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hemp seed wiki

Hemp seed wiki

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Hemp seed wiki We’re sorry—nothing matched your search terms. Please enter new key words and try again. If you still can’t find what you are seeking, look at past issues, or contact the editor at

Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts in a wooden serving bowl

Hemp hearts are the shelled hemp seed of the hemp plant.

They are a great way to enjoy this eco-friendly plant and all of its fantastic nutritional benefits.

You can add a spoonful into your smoothie or you can sprinkle some on your food. However you enjoy them, they add a wonderful nutty taste that is packed with nutritional benefits.

What are hemp hearts?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the hemp heart is the shelled seed.

People use them on top of yogurt, cereal, salads, or anything else. They go great on anything you might like to sprinkle a little bit of goodness onto.

You can think of them as an addition to your diet that works to improve nutrition, while at the same time being fully sustainable and natural.

Are there any benefits?

You can enjoy hemp across a wide range of products these days. Thankfully, hemp hearts is another thing to add to the list.

There are plenty of benefits for enjoying this eco-friendly snack on a daily basis. For example, protein is a big plus. The seeds provide a complete source of protein and include all nine essential amino acids that your body will love.

Also, the seeds have plenty of unsaturated fats in them and are packed with Omega-3 and fatty acids. Furthermore, they are also are packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

If you are looking for a natural and delicious addition to your diet, hemp hearts are a winner. You can find them in your local health food store. Also, you can find them online from different suppliers.

Will they make me high?

The short answer is no. Hemp hearts don’t have THC in them. They have nothing that will affect you like that in any way.

The seeds are not like marijuana and don’t make you feel sleepy or dopey. The tiny amount of THC in hemp hearts means that they are fine for including in your children’s smoothies. That means they are suitable for all ages.

You can have the peace of mind when you are enjoying hemp hearts. That’s because you are enjoying a product that is safe, natural and sustainable.

How do I use them?

Hemp hearts come in a form that is easily sprinkled on the foods you love.

Think about any other ground nut or topping you might add to a salad or yogurt. The eco-friendly seeds are ideal for sprinkling on top of whatever dish you might like to add some extra goodness and flavor.

Around one tablespoon is the perfect amount to add to your salad, yogurt, or dish. A tablespoon will equate to around 4 grams of protein and will include plenty of the good fats you know and love.

Just as you would add any other nut or seed to your food, hemp hearts are the perfect addition to your diet and pack plenty of amazing goodness.

Can I eat hemp hearts every day?

Of course! Enjoying hemp hearts on a daily basis is a wonderful way to complement your diet.

Also, adding a spoonful of hemp hearts to your snacks or meals is a great idea. It will work to ensure you get all of the rich fatty acids and nutrients your body craves to stay healthy.

Furthermore, you can roast hemp hearts or you can enjoy them raw. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of wonderful options for this versatile hemp product.

Also, farmers grow this product ethically. That means you can feel good about using it. The hemp seed is a wonderful way to incorporate green and fair trade products into your life.

Many say hemp hearts taste nutty and a little like pine nuts, and it can go with many foods.

You can add hemp hearts to oatmeal, cereal, salads, pasta, sauces, smoothies, desserts, bliss balls, protein bars, and more. The list is endless.

Whether you are looking for a product that will help reduce inflammation or you want to improve your heart health, hemp is a great way to do it!

Jump on this fantastic superfood and start enjoying the benefits of a natural seed that is versatile and packed with goodness.

For more information on where you can get these wonderful hemp hearts, ask at your local supermarket or health store. Or, jump online and check out the range at your favorite online hemp store.

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Add a spoonful of hemp hearts into your smoothie or sprinkle some on your food; they add a wonderful nutty taste, packed with nutritional benefits.