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elephant bud seeds for sale

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red elephant

Red Elephant

Red Elephant Bud is a super large Asian Red Skunk, Crossed with a Mexican Red Hair, Thai, Hawaiian and a rare Pakistani Sweet Strain was all used to create this stable monster. A bit fruity yet earthy from the Korean and Mexican genetics, but also a bit sweet and citrus flavored from the Pakistani and Thai/Hawaiian parts. Another unique creation.

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Red Elephant is medium THC levels, but the combination of it’s other tropical cannabinoids make’s it 22% THC level feel more like 28%. Racey, then grounded, you’ll find this buzz to be more like a wild trip than a typical marijuana stone. Please note that due to the tropical nature of her genetics, you may need to increase the germination temperature 3-4 degrees Celcius in order for them to sprout.

Finishes in 8-9 weeks Indoors or Mid- Late October Outdoors.

She’ll grow medium height indoors at about 3.5 foot at harvest and about 5 foot tall outdoors, with a massive dense colomnar bud. She does well to training indoors, you can clip her to focus THC production on her column. She’ll produce some of the best yield per sqaure meter, hence we named her Red Elephant.

Very heavy producer for a 90% Sativa, and man can she produce the best 870 g/m2 indoors and even more outdoors in a sunny environment.

Premium Grade Cannabis Seeds Red Elephant Red Elephant Bud is a super large Asian Red Skunk, Crossed with a Mexican Red Hair, Thai, Hawaiian and a rare Pakistani Sweet Strain was all used

Elephant Bud

Elephant Bud

Elephant Bud

Elephant Bud is one of our original three biggest and strongest strains on earth! We’ve evolved the Danish Underground genetics to a more cerebral high than Upstate with even more crystals. You will be abducted by aliens if you’re not careful with this one! It’s hard to pick a holy grail, but Elephant Bud’s colas are so massive, if you let one fall over, it’d be like Gozilla stomping on Tokyo. I probably should have named it Godzilla, but if we somehow manage to top this one in the next 10 years, THAT will have to be called Godzilla.

This monster is huge right from germination and so vigorous, you barely have a vegetation stage. And, flowering is FAST – REALLY FAST.

This is a whole new level in commercial growing, as it cranks out jaw-dropping yeild and potency faster than anything before it.

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65 Reviews for for Elephant Bud

Todd Little – January 9, 2021 :

I really like to order from BC Seeds, As long as I mail cash I get $$$$expensive freebies. They sent me 20 of these free with my $730 dollar order. Just follow their order instructions exact to get them.

Joan Wilkins – November 12, 2020 :

I’ve been growing your strain since 2008, but then I lost my mother plant I was using for clones in the fires. I’m glad I could still buy this strain from you in 2020. Thanks for the fast shipping.

Rising Cola – October 12, 2020 :

I teach poeple how to grow and how to get cannabis grow jobs. The past 25 years, I have travelled to the most remote places on earth seeking rare and wild cannabis strains from the world’s various breeders. Elephant Bud by BC Seeds is without a doubt the top strain out there in my 30 years of smoking weed. Keep up the good breeding and keep your spirit free.

John Emery – September 16, 2019 :

Thanks for the fast delivery, good seeds and strain. I got high yields in a short time and the clean high is refreshing.

John Whittaker – May 17, 2019 :

This strain is awesome the waiting list to buy them is not.

Belleville Ontario – July 1, 2018 :

Fast delivery with 10 pack extra elephant seeds. I found this to be a deal.

Sean M – May 21, 2018 :

Fast delivery to NSW, no issues with customs because their stealth is good.

John Schroeder – February 7, 2018 :

Pure awesomeness. This is a big yielder and with an even larger potency

Mark Muller – January 10, 2018 :

I just kept hearing how great this strain was for years and years. Now that I’ve been through a few promotions and I’m older, I had some disposible income to treat myself to these seeds. After a successful grow, I can share with you that it lives up to its hype and more. It’s the best goddamn strain there is.

Fred Begay – September 13, 2017 :

I enjoyed watching how fast the crystal production got on the last few days before harvest. Yields surpassed what they said. I winner strain to grow.

