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Greenhouse Seed Co.

The Green House Seed Company is one of the most successful cannabis companies in the world.

Winner of countless international awards including 35 High Times Cannabis Cups, Greenhouse Seed Co. are global leaders in cannabis genetics.

Green House Seed Company’s incredible genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties. They also hold particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavors.

The Green House was established in 1985 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then, the company has expanded into various markets, and in 2008 the GH brand was launched.

The greenhouse Seed brand is now a global franchise and has made a name for itself in Apparel, Research, Grow Equipment and Feed, as well as their prestigious strain collection.

One of the bestselling breeders on the Seedsman website, Green House provide a phenomenal collection of feminised and autoflowering seeds including their White Widow CBD Auto, which combines potency with medicinal properties, and their Super Lemon Haze Auto, one of the best reviewed strains by our customers.

Another venture that Green House are heavily involved in is train Hunters. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Strain Hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, Arjan brings a wealth of experience to this venture. Strain Hunters Seeds are also available at Seedsman.

Green House Seed Company have gained worldwide notoriety in the past 30 years. They have many celebrity advocates and a wealth of satisfied customers. You can buy strains from the Green House Seed Co. directly from Seedsman now.

Greenhouse Seed Co. is a cannabis breeder chosen specifically by Seedsman for the quality of their marijuana seeds. Buy Greenhouse Seeds online here.

Greenhouse Seed Review 2021

By James Alexander – Updated 26 February 2021

green house seed review

Greenhouse Seeds Review: Greenhouse seeds have a unique strain selection, but unfortunately, that’s the only unique thing about them. With no shipping to the U.S. and Canada, limited payment options, and lower than average shipping times, Greenhouse Seeds does little to stand out amongst the competition. Unless you’re hunting for one of their specific unique strains, I can’t recommend Greenhouse Seeds.

ILGM provides better customer service and fast shipping to the USA, while Weed Seeds Express has a better strain selection and cheaper prices.

Continue reading this Greenhouse Seeds Review to discover the pros and cons of ordering from them, and to see how they stack up against the best seed banks to order from

Table of contents

  • Stealth shipping
  • 3 free seeds with orders over £50
  • Fast shipping times
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Over 40 cannabis cup wins
  • Unique landrace strains
  • Decent Trustpilot rating
  • Does not ship to US or Canada
  • Low number of strain selection
  • No loyalty programs
  • Pricey shipping
  • Wide window for shipping times (generally 3 to 15 days)
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Few payment options
  • No germination guarantee
  • No regular promotions

Are There Better Seed Banks To Use?

Let’s take a quick look at how Greenhouse Seeds compares to the many other seed banks I’ve reviewed

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

    Awesome Customer Service 100% Germination Guarantee Fast Shipping To USA (4 days) FREE Shipping Guaranteed Delivery Don’t ship to Canada or the UK


    Best seed prices & promotions HUGE strain selection Worldwide Shipping Limited germination guarantee Free seeds Slow US & Canada Shipping Average customer service
    Fast US & Canada Shipping Low priced seeds Free seeds with every order Decent customer service Good promotions No germination guarantee

Weed Seeds Express

    Fast US Shipping (5-15 days) 90% Germination Guarantee Excellent Customer Service Low Prices Regular Promotions New Seed Bank
    Best Candian Seed Bank Decent customer service Fast Shipping To Canada (2 days) 80% Germination Guarantee Expensive seeds Not many promos or discounts

Paradise Seeds

    95% germination Guarantee Strong Reputation Responsive customer service 25 Cannabis Cups Since 1999 Don’t Ship To The US Limited Strain Selection
    70% Germination Guarantee Fast Shipping To US & UK Large Strain Selection Slow Customer Support No Cash Payments

420 Fast Buds

    98% germination Guarantee Great For Autoflower Strains Good customer service Affordable Autos Don’t Ship To US or Canada Only Stock Autoflower Strains
    Large strain selection Good reviews from customers Worldwide shipping No germination guarantee
    Large strain selection Good reputation Worldwide shipping Low cost seeds No germination guarantee
    Famous reputation in Europe Large selection of strains Don’t ship to US or Canada No germination guarantee Can’t pay with Bitcoin

