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hemp seed oil shelf life

What is the shelf life of hemp oil

The short answer is, if stored correctly, an unopened bottle of our hemp oil will last 14 months from the date of production. The long answer is there are several factors that can influence the shelf life of hemp oil. The major ones are how the seed is pressed, how the oil is packaged and how the oil is stored.

Pressing hemp oil to extend shelf life

Since the essential fatty acids in hemp are very susceptible to degradation and rancidity, producing a shelf stable oil starts with being very careful at the production stage. By ensuring that the oil has had minimal exposure to heat and to oxygen, the production of the oil ensures that the goodness that was available in the raw seed is retained in our virgin cold-pressed hemp oil. We do this through a production process that protects the essential fatty acids from exposure to oxygen by replacing the “air” in the production environment with pure nitrogen. In addition to protecting the oil from oxidation, we also ensure that the oil is kept well below the allowable temperatures required to be able to call the oil cold-pressed. These two factors enable us to produce a product that is as close as possible to mimicking the seed in it’s ability to safeguard the oil. You might consider our method better, since seeds can get broken, allowing oxygen to access the oils.

Sealed jugs devoid of oxygen extend shelf life

The oxygen free environment doesn’t stop at the pressing stage, we continue it right through to the bottling stage where the oil is maintained oxygen free and then the last bit of space in the top of the filled bottle is also replaced with nitrogen before the bottle is sealed with a foil topper and the lid is put on. These extra steps ensure that the oil will remain fresh for a long period of time after it has been placed in the bottle, literally for many months allowing us to set a best before date of 14 months from the date of manufacture.

Cold storage of the oil extends shelf life

Keep your oil cold. While we maintain an environment that is consistently lower than 15 C for short term storage of the products, we highly recommend you storing your oil in the freezer for longer term storage. One of the many wonderful benefits of hemp oil is that it will not turn to a solid at the temperatures reached in your home freezer so you can keep you oil there and it will still pour for you. There may be some separation of the naturally occurring waxes but this will just result in some cloudiness and is not something to be concerned about. It will not affect flavour or consistency when the oil warms.

Keep your oil cold and out of the light

The two things you need to be aware of after you get your oil is that you should keep it cool and out of the sunlight. Store the oil in the freezer for long term storage and in the fridge in the short term. The oil can withstand moderate temperatures, for instance while being shipped, without any significant degradation. For long term storage, just ensure you maintain a cold temperature.

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Can You Tell if Hemp Oil is Rancid?

Like many other packaged natural products, hemp oil has a shelf life. How long the oil will last once you break the seal depends on a number of factors including room temperature and exposure to light. At this point, the primary question is, “how do you know if hemp oil is rancid?”

How long can hemp oil last?

Before we can look at the key indicators that show CBD oil might have gone bad, let us take a step back and ask, “How long was it manufactured to last?”

Notably, there is no specific answer to the question because different formulations cause varying shelf lives. However, most hemp oils out there have a range of one to two years . If your oil reaches the end of its life, the compounds break down, rendering it less efficient.

But many people do not even have to worry about the shelf life because they exhaust their oils long before hitting 25% of the shelf life. For example, if you have a bottle of 300mg of CBD and take a regular dose of 10mg, you will use the entire bottle in about four weeks. This is way ahead of the expected expiry date. However, it is still crucial to know how to identify rancid hemp oil so that you do not buy expired products.

Signs that hemp oil has gone rancid

One thing you need to appreciate when it comes to hemp oil is that it is natural. This means that with time, especially if kept poorly, it will get spoiled. So here are the signs to look out for:

  • Hemp oil that has changed color

When hemp oil expires, its components start degrading, resulting in a change of color and texture. The right color of hemp oil varies from white (nano-liposomal CBD) to clear to dark brown. Therefore, if you note the formation of a foggy precipitate in the bottle, chances are that it has expired. Simply throw that bottle away.

  • Change in smell

When natural products start decomposing, they can generate a foul smell. This is especially likely to happen if your CBD oil is stored poorly. If you notice a change in smell from the normal smell of the CBD, it is an indication that it is bad and should be disposed of.

  • The hemp oil has expired on the seller’s shelf

As we have pointed out, the recommended shelf life of most hemp oils is one to two years. Therefore, if you are purchasing the oil, the first place to check is the expiry date. If the shelf life has passed or is approaching, do not buy it! Instead, it’s best if you focus on selecting oils that are fresh for optimal use.

  • Incredibly low price

Not to imply that all cheap CBD oils are rancid, but when offered a price that is too good to be true, it is best to double-check the product. A dealer may sell poor quality or expired hemp oil at suspiciously low rates. Therefore, take a closer look and ask the following questions: When was the hemp oil made? Who is the manufacturer? Does the manufacturer subject the hemp oil to third party testing ?

How to preserve your CBD properly

Now that you know the signs of rancid hemp oil, here are the best ways to store it without losing its potency.

  • Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Notably, all CBD-based products are not created equal. For example, there are manufacturers who use organic solvents for oil extraction, while others use more advanced technology, such as supercritical CO2 extraction . Because of these dynamics, each manufacturer has a set of instructions and tips that can help to keep the product stable. Most CBD oil manufacturers are not performing proper testing and are simply guessing the ‘Best By’ date, leaving your product vulnerable when it gets to you.

    • Store in a cool place away from heat
      • Do not leave hemp oil sitting for too long

      One of the best ways of staying away from bad CBD oil is by purchasing the right quantities. No need to stockpile CBD oil. Instead, order in moderation.

      • Prevent exposure to air

      If air gets into your CBD oil, it can cause degradation and reduction of shelf life, so ensure the oil is kept in airtight bottles. After use, make sure to seal the bottle completely to limit air getting in.

The main secret to keeping your hemp oil in top condition is ensuring it stays in a temperature-controlled environment. It’s best to keep the oil from changes in surrounding conditions, especially heat, light, and moisture.

Notably, because the oil comes in the form of a carrier liquid, consider storing it the same way you would for coconut or olive oil – simply cool and dry. (Never freeze!)

When hemp oil goes rancid, it’s best to throw it away. These guidelines have demonstrated how to identify bad oil and how to keep your supplies stored properly. Simply buy high-quality oil, avoid contamination, and keep in a dry, temperature-controlled place.

Miron glass is an excellent choice for the storage of hemp oil.

Most products decay or deteriorate in natural light, especially sunlight, which accelerates the process of molecular decay in natural compounds. But dark-colored Miron glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet, ultraviolet and infrared light. Miron glass is exceptionally good for storing and preserving the contents of any product that has a high sensitivity to light with minimal or no degradation for long periods of time.

RESET Bioscience’s Shelf Life

RESET Bioscience has a proven shelf-life of over a year for the water based drops that it offers. We bottle all of our products in Micron glass in order to continue to preserve it long after it’s bought. To determine your RESET water based drop’s best by date, check the lot number on the bottle on the bottle and match it to a Certificate of Analysis to determine when you should consider buying a new bottle of RESET water based drops! (Even though we all know you’ll love it too much to let it go passed the best by date!)

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Can You Tell if Hemp Oil is Rancid? Like many other packaged natural products, hemp oil has a shelf life. How long the oil will last once you break the seal depends on a number of factors