Jerry Howard – July 19, 2017 :

Mine finished flowering on day 42 with 50% of the trichomes turned amber. My harvest was huge guys, this strain has got to be the best goddamn strain in the world for yields.

Gord Hill – June 9, 2017 :

My 10 little elephant bud seeds grew tall and harvested over 46 lbs last October. It’s AAA grade primo cannabis for those wondering. It’s really easy to sell because everyone loves it. Still to this day, it’s the best damn strain i’ve ever smoked.

Darell S. – May 30, 2017 :

If you only have enough cash to buy one strain from bcseeds, buy this elephant bud. I raked in 400 times the cost of my seeds on my first harvest. yields are killer.

Wardell Mines – May 26, 2017 :

Killer strain, massive yield. I’m glad I bought these

Raul – May 20, 2017 :

My seeds arrived to Melbourne in 4 days. Thank you for using good packing , complete stealth.

Richard Patterson – April 22, 2017 :

I bought these last year and grew them indoors just in time for Christmas. Now that I’ve been smoking this daily, I haven’t built up a tolerance and it’s really fuc ‘kin good weed.

Matthew Cawdor – April 15, 2017 :

My order went smoothly and Elephant is a giant beast.

Trace Williams – March 26, 2017 :

i’m getting the highest yields from this strain so i just keep taking clones, been doing that for 4 years now. She still big as ever.

Andros Martinez – March 11, 2017 :

Hey guys and gals, fellow potheads. I grew these and harvested them two week or so ago. After curing for 10 days I wasn’t surprised to have 48lbs dried buds from just 7 females. What a monster plant. I sold it in bulk to 3 different buyers averaging $3k/pound. They sell it to dispensaries for 450/oz so we’re all happy and rich. Thanks for actually creating a strain we can bank on. I’ll always be loyal and spread the word. Peace BC! Now I off to Florida to buy a new 911.

Dean Stanley – March 8, 2017 :

Ordered my seeds 11/4 they arrived within 5 days to New Mexico. Harvest and curing is finished and I just finished sampling the fruits of my labour and I’ve been going on 12 hours now. This is the best bud i’ve ever come across and I’m so glad I grew them 100% organic. If you want great seeds, I think we have a winner buying Elephant Bud from BC Seeds.

Valdemar Skrtic – March 3, 2017 :

I never thought I’d be happy to have an elephant in the room. Wowzer’s, there all giant Elephants with so much THC,

Howard mcliver – February 26, 2017 :

I’ve been a long time Customer with bc for about 16 years. During that time I’ve also purchased many strains not available at bc from other seed banks. But I’ll tell you that Elephant Bud is the best damn strain out there for the buck. I started growing this back in 2009 and I thought it outta be about time to leave a review

Leendert-Jan Termeer – February 2, 2017 :

If you’re not sure which strain to order, Elephant is a great choice, just wait for it to go on sale, if you do some research online they usually send another 20 or 30 elephant free (they sent me 20 free elephnat and 10 free kmak) which you can flip and end up getting yours for free plus earning a few hundred.

David Rincon – December 3, 2016 :

KILLER GENETICS. I managed to get 9 females out of my 10 pack using my light cycles, you can read my review on cactus sweet for the full details.

Alexander Trochymchuk – December 2, 2016 :

Hello everybody. I am here today to tell you about how I felt about spending 800 bucks on a pack of Elephant Bud. Well, here it is. I feel like I made a very wise decision because I have just under 10 lbs of the greatest marijuana, so I look at it as paying under $70 per pound. That’s a steal. And of course the quality is, well, just look at the picture, it’s all THC.

Jason Sharp – December 2, 2016 :

Elephant Bud which I placed an order on Dec 12th and which I received by Dec 15th. My seeds look to be in great condition very firm and good dark tiger stripes.

Peter Perkins – December 1, 2016 :

My order arrived without any issues. I really wanted to buy these in person considering the cost and I was worried about sending my order by mail, but my local headshop does not carry your companies products, so I took the risk and you guys came through with freebies to boot! I wanted to post some pictures how do i do this? The plants are just 3 week old and are already growing better than the sensi star I bought from paradise which are 2 weeks older. Do you guys have a forum so I can do a grow journal on this?

