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free kush seeds

Free cannabis seeds

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Free cannabis seed alerts FAQ:

Chris Cannabis

Free Seed Alerts admin Chris

How often do I get and send out free seed alerts?

Whenever a good deal comes in I send out the alert right away so you don’t miss out. On average I’d guess that would be 1 or 2 a month. Some months I get and send out more. Some months nothing worth alerting you for comes across my desk. I only send out alerts for good deals. Deals that are worth my time to send and your time to read.

Is it safe to be on this list?

The short answer is yes. This is a closed and exclusive list. Your email address is shared with no one. If you unsubscribe you are gone. Totally gone. If you want back on the list you will have to re-subscribe because I won’t have your address anymore.

So from my side your information is safe and secure.

Get a good email address

However, having said that, a lot of common email providers do spy on you. If you want to be off the surveillance radar, use a private encrypted email service. You can get an account for free. Two private email providers I use are Tutanota and Protonmail.

Also make sure you use an email that you check fairly often because free seed deals usually only last for a couple of days, a week at the most. If you are late seeing the alert you will miss out. Nothing I can do about that.

Are the seeds really free?

Yes, they are really free. This is not some spamy click-bait list.

However, to get free cannabis seeds you will be required to take some action like make a small purchase, or enter a competition, or do a review, or whatever.

If you are looking for marijuana seed banks to send you free seed simply by giving an address to send them to, that ain’t ever going to happen. Why not? Because any seed bank that sent out seeds for free to anybody who wanted them would be out of seeds in less than 24 hours and be left with a big shipping bill to pay!

Most free seed deals work something like this – buy 10 seeds and get an extra 10 seeds for free. There are variations. Sometimes it can be a picture competition, or a review request. But regardless, it is always a give and take situation.

Here’s an example of my latest experience of a free seed deal

The other day I took advantage of a Seedsman offer and ordered 10 Sensi Seeds for a very god price. I got back 26 seeds in total:

  • 10 Sensi Seeds Early Pearl (which I ordered and paid for with Bitcoin getting a 20% discount on an already low price)
  • 3 Auto Kush seeds for free
  • 3 White Widow feminized seeds for free
  • 3 Alaskan Purple feminised seeds for free
  • 2 Black Domina feminized seeds for free
  • 2 Super Skunk feminized seeds for free
  • 2 Orange Barb feminized for free
  • 1 “Lucky Dip” seed for free

Free cannabis seeds are available from several quality seedbanks, if you know where to look. Check out our review of the best free marijuana seed deals.

10 Free Cannabis Seeds

What’s better than receiving a fresh order of RQS cannabis seeds? 10 extra seeds thrown in for free! Spend 135 € or more in our shop, and you will receive a random selection of 10 high-quality seeds from our esteemed range of genetics. Seeds come in their original packaging.

Title : Fruit Spirit
Comment : Thanks! 10 pieces Fruit Spirit! Fast, accurate and hidden delivery!

Title : Geil!
Comment : Hab nach 10 Power Flower gefragt und hab Sie bekommen! Hab die zwar noch nicht drin, jedoch sind die anderen sogut wie alle gekeimt (bis auf 3 Seeds von 20). Mich habt Ihr als Kunden gewonnen. 😀

Title : 2eme essais
Comment : j’ai reçu 10 graines de critical en gratuit, j’avais déjà utilisé la critical rqs precedement sur 2 pieds. Une plante vigoureuse pas sensible au variation de climat (supporte très bien 16 degrés la nuit et 28 en journée sans broncher) ou d’engrais, bref une production plus que correct 60g par pieds avec des buds très compacts (taille après stretch 1 mètre). Sur cette livraison par contre sur 10 graines 7 ont prises en 36 heures les autres hs. Une variété a recommandé pour les débutants ou autres (attention chez moi fin de flo vraiment a 8 semaines (entre 6 et 8 suivant rqs)

Title : Power Flower
Comment : I will try next time this free seeds. Thank you Royal Queen. You are the best.

Title : Thx
Comment : Thanks for free seeds very good site!

Title : Super
Comment : Merci queen seeds livraison super rapide et tout les graine on germe. A bientôt

Title : Merci
Comment : 🙂

Title : Top
Comment : Hey Leute Die Garitssamen sind der Hit und wer denkt es wären eh nur “Billige“Samen die man bekommt hat sich geschnitten. Ich habe 5 Citiral und 5 White Widow Samen (Feminisiert) bekommen Vielen Dank nochmal an Royal Queen Seeds wird nicht meine letzte Bestellung gewessen sein ! Mfg

Comment : Nothing is better than getting 10 seeds for free. I have to say that it is a motivating factor in getting me to purchase so much at once. Thanks again RQS UR THE BEST

Title : Yeah.
Comment : Mann belohnt sich gleich 2mal wenn geschickt einkauft. Leute ich kann es nur empfehlen als ich die 10 Gratis Samen in der Hand hielt hatte ich nicht das Gefühl das man mir ein Sonderangebot Gratis dazu eingepackt hat. Nein gleich 10 Easybud Autoflower Samen Großartig macht weiter so.

Title : Ty 🙂
Comment : de vorige twee maal kreeg ik fruit spirit..( the only one i dont like 🙁 maar by de laatste levering was het auto outdoor mix. en deze was ik zeer bly mee..verschillende zaden..fyn om mee te experimenteren..nieuwe seeds ontdekt. dus RQS..hebt het voor de helft al goed gemaakt..( tenminste als je me by de volgende outdoormix bylevert ben ik tevreden..pls no more fruits..ok.

Title : Art
Comment : Thanks royal for free gift,the seeds was send quick and well packed.

Title : Vous venez de gagner un client!
Comment : merci a vous le top . la classe joli grains encore merci. UN BEAU CADEAU

Title : royal cheese
Comment : perfect midle high plant perfect for many plants in a tent the smell is great still waiting to smoke because it aint ready yet ;p

Title : awsome
Comment : i ordered some seeeds therefore got some free. last time i ordered i received 10 free white widow seeds hopefully they will be great within this summer

Spend 135 € or more at Royal Queen Seeds and you will receive 10 free cannabis seeds! Click here to find out more and take advantage of this deal.