy to add a tablespoon or two of these seeds into your family’s daily diet. For example, they are similar in taste and function to sunflower seeds. You can simply munch on them raw, but you might prefer using them blended with other types of food. Buy Hemp Seed Food Products Here

These are some examples of ways to incorporate hemp seeds into your menu:

  • Toast them in the oven like pumpkin or sunflower seeds. You can add a little oil or salt and experiment with your own flavorings.
  • Sprinkle them on cereal, yogurt, salads, or even sauces.
  • Blend the seeds into a seed butter that you can spread on bread or vegetables.
  • Blend
    the seeds into fruit smoothies.

As you experiment, you might come up with your own great ways to eat hemp seeds as snacks or incorporate them into recipes. A daily serving of a tablespoon or two should be plenty for optimum nutritional benefits, but eating a bit more than that should not do any harm.

Does someone in your family have food allergies? We'll explain why it safe for everyone to eat and enjoy hemp seed food products.

Talking Allergies

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Hemp Hearts anyone?

The whole hemp seed experiment might actually be of interest from an allergy perspective. Before I tried it in the dr.’s office, he put some of the hemp protein in a water solution and did a skin prick test. I did get a very small hive . . . but he deemed it negative probably because it was so small and because I’m dermographic. I was suspicious though as it was the first exposure to hemp (although there is hemp oil in my favourite shampoo.)

When eating the hemp in the office, I noticed that it bothered this one tiny area of my throat. . . it wasn’t like a real reaction though and my ears sometimes get itchy just from pollen allergies so I didn’t think it significant (but in retrospect it might have been.)

The next day when I woke up, the testing area was a bit itchy and had hived up a bit. I thought that was odd at the time and proceeded cautiously with eating the hemp. . .

When starting out eating the hemp, I was careful to have only a small amount and then I was going to increase the dose every two weeks like they do for allergy shots. But then I abandoned the plan and started eating a lot (like four tablespoons a day). A few days before the obvious reaction I started to wonder about the hemp . . .

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Talking Allergies All times are UTC – 4 hours Hemp Hearts anyone? The whole hemp seed experiment might actually be of interest from an allergy perspective. Before I tried it in the dr.’s