MJ Seeds Canada

    Fast Canada Shipping 80% Germination Guarantee Lots of Promotions Expensive Shipping Lack of Reviews

Sensible Seeds

    Over 3000 Strains Good Customer Service Affordable Seeds Price Match Guarantee Source Seeds from Other Banks and Breeders No Germination Guarantee

Sannies Seeds

    High-Quality Strain Selection Fast Shipping Good Customer Service Few Customer Reviews Can’t Pay with Credit Card No Germination Guarantee
    90% Germination Guarantee competitive seed prices Fast Shipping to US & Canada Limited payment options Poor customer service
    Good reputation with customers Low cost seeds Limited payment options Don’t ship to the US No Germination guarantee

Blimburn Seeds

    Low prices Decent return policy Dos Not Ship To US No regular promotions Limited Payment Options
    Award-Winning Seeds Loyal Fan Following Germination Guarantee Not many promotions Don’t Ship To USA, Australia or Germany Expensive
    Worldwide shipping Germination guarantee Not many promotions Expensive seeds Slow US & Canada Shipping

    Over 100 Unique strains 1,929 Seed Options Affordable Seeds Poorly Designed Website No Germination Rate Guarantee Lack of Customer Reviews

    Largely Positive Reputation Provides Some of the Top Strains in the World Thousands of Seeds No Germination Guarantee

    Recognized as One of Canada’s Best Seed Banks Over 200 Strains Potent, High-Quality Strains Lack of Customer Reviews Lack of Discounts and Promotions Lack of Payment Methods

bc bud depot

    35+ Cannabis Awards 90% Germination Rate Guarantee 515+ High-Quality Strains to Choose Frome Few Customer Reviews Extremely Expensive Lack of Promotions

Highgrade Seeds

    Top-Notch Strains Worldwide Shipping Lack of Reviews No Germination Guarantee Lack of Payment Options

Rhino Seeds

    Price Match Guarantee Lack of Reviews Online No Germination Rate Guarantee Slow International Shipping

    Discrete, Affordable Shipping in the US Selection of over 400 Seeds 80% Germination Guarantee Unhelpful Customer Service Department Negative Reviews on Seed’s Quality Expensive Prices

    Very Cheap Prices 47 Top-Notch Strains Lack of Reviews Low Germination Rate Not many payment options
    Large strain selection Cheap seeds & good promotions Poor customer service Many negative customer reviews No germination guarantee

expert seeds

    High-Quality Strains 31+ Quality Strains to Choose From Easy-to-Navigate Website Few Reviews Complaints About Seeds Not Germinating No Germination Guarantee

GTA Seed Bank

    Top-Notch Quality Strains 750+ Strain Varieties Worldwide Shipping Awful Website No Germination Guarantee Limited payment Options
    FREE Stealth Shipping Bad Customer Service No Delivery Guarantee Few Discounts and Deals

elev8 seeds

    Good customer service Lack of Customer Reviews No Germination Guarantee Expensive Seeds

Dutch Seeds Shop

    Many reports of seeds not delivered Poor germination rates No germination guarantee Bad customer service
    Fake seed bank – avoid

Who is greenhouse seeds for?

The founders of Greenhouse seeds are known for personally traveling across the globe in search of landrace strains.

Those looking for these strains will be happy with what greenhouse seeds have to offer.

Who Is Greenhouse seeds Not For?

Honestly, unless you’re specifically looking for one of Greenhouse Seeds’ unique strains then there are plenty of better options online.

If you’re in Canada, Seedsman has a massive selection and cheap shipping.

If you’re a U.S. customer, ILGM offers free shipping as well as a larger strain selection than Greenhouse seeds.

Seed Quality 4/5

Some users report issues with getting all of their seeds to germinate, though the quality of the plant is top shelf.

Strain Selection 4/5

Though limited in number, Greenhouse Seeds offer a unique selection of strains, which could be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for.

The founders are known for traveling the globe looking for unique strains, though if you’re looking for the more popular ones you likely will have a tough time finding them here.

