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Buying marijuana seeds? Whether you are looking for White Widow or Lowryder seeds, you are at the right place here. Top labels such as Dutch Passion and CBD Crew allow you to germinate the best marijuana seeds yourself.

USA Autoflower Mix (Private Label) 5 seeds

Terra Grow (Plagron) 1 liter

Auto Bubble Gum (Private Label)

Auto Amnesia Haze (Private Label)

pH Perfect Sensi Grow A&B (Advanced Nutrients) 2 x 500 ml

Top Grow Box 100% Organic (Plagron)

Zkittlez OG Auto (Barney’s Farm) 5 Seeds

Auto Pineapple Express (Private Label)

Top Grow Box 100% Terra (Plagron)

Auto Northern Light (Private Label)

Auto Night Queen (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

Cannabis Fertilizer | Organic Grow (BAC) 1 liter

Buying Weed Seeds

Cultivating your own cannabis starts off with buying the seeds. Come to Dutch Headshop where we have weed seeds available from stock for all the top brands! We have autoflower and feminised weed seeds, specially for home cultivation. These range from THC-rich strains with up to 25% THC to CBD-rich medicinal weed seeds with 20% or more CBD, and from strong seeds for garden planting to rapid-growing weed seeds for indoor cultivation.

The best cannabis seeds are of course available at the Dutch-Headshop. Unique to our assortment of cannabis seeds is that all seeds are feminized.Our little ladies guarantee you a high yield whether you opt for medicinal cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds or a pure Indica or Sativa,something for everyone!

Be sure to check out our ever-growing range of house brand weed seeds – we buy in these keenly priced quality seeds from various top brands so you can be assured that you’re getting the same quality as you’d expect from the well-known brands. And we take the trouble to cut down on packaging materials for these. Every private label marijuana seed is packaged using completely biodegradable materials such as bio-plastic and 100% recycled paper.

When you buy weed seeds from Dutch Headshop, not only are they delivered quickly but also discreetly. What you ordered will not appear on the outside of the package. That’s also useful, for example, if you happen to be out when the delivery takes place.

Advantages of Weed Seeds

One of the many advantages of buying weed seeds online is that you know for sure what you will get. After all, you’re cultivating the plants entirely yourself. What’s more, growing your own weed is many times cheaper than if you were to buy it at the coffee shop or dispensary.

The benefits of our weed seeds at a glance:

  • The best seed bank brands under one roof.
  • All feminised – We don’t allow any males in.
  • Knowing exactly what you’re cultivating – Guaranteed to be the weed variety you’re after.
  • Growing your own weed is cheaper than buying it from the coffee shop.
  • Growing your own weed is great fun, safe and legal in the Netherlands provided you do it only on a small scale.

Germinating Weed Seeds

All our weed seeds have high germinability. In other words, they really want to come up. Anyone can germinate their own weed seeds with the help of our germination instructions. And if you need any more help then our experts are ready and waiting to assist you. The best advice we can give you is to germinate the weed seeds in a purpose-designed germination tray. You use a bit of mineral water to keep moist the pads supplied with it. Within 5 days at most, the seeds will be ready for planting out.

Start off, for example, with a sprout pad or sponge pot. Once the first mature leaves have developed (the characteristic serrated leaves), they can be moved on to the next pot or planted outside. If you are going to plant your young weed plants outdoors then make sure that the frosty season is over. A good guideline is after the feast days of the Ice Saints in the second week of May.

We should point out that you may only germinate weed seeds in countries where it is legally allowed. Dutch Headshop accepts no liability for any legal infringements committed by our customers.