Robert Kurt – November 29, 2016 :

I acquired these on sale for a fraction of this price. Purple stock phenotype is strongest. 9 out of 10 sprout, 4 females, 2 keepers. Hermie issues beware in high heat. Too much leaf for my liking. One of the largest growing outdoor specimen to date. 12 feet, 6 inch diameter stock. Wind blew it over thankfully, cause it towered over the corn.

Sofia Middleton – November 20, 2016 :

First I’d like to stated that i’m a medical marijuana patient. I have MS, and have been taking my medicine for about 5 years, and over those years I stuck with the the big name dutch seed banks, but let me say, elephant bud was the first strain that worked to relieve my pain and help me function. Not saying the Dutch Strain were terrible, but BC does have higher quality pain relief and potency for those with chronic type pain. A big improvement has been noticeable by my family and friends since using elephant as my main medicine, so thank you bc for the best ms medicine in the world. I hope my Christmas card and small gift from my family and I made it to you safe. Happy holidays and happy new year.

Anton Hewmart – November 16, 2016 :

Come on guy’s. Elephant grew so big and shimmering, I have no choice but to buy your Oracle now. Man I thought they’re was a bit of hype to this all, and I wouldn’t have to fork out the 3 g’s. But I am grateful they lived up to your promise. So moving on up to Oracle. I have told all my friends about you, and most have seen your elephant “live”, in my grow room, so i know you got lot’s of business coming your way because of me.

Joshua Stansfield – November 9, 2016 :

Thank you for the free train wreck feminized with this order of Elephant Bud. I can’t wait to get these started, I only have enough for 5 plants at a time.

Marius Sapdaru – November 4, 2016 :

My delivery went very smooth considering my location, I was a bit paranoid, not that it was anything to worry about, bc is the best. The letter just blended in with the rest of my mail. so now to the report;

All elephant germed with ease, even the freebies I got 29 out of 32 to pop. The Gum AK were a bit trickerier to pop, they just needed to be soaked well a day longer. And the KMAK were easy with paper towel.

I am using a sophisticated LED set-up, and you’ll be surprised, the technology has come a long ways and has results that are top grade, high yielding, and strong. My flowering times were about 4 days longer than bc posted times, but the extra 4 days made a nice difference in crystal production. When I finished trimming her, she looked like a shiny white baseball bat. If i had the choice to order this strain at this cost, or a lower priced one, I would most certainly order the Elephant Bud. For those on the sidelines, get this one, you’ll be impressed and blown away. It sounds like it’s hyped up a bit, but I got better than expected results. Just a bit disappointed on the extra 4 days to flower, but that could be because I used LED’s, not MH or HPS

Curt Witcher – November 1, 2016 :

Hi again, I didn’t even know you had this review section when I sent you my review, so i am posting it here.

My name is Curt, and i am just a small grower for personal use. I chose BC seeds because my friends told me about this site and they were very please with your service. They assured me that cash was the safest way to make payment as any other way would leave a paper trail.

I did find purchasing here for the fist time a bit confusing, but my second time ordering was much easier.

Like I said before, I am just a personal user and only grow 4 plants at a time. My first purchase was your El Nina, and I enjoy that strain very much. I decided to take the plunge and spend 500 on your Elephant because I wanted more yield yet still only grow no more than 4 plants at any given time. I just LOVE this strain, I can describe it as a single giant Crystal with a very small amount of plant matter. I’ve never seen so much THC in my lifetime. I was so impressed I have just sent out an order for Euphoria.

Thanks again for the speedy and reliable service, you’re doing great things for the world.

Owen Mackenzie – October 30, 2016 :

Hi, this is Owen, this was my first attempt growing Elephant, I waited for others to buy first, and I read reviews before I purchased this past August. Indoor grow, under 2x 600 watt MH. I was lucky with 8 out of 11 being female. Dried i ended up with just over 23lbs, about 3 pounds per plant. I had one that was almost 4 lbs, and another about 2.5 lbs. But it’s not about quanitity, it’s the quality that counts. And elephant is damn good bud. I was convinced to buy reading reviews, so i wanted to leave my review for you all to read because it’s not a cheap strain, but it is when you look at the results.

jeremy simpson – October 29, 2016 :

got them today, nicest seeds I’ve seen. Thank you.

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