They offer CBD, auto-flowering, and feminized seeds.

Customer Service 3/5

Customer service with seed banks is always important to me and Greenhouse Seeds doesn’t have the best reputation for their customer service.

They have no germination guarantee, instead offering very specific instructions on their website for germination.

If a customer has issues with germination and did not follow the instructions exactly, then Greenhouse Seeds will often cite “user error” as the culprit and offer no replacement or refund.

Customer Reviews ⅕

I was curious as to why Greenhouse Seeds doesn’t offer any sort of customer reviews on their site and after digging a bit online it’s easy to see why.

Though the products they put out seem to be at least half-decent, a quick look on Reddit reveals that Greenhouse Seeds is almost universally disliked in the growing community.

While their “about us” section brags about their dedication to traveling the world looking for their unique strain line up, it seems they have some unethical business practices in obtaining these strains.

Even the more dedicated strain hunters seem to avoid Greenhouse Seeds for that reason.

Payment Methods 3/5

Greenhouse seeds lose more points with me here as they offer fewer payment options than most seedbanks.

They offer direct banking, bank transfer, cash in an envelope (Euro Only), and Credit Card.

If you’re looking to use Bitcoin I would recommend seedsman, as they ship worldwide as well as offer a 10% bitcoin discount.

Shipping 2/5

Greenhouse Seeds ship almost everywhere (UK, EU, AUS, NZ), however, they do not ship to the U.S. and Canada.

If you’re in Canada I recommend seedsman for cheap and fast shipments, and ILGM for those living in the U.S.

Shipping prices are both higher than most other seedbanks in the EU with longer wait times as well, often averaging 10-15 days.

Unless you’re looking to pay extra for one of the specific strains Greenhouse Seeds offers, I would recommend Seedsman or ILGM for both cheaper and faster shipping.

Discretion 3/5

Greenhouse Seeds does offer discrete packaging for a small increase in price, which is a positive for those looking to keep the contents of their orders hidden.

As someone who likes to keep their online seed bank orders safe and anonymous, the lack of bitcoin payment options is a big minus.

They do offer cash in an envelope for a discrete form of payment, but consider they only will accept the Euro, that’s only an option for those in the EU.

Discounts & Promotions 4/5

Greenhouse Seeds has pretty regular sales so you won’t have to wait too long for a strain you’ve got your eye on to go on sale.

Greenhouse seeds also offers 3 free seeds with any purchase over £50

However, there is no loyalty program, so returning customers will not receive any sort of discount outside of the regular sales.

Greenhouse Seeds also does not accept bitcoin, so does not offer any sort of cryptocurrency discount as many other seedbanks do.

Reliability 3/5

Users have reported issues with getting all of their seeds to germinate and greenhouse seeds do not offer any sort of replacement guarantee.

Those who have had success with germination, however, have reported high-quality plants and products.

Shipping is reliable and seeds can be delivered in discrete packaging, though the shipping windows offered on the site are pretty wide, averaging 3-15 days unless you want to pay the extra cash for the fastest delivery option (1-4 days)

Greenhouse Seed FAQ’s

Where does Greenhouse Seeds ship from?

Greenhouse seeds ship out of Amsterdam, where they are based.

Where Greenhouse Seeds get it genetics?

The founder of Greenhouse Seeds, Arjan Roskam, travels the globe searching for unique strains, so the short answer is a little bit of everywhere.

Has Greenhouse Seeds won competitions?

Greenhouse Seeds has been heavily reward, with over 40 cannabis cup wins

Greenhouse Seeds – Final Thoughts

Unless you’re a hardcore strain hunter looking for something very specific and unique, I would recommend searching elsewhere for your seed purchases (have I mentioned I like ILGM?).

With poor shipping selection, bad customer service, and questionable business practices, Greenhouse seeds should be avoided by most growers.

Unless they have that one strain you’ve been looking for for years, I’d take my business elsewhere.

Greenhouse Seeds Review: Greenhouse seeds have a unique strain selection, but unfortunately, that's the only unique thing about them. With no shipping to the