Marijuana seeds to your liking

  • Only the best seeds, including: White Widow, Lowryder and CBD Skunk Haze
  • Selected for you: Autoflower, 100% Sativa of Indica or simply the best Hybrid
  • Different effects: Stoned, High, Clear or deliciously psychedelic
  • Choose the plant that fits (your needs): A small autoflower, or the giant Frisian Dew

The cannabis seeds come from different sorts of cannabis plants, all with their own, different characteristics. The house label seeds are, to our opinion, the best seeds of various breeders. We like them so much we have given our name to these cannabis seeds. High quality cannabis seeds, without expensive marketing. Some say you a Sativa plant makes you high and an Indica plant stoned. But that is too simple a thought.

For example, most of the strains are so-called hybrid plants. This means the plant is a crossing of different species. You won’t always get stoned from an Indica. An Indica dominant hybrid such as the feminized Blueberry Autoflower, for example, is known for its stimulating and energetic effects.

The best cannabis seeds

Buying cannabis seeds of the best seed banks? That’s possible in our brand new Seed shop. Some of our best producers:

Cup Winners

Important prizes are awarded for the best cannabis seeds. For example, a weed seed can be commended because it contains a phenomenal amount of CBD, or because the weed simply tastes fantastic in a vaporizer. We do our best to keep up to date with the most popular cannabis cups.

  • High Life Cannabis Cup
  • Spannabis Cup
  • High Times Cannabis Cup
  • Sask Prairie Cup
  • Lift Expo Canada
  • Karma Cup

You can recognise cup winners on our website by the yellow label on the product’s photo. We have a special category in which you can see all the cup winners.

Feminised Weed Seeds

All seeds in our store are female seeds. Furthermore, the autoflower seeds and seeds for outdoor cultivation are also very popular. We only sell high quality cannabis seeds of the best European cannabis growers. Our seeds are therefore extremely popular among medical users and hobby growers. We sell more than 500 types of cannabis seeds. If the type or strain you would like to grow is not available in our web shop, please contact us.

Your future marijuana plant

Seeds for high yields, cannabis seeds suitable for starting growers or marijuana seeds with a long flowering time. In any case, we have your future cannabis plant. Use the filters on the left side of the seed shop to set your preferences. This allows you to easily order cannabis seeds online at the Dutch-Headshop.

Cannabis Cultivation – Indoors or Outdoors?

In principle all weed is suitable for indoor growing but not every weed type is suitable for growing outdoors. Some plants can reach up to 3 metres in height. And who’s got a growing cabinet or living room which is 3 metres high? Admittedly though, a weed plant on the windowsill won’t get that big. If you want to cultivate indoor cannabis with a high yield, you need artificial light.

We would recommend that you grow autoflower plants indoors. These are cannabis plants which flower by themselves when mature enough. Other weed plants will need the light to be changed. They ‘see’ the days getting shorter and then flower. Autoflowers also stay smaller in size which often makes them a perfect fit for a compact growing cabinet like the MiniGrow Box.

Most Sativa weed seeds develop into plants which are higher than Indica weed plants, but hybrids (crosses between Indica and Sativa) are by far the best for outdoor cultivation. These plants have the best characteristics of both Indica and Sativa – higher yield, slightly smaller in size, fuller and better able to resist the cold, mould and vermin in the Netherlands. And those are vital characteristics for outdoor cultivation! That’s why we have taken these factors into account in our weed seeds for outdoor cultivation category.

Buy the best cannabis seeds here! Reliable feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowers & medicinal seeds. From premium brands to our extra-affordable Private Label.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

After first appearing on the weed seed market in the 1990s, feminized seeds have become an instant hit with growers worldwide. As a result, it’s now much more common practice among weed enthusiasts to buy feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular cannabis seeds. This is mostly because few amateurs or casual growers want to deal with male cannabis plants, which can’t be smoked due to their miniscule THC levels. Feminized weed seeds solve this problem, as they produce female plants in 99.9% of cases.

