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EcstaticCBD is a premium CBD store in San Diego. Buy a wide variety of high-quality CBD products like full spectrum as well as broad-spectrum that help you improve overall health. CBD Oil San Diego So what is the best cbd oil San Diego? Im glad you asked! CBD Oil has been recently growing in popularity . Many people here in San Diego are starting to integrate CDB into

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EcstaticCBD offers various CBD products to satisfy the needs of every customer. We list products of different brands on our online CBD store. All the products listed on our site are of superior-quality. Moreover, we ensure that CBD products are 100% Hemp-derived, contain less than 0.3% THC, and meets all current regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and potency.

On our online CBD store, you can buy full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. We continuously add new brands to our store and offer CBD products for sale. By this, you can easily see what we have in stock every day and buy CBD online.

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EcstaticCBD is a San Diego-based online CBD Store. Browse the variety of premium CBD products from the best brands that satisfy your needs and buy CBD online.








Why You Should Buy CBD Online from EcstaticCBD?

As a well-known CBD store in San Diego, we provide CBD products from various brands. Moreover, our CBD products are available in different colors, sizes, etc. In short, customers get a variety of options to buy CBD products from our online CBD store.

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The EcstaticCBD store provides 100% natural products for different purposes. In short, all of our CBD products are free from any chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Moreover, CBD products listed in our store have Certificate of Analysis(CoA) to meet the industry standards. Lastly, we offer free shipping to users across the US on orders above $75.

CBD Oil San Diego

So what is the best cbd oil San Diego? Im glad you asked!

CBD Oil has been recently growing in popularity . Many people here in San Diego are starting to integrate CDB into their lifestyles , as a natural way to treat common ailments.

There definitely is something magical about the powerful health benefits of cannabis. Our bodies are filled with cannabinoids so it only makes sense that it may help us.

Here at HiKei Modern Cannabis , we are proud to offer the best CBD Oil selection in San Diego.

Come stop by our Home Ave location outside Downtown and have our bud tenders educate you on the various benefits and popular uses of CBD.

We also offer CBD oil delivery ….you can place an order online . Click to shop

So what is so great about Cannabidiol ? We feel there is 3 important things to know.

  • BENEFITS OF CBD OIL (how it can help you)
  • UNDERSTANDING THE TYPES OF OILS (how they make you feel)
  • CDB PRODUCTS AND APPLICATIONS (different ways to use it and consume it)

CBD has been known to treat a wide range of symptoms , below are common ailments treated with CBD Oil .

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Benefits Include

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Pain Relief

A very popular use for CBD Oil is pain relief. Many times it is a substitute for over the counter relievers. It’s also used in many cases to treat chronic pain. It is a great alternative for those who want a natural remedy . Rubbing a topical CBD oil can relieve you of discomfort . Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes use CBD oil to assist in the recovery process after hard breakdown of muscle tissue. Conclusion? CBD Oil is a great addition to your medicine cabinet.

Our customers swear by it. We do too.


Ever get Anxiety? We all have…. Many studies have supported the facts that CBD Oil helps you to relax and minimize the feelings of being anxious or worried. CBD Oil can be a form of treatment for people who need relief from this common issue.

Arthritis and Inflammation

According to many medical studies and research, Cannabidiol is great to use for Arthritis and inflammation. It can relieve symptoms of rheumatiod arthritis fast .

Types of CBD Oil (Pure CBD vs CBD + THC oil)

There are two types of CBD Oils and products to choose between. A common question we are asked at our store on Home Ave is “What is CBD Full spectrum?”

CBD full spectrum has the full range of cannabinoids including the most common known THC and CBD. THC is the compound responsible for the Psychoactive affects of Cannabis.

If your looking for less psychoactive effects than Pure extracted CBD may be your desired choice as it doesn’t have much more than slight body relaxation.

So when looking at oil options that are best for you, think about the effects of both oils.

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Other CBD Products & Popular Uses

CBD and Exercise

PILLS / GUMMIES / EDIBLES – Easy to digest and convenient

VAPE – Many Vape products are available . Visit our san diego location to see our selection

FOR DOGS – While there is no scientific data it appears safe to treat dogs . Make sure you buy high quality .

CDB IN COFFEE / CDB IN HOT TEA – Some products are made to mix into coffee or teas.

LIP BALM – Lip Balm products provide natural relief of soreness along with other topical products

MASSAGE – Products are available to integrate with massage .

CDB OIL WITH THC – aka full spectrum can add balanced mind body relaxation.

CBD OIL RECIPES – We found a list of great recipes here

Sooooo are there side effects when using CBD Oil?

Although negative symptoms have been reported when using CBD oil . It isnt common. You should always consult a physician prior to taking any drug . Some side effects have been know to include dry mouth, light headed , low blood pressure , Gastrointestinal problems.

For most patients with these issues , they occured in first few weeks then went away shortly after.


CBD has many Benefits. Look over the different types and find the right one for you. There are many ways to consume it . Make sure you consult a physician, then come visit your San Diego Hikei Location on Home Ave.

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