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✅CannaBears gummies by Sweet CBD are an incredibly tasty and extremely convenient form of CBD supplementation. This is a dietary supplement, THC-free. take advantage of the VapeFully vaporizer shop offer Visit the CBD Asylum Sweet store. Stocking all your favourite childhood sweets but infused with all the benefits of CBD. Our sweets will leave your mouth watering. Highest rated CBD in the UK. All products lab tested.

Sweet CBD – CBD Sweet Gummies 250 mg

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CannaBears gummies by Sweet CBD are an incredibly tasty and extremely convenient form of CBD supplementation. This is a dietary supplement, THC-free.

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Sweet CBD – CBD Sweet Gummies 250 mg

CannaBears Gummies by Sweet CBD is recommended for people who want to supplement CBD (cannabidiol) but are not fond of the bitter taste of CBD oil.

CBD supplementation has never been so tasty!

Each gummy contains about 5 mg of CBD. In total, the pack contains 250 mg of CBD. CBD supplementation through gummy bears is extremely convenient and allows for precise dosing. Sweet CBD Gummies is a dietary supplement containing organic fibre hemp extract. This is a Broad Spectrum extract – completely free of THC.

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Recommended Dosage and Energy Value

The recommended daily dose: 1 – 2 pcs. (5-10 mg hemp extract) (RWS 100%) Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The product should be kept out of the reach of small children. Each batch of the product is laboratory tested before being launched on the market. Contains no THC.

CBD Gummy Sweets

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CBD Sweets & Gummies

About CBD Sweets & Gummies

Here’s a little joke to break the proverbial ice – what do CBD Asylum’s range of CBD sweets and every other CBD companies sweets have in common? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Another? Why did the generic CBD jelly sweet cross the road? Because he was running scared from the tidal wave of deliciousness from CBD Asylum’s range of mentally mouth-watering, devilishly delicious new range of CBD Sweets that is taking the world of CBD by storm.

No, we don’t do stand-up, but we do produce the most amazing range of CBD sweets and gummies in the UK! See we spotted a gap – people want proper CBD sweets and not just multicoloured sugar coated jelly mush.

Fancy some chocolate lime chill time? We’ve got you covered. What about some granddaddy CBD pear drops? You’ve come to the right place. Marley’s barley sugars? You bet ya!

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Take a trip to the sweet shop down memory lane with CBD Asylum. We present to you an unbeatable range of CBD boiled sweets from the good ol’ days, and they all have an incredible 25mg CBD per sweet!

After extensive R and D, we can confirm they are just as delish as their non CBD counterparts, it was a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

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