Cafe Racer feminized seeds for sale

    Blimburn Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 70 – 100 cm 450 g/m² indoors 600 g/plant outdoors

Buy Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds

    Blimburn Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 500 g/m² indoors 450 – 500 g/plant outdoors

Runtz Muffin feminized seeds (Barney

    Barney’s Farm Feminized Photoperiod 100 – 120 cm indoors
    150 – 200 cm outdoors 550 – 600 g/m² indoors
    1000 g/plant outdoors

Wedding Cookies seeds for slae

    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 700 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors

Runtz Gum seeds for slae

    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 700 g/m² indoors
    1000 g/plant outdoors

Cookies Gelato (RQS)

    Royal Queen Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 90 – 130 cm indoors 140 – 180 cm outdoors 550 – 600 g/m² indoors 600 – 650 g/plant outdoors

Do-Si-Dos OG

    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 600 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

    Garden of Green Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 450 g/m² indoors

Buy Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds (Original Sensible Seeds)

    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 100 – 160 cm indoors 120 – 180 cm outdoors 800 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors
    Original Sensible Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 90 – 140 cm indoors 180 – 280 cm outdoors 800 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors

Buy Gorilla Cookies Auto by FastBuds

    Fast Buds Feminized Autoflowering 90 – 100 cm indoors 500 – 600 g/m² indoors

Gelato feminized seeds (Blimburn Seeds)

    Blimburn Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 160 – 200 cm 500 g/m² indoors 700 g/plant outdoors

Buy Gelato by Blackskull Seeds

    Blackskull Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 90 – 120 cm indoors 180 – 220 cm outdoors 500 – 600 g/m² indoors 400 – 600 g/plant outdoors

Buy HulkBerry feminized seeds

    Royal Queen Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 80 – 140 cm indoors 160 – 200 cm outdoors 400 – 450 g/m² indoors 650 – 700 g/plant outdoors

Buy Y Griega feminized seeds

    Medical Seeds Feminized Photoperiod 350 cm 500 g/m² indoors 500 – 600 g/plant outdoors

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are nothing more than a product of genetic engineering and a beautiful fruit of the scientific advancement of the cannabis industry. While traditionally, seeds grow to become either male or female plants, feminized seeds are genetically manipulated in such a way that results in them growing into female cannabis plants only.

Feminized cannabis seeds

If you don’t understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to female cannabis plants and why everybody wants them rather than male cultivars, the answer is simple: only female cannabis plants, when unpollinated, develop so-called sinsemilla, which are the buds people love to smoke and turn into various concentrates and ointments.

Why should you buy feminized cannabis seeds?

While seeds that have been feminized tend to be more expensive than regular cannabis seeds, they’re just too convenient not to buy them. First of all, they free the grower from the need to sex cannabis – a process that takes time and plenty of experience to perfect. If you buy feminized seeds, you don’t need to worry about male plants appearing in your garden and ruining your harvest. You can just sit back and relax!

Despite the difference in price, buying feminized cannabis seeds will actually help you save money. If you choose seeds that are feminized, you won’t have to buy ten or fifteen regular ones in the hopes that at least five of them will grow into females. Instead, just get yourself five feminized seeds and in return, you’ll have five perfect female plants. Simple weed math!

Pros and cons of feminized seeds

Despite providing mostly advantages to growers, feminized cannabis seeds have certain disadvantages as well. Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of growing feminized cannabis seeds.

Pros of feminized seeds:

  • No need to buy extra seeds, as is the case with regular cannabis seeds
  • No need to sex the growing plants, hence feminized cannabis seeds save you time
  • No risk of accidental pollination of your crop by male cultivars
  • Feminized cannabis seeds grow into cannabis plants with the highest cannabinoid content
  • Perfect for beginner growers due to the easier cultivation process

Cons of feminized seeds:

  • Not suitable for people attempting to breed cannabis
  • Feminized cannabis has limited cloning abilities

If you’re a seed collector, there won’t be much of a difference between choosing feminized or another seed type. Just like with Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis seeds looking the same, in this case, it’s impossible to say what seed type is in front of you based solely on its appearance.

