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GWE Recommended Seed Source: Seedsman

If you’ve read through, you probably know how often I talk about genetics. Genetics make a HUGE difference when it comes to your results while growing cannabis. Some seeds produce slow-growing plants, low-quality weed, and awful yields no matter how great your skill. I’ve grown with seeds from tons of different sources and low-quality seeds can be extremely discouraging. You may think you’re a bad grower when the real culprit is the genetics. No one wants to spend time and money to grow bad weed! That’s why I highly recommend ordering seeds from a proven breeder as opposed to growing random seeds you find in your weed, or seeds from an unproven breeder.

If you’re going to spend 3-4 months to grow weed, don’t you want to ensure you’re happy with the results at the end?

There are lots of great cannabis seed banks available today. More than there’s ever been! The problem is it can be hard to know which seed banks are trustworthy and which are a scam. You also want to ensure that your seeds germinate well, produce healthy plants, and give you high-quality buds at the end.

At, we try to order seeds directly from the breeder if possible. However, many of the best breeders don’t sell their own seeds, and instead offer them through seed banks. Over the years, the seed bank I’ve come to use the most is Seedsman. Why?


Located: U.K.
Ships: Worldwide


  • Thousands of strain choices but they only carry strains by reputable, well-proven breeders
  • Great customer service. Contact them with any questions and they’ll get back quickly
  • Seedsman also breeds its own strains in-house, which offer great genetics at reasonable prices (no paying $100 for 6 seeds!). Get strains like Critical Purple Kush, Alaskan Purple, Blueberry, Bubba Kush, and Girl Scout Crack. I have found that Seedsman versions of strains are usually just as good if not better than the originals.
  • The Seed Selector tool makes it easy to find a strain for your needs and grow space – choose strain color, yields, height, grow time, and more.
  • Free seed promotions
  • Choose their “Guaranteed Delivery” option when checking out for guaranteed stealth shipping. This ensures your seeds will get to you no matter what.
  • Long-lasting & trustworthy company – Seedsman has been providing cannabis seeds since 2003 and they have made a name for themselves as a professional seed source. I’ve been using them regularly since 2010.
  • Accepts a wide variety of payment options (bank transfer, cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, postal orders, money orders, Bitcoin – recommended for discounts and nobody but you and the seller can know what you are buying)


  • Choosing to add “Guaranteed Delivery” to your order combined with the price of shipping can make ordering from this place a little pricey, especially if you’re buying just a few seeds at a time.

GWE Recommended Seed Source: Seedsman If you’ve read through, you probably know how often I talk about genetics. Genetics make a HUGE difference when it comes to your results

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