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cannatonic cannabis seeds

cannatonic cbd


A CBD rich hybrid that has a low THC and high CBD level. A very unique strain that is well suited for medical patients, and smokers who want low levels of THC with compact, full flavours. Sweet, woody, citrus terpenes that are ready to harvest between 9-11 weeks. She is certainly worth the wait and will reward you with top quality medicine. Not the easiest strain to grow, meaning this girl is best suited for growers with experience.

Genetics: By crossing MK Ultra with G13 Haze, the result was a plant that has a CBD dominant cannabinoid profile. After testing in our lab, we discovered the flowers has a THC level ranging from 3-7% and CBD levels of 6-10%. G13 was once considered the strongest strain on Earth and the backstory story of it being taken from a Government facility, only adds to the mystery of its origin, however one thing is for sure, we have been successful in creating a medical hybrid that can be used for therapeutic reasons, or enjoyed socially.

Strain characteristics: She is a sativa dominant hybrid that brings together the best of two incredible strains. Due to her sativa influence, flowering times will be range from 9-11 weeks and during this time, plant training is advised to increase yields and reduce height. Better suited for growers who have experience with vigorous growing sativa strains.

Cannatonic CBD will produce yields of 325 – 425 g/m², where she will grow with sativa characteristics producing an abundance of pistils and flowering sites. Internodal space will be large, making her a great candidate for pruning prior to flowering in order to focus all of the energy to the top parts. She has a distinct earthy, musky, woody aroma with a mild lemon base.

Experiencing the strain: The effects of Cannatonic CBD are highly therapeutic, stress relieving and remedial. The cerebral effects are very mild and can be enjoyed by those who are new to smoking, or those with a low tolerance to high powered THC strains. Thanks to her high CBD count, this strain is highly recommended for medical patients who are in search of relief from aches, pains, nausea and feelings of sickness. People with epilepsy, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite and those undergoing chemotherapy.

What makes it so great?: This is the perfect strain for people who want low THC, big flavours, rich CBD counts and a strain that can enjoyed from day until night time. A boldly earthy flavour that has a pine and citrus twang that becomes more pronounced as buds cure.

Quote from a customer: “Top shelf, 100% germination. I have epilepsy so high cbd is very important to me and cannatonic delivers! Very nice buzz that’s not spacy, high last 20-30 minutes then fades gently to a cbd body buzz that lasts four hours, great strain for active people who don’t want to slow down. very large buds! About an ounce and a half per plant” – Richard C.

A CBD rich hybrid that has a low THC and high CBD level. A very unique strain that is well suited for medical patients, and smokers who want low THC.

Cannatonic Seeds – Feminized

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The Strain that Made CBD Mainstream

CBD didn’t pick up steam till Cannatonic seeds hit the scene. First bred in 2008, Cannatonic quickly became the darling of the medical marijuana field due to its exceptionally high levels of CBD. Since this earthy strain has low levels of THC, it’s ideal for new users or patients interested in a mellow, non-psychoactive smoke.

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Without Cannatonic seeds, CBD might not have gone mainstream. Yes, we realize that’s a daring statement, but Cannatonic is a pretty influential strain. Heck, it’s hard to know whether the breeders at Resin Seeds knew just how groundbreaking Cannatonic would be once they successfully crossed MK Ultra and G13 Haze. After placing for the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008, this woodsy hybrid drew international attention to CBD’s medicinal potential. With CBD levels as high as 15 percent, Cannatonic is a fantastic choice for home growers who want a relaxing smoke without feeling super stoned.

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Flavors Earthy
Flavor power Medium
Flowering time Medium (9 – 11 weeks)
Height Average
THC level Low (5-7%)
CBD level High (10-12%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Medium
Medical Yes
Yield Medium (1,5-2 oz./ft²)
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors
Genotype 50% Indica / 50% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Although Cannatonic is a great strain for first-time smokers, it’s not the best strain for beginner cultivators. You should have experience cultivating a few easier indicas before planting your first Cannatonic seeds.

Unfortunately, Cannatonic seeds aren’t naturally mold-resistant. You will need to keep a vigilant eye on this strain, especially when the flowering time rolls around. Home-growers should also be familiar with low-intensity training and pruning to get the highest yields from their marijuana seeds.

Since Cannatonic is so prone to mold, it’s far easier to grow indoors so you could control the humidity and airflow. Only grow Cannatonic seeds outdoors if you live in a reliably dry & sunny Mediterranean zone.

On average, it takes between 9 – 11 weeks for Cannatonic seeds to reach the harvesting stage. If you grew your seeds indoors, you could receive about 1.7 ounces per ft² of buds when all’s said and done.


The Cannatonic strain is a relatively short plant that rarely climbs higher than 3 feet. In terms of color, Cannatonic buds usually have a brownish-green tint with a few light red pistils.

Smokers who love woodsy flavors like fresh pine will dig Cannatonic’s earthy aromatics. Cannatonic also frequently has traces of the terpene limonene, which adds complex citrusy notes to your smoke.


As one of the world’s most prominent high CBD strains, Cannatonic is prevalent in the medical marijuana community. Just a few of the most common reasons people use Cannatonic include migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and depression.


Dry mouth is the most common side effect reported with Cannatonic. Be sure to keep a bottle of water nearby, especially if it’s your first time trying this strain.

Cannatonic is a feminized strain with a medium yield. Grow difficulty: Medium. Cannatonic is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze. Flowering period 9 – 11 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.