How to germinate feminized marijuana seeds

Seeds that have been feminized are no different from any other cannabis seeds when it comes to germinating them. Herbies always makes sure to store their cannabis seeds in perfect conditions to ensure a quick and easy germination process. Most growers tend to germinate feminized weed seeds using the classic paper towel method, which has been used by generations of cultivators. Here’s what you need to do to germinate female marijuana seeds:

Feminized marijuana seeds

  • Place your cannabis seed on a clean paper towel
  • Fold the paper towel in half so that it covers the cannabis seed from the top and bottom
  • Lightly spray the paper towel with clean water to moisten it
  • Place the paper towel with the seed on a clean plate, and cover this with another plate to create an airtight, dark, and safe germination space
  • Wait for 1-2 days until the seed germinates (older seeds can take longer, up to a week or even 10 days, so be patient). Make sure the paper towel remains moist.

Where to grow feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis is perfectly suited for growing both indoors and outdoors, and even in greenhouses, so the deciding factor will mostly be your preference, or else conditions outside your control such as the climate or cannabis laws. Growing indoors will help you keep every condition such as temperature, lighting, and humidity under control. On the other hand, growing outdoors is cheaper because we have the sun, the most natural and powerful light source for cannabis. Growing feminized cannabis in a greenhouse will allow you to benefit from sun power as well as prolong the season with controlled temperatures. Greenhouses also tend to be more discreet for growing marijuana than the outdoors.

Recommended temperature and humidity for growing feminized marijuana

When it comes to comfortable living conditions, people and cannabis are very much alike – both prefer moderate climate conditions. Feminized cannabis thrives best in temperatures ranging between 21-24 C (69-75 F). It’s advised to keep plants in this range to avoid cannabis health problems. However, some cannabis plants love to experience “freeze shock” closer to the end of their cycle. Usually, this is done to boost its potency and reveal blue and purple hues. However, before doing so, be sure to read the breeder’s recommendations.

Feminized pot seeds

As for humidity, the recommended level for feminized marijuana will depend on the plant’s lifecycle stage. Normally, seedlings and cannabis in veg prefer humidity levels around 60%. On the other hand, the flowering stage usually requires air humidity levels of 40-50% to reduce the risk of mold.

Which soil is best to use for growing feminized seeds?

Feminized cannabis plants will feel the best and yield the most in nutrient-rich, light, and well-aerated soil. Store-bought soil mixes are normally well-suited for growing cannabis. However, if you want to give your marijuana plant some special treatment, prepare a home-made mix from the following ingredients:

  • 3 parts organic starter soil
  • 1 part perlite
  • 1 part worm castings
  • 64g (2.2oz or 1/2 cup) greensand
  • 43g (1.5oz or 1/3 cup) guano
  • 64g (2.2oz or 1/2 cup) dolomite lime

Mix everything together and soak it for two days in pure water, keeping the soil mix wet constantly. Make sure your soil is mostly dry before transplanting your plant.

Note: this homemade soil is super nutrient-rich and shouldn’t be used for seeds, seedlings, or clones – keep it for mature plants in the vegetative or flowering stage. If you use autoflowering seeds, this mix can be nutrient-sufficient for the whole cycle.

Lifecycle of female seeds

The lifecycle of feminized cannabis consists of six main parts, which are:

  • Germination. The feminized seed pops and becomes a sprout, which is then planted in the soil.
  • Seedling. In the soil, the feminized seed becomes a seedling. It will soon shed its husk and grow its first pair of leaves.
  • The vegetative stage. This is the period of the weed plant’s most potency and growth. Week by week, it’s going to become bigger and more mature, until it’s finally ready to procreate and grow buds.
  • The flowering stage. During this period, which begins when the plant starts receiving 12 or fewer hours of light per day (most female seeds are photoperiod), the feminized plants will stretch a little more. Thanks to feminization, all of them will be female and will form smokable sinsemilla buds.
  • Harvest. When trichomes on the buds turn from milky-white to amber, it’s time to harvest your feminized weed! Do it on time to reap the best quality and potency.
  • Drying and curing. Freshly harvested buds will need some time in a dark, dry area to rest, amplify the flavors, and make the smoke smooth on your throat.

