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g 13 marijuana seeds

G13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Indica-leaning G-13 is one of the best strains for recreational and medicinal consumers. It is a strain to cap a stressful day and to help you relax and get ready for sleep. Its effects last for hours while its delicious berry, earthy, and skunk flavors last longer. It’s also easy to cultivate as it can tolerate temperature extremes and common cannabis diseases.

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More About G-13 (fem)

A Sweet-Smelling Cannabis Strain

G-13 is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that has so much more to offer. She has been made for both medical and recreational users. So, feel free to enjoy her. G-13 is so great that she offers a lot of pleasing effects that made her quite popular.

If you had a tiring and stressful day, smoking G-13 would be a good idea. She will quickly change your mood and fill you with overflowing happiness. She may even encourage you to just hang out, have fun, and forget all your worries. You will enjoy her relaxing and buzzing head buzz that will last for hours.

For taste, she boasts the notes of mouthwatering wild berries, skunk, and earthiness. All these hints make smoking G-13 a very unforgettable experience for anybody.

Cultivating her is also a great experience. She is easy to grow as she can deal with extreme temperatures and tolerate weather changes. She may take a little more time to flower, which is okay because she’s too generous and high-yielding.

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Premium Grade Cannabis Seeds


G 13 is a very powerful Strain that was created by the U.S. Government in a secret program down South in Mississippi. Most people already know about this strain and it’s a favorite. Very large producer. The U.S. government has operated a research pot farm in the state of Mississippi since the 60’s. The CIA, FBI and DEA bought, and collected cannabis (clones and seeds) from every part of the world.

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G 13 came to life to everyone in the world because Someone stole a cutting from a 100% Indica that is a genetic masterpiece. Have you seen the movie “American Beauty”? The script writers must have had a connection to this plant. I think smoking this weed had a major effect on the writers that lead them to winning five Oscars. Rent the movie and watch it. To bad Hollywood had to pay $2000 US dollars per ounce. The quality of the high is so unique we always go back to G-13.

100% indica, medium height, likes to branch out. G-13 marijuana seeds are a must have for any serious growers, and breeder. Whatever male I used to breed with the G-13 produced a large percentage of ultra high resin producing plants. High Producer, 6-7 weeks flowering. G-13 is easily cloned, can be successfully rejuvenated after flowering. You know that it is G-13 when you roll it. If you use your fingers to break up buds, they will become so sticky, that is very difficult to roll. Smoking G-13 doesn’t produce any sleepy, heavy head, or headache symptoms.

Size- Large size for a 100% indica yield is high, over 850 g/m2
Adaptability- Indoor and Outdoor.
Hardiness- Medium To High.
Disease- Mold will set in high humidity, so be careful.
Maturation- Six to seven weeks flowering time.
Resistance- Spider Mite do attack, but cannot kill flowering plants.

She’s one of the few Indica’s that don;t leave a hang over, the come down is nice and gentle on your mellon.

Premium Grade Cannabis Seeds G 13 is a very powerful Strain that was created by the U.S. Government in a secret program down South in Mississippi. Most people already know about this strain