Required amount of light

With some feminized varieties being autoflowering cannabis, most feminized seeds are still photoperiod, meaning they will need 14-20 hours of light during the vegetative stage and 12 during the flowering stage.

While the sun is a perfect resource of light for growing marijuana, indoor cultivation can yield great harvests under artificial light as well. In perfect conditions, each Watt of light energy will bring you 0.5-1g of bud. Use this equation to count the perfect light wattage for your indoor grow op – yield satisfaction guaranteed!

Nutrients for cannabis

N-P-K: these are three very important letters to anyone who wants to grow pot successfully. They stand for nitrogen. phosphorous, and potassium – the three macronutrients essential for pot, the feminized kind included. It’s also important to know that during the vegetative stage, weed plants require more nitrogen, while during the flowering stage, they become especially hungry for potassium and phosphorous.

Besides N-P-K, feminized cannabis also requires a list of certain micronutrients such as iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, etc. We recommend using cannabis-specific nutrients. These usually come in different packages for the vegetative and flowering stages, guarantee the best results, and are easy to use.

Feminized seed yields

The yield size of feminized seeds is in no way inferior to that of regular seeds. Here, everything is going to vary greatly from plant to plant because of several attributing factors, including:

  • Genetics. For bigger harvests, choose a feminized strain that yields more. At Herbies, each feminized marijuana strain comes with a yield estimate.
  • Light. This variable directly converts to yield size. The more light your weed plant receives, the bigger yields it will bring. In good growing conditions, 1W = 0.5-1g of bud.
  • Nutrients. In order to grow bigger buds, your feminized cannabis plants need to eat well. Make sure to provide all essential nutrients and look out for signs of nutrient deficiencies.

Best female seeds

Honestly, it’s impossible to make a wrong choice of female seeds at Herbies, because they’re handpicked from the world’s top breeders to be the best. However, considering there are easily hundreds of strains, you might find some guidelines helpful. So, when choosing feminized seeds at Herbies:

  • Pick Indicas or shorter-sized cannabis strains for growing indoors
  • Pick large Sativas for growing outdoors and reaping the biggest harvests
  • Pick quicker hybrids or Indicas if you grow outdoors and live in colder regions
  • Pick feminized strains with up to 20% THC if you’re an inexperienced toker

How to buy feminized seeds online

It’s never been easier to buy feminized seeds online! In our Feminized Collection, there are hundreds of high-quality feminized strains suited for every growing space, experience, and budget. Filters will make it a matter of seconds to find the cannabis seed that matches any and all of your needs. Our Reviews section is present on every strain’s individual page, where you can read about the experiences of fellow growers. Besides this, if you need any assistance in navigating Herbies’ website or choosing feminized weed seeds, you can always chat with our Support Team. They’ll be more than happy to help you with your order and guide you through the choice of feminized seeds for sale and variety of payment and delivery methods available at Herbies.

Why choose us?

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: FAQ

Are feminized seeds worth it?

Simply put, yes. If you’re not planning to breed your own hybrids, female seeds are the way to go. They save your time, are perfect for beginners, and translate to way more female plants than regular cannabis seeds.

Can I find cheap feminized seeds for sale at Herbies?

Yes, you can. The choice at Herbies is close to limitless. Even if you’re on a budget, it’s guaranteed that there will be dozens of top-notch female weed seeds for you to choose from in our catalog.

Can you grow different feminized strains in the same grow room?

Yes, you can. As long as you only use seeds that are feminized, there will be little to no risk of pollination. There’s also no problem with growing different strains together. Just make sure to provide each of them with sufficient amount of space, light, and nutrients.

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