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Buy Sativa weed seeds online

Are you looking for a seed that develops a powerful large plant and are you prepared to take a longer flowering period in count? The Weedseedsexpress company offers an online assortment with the best sativa weed seeds for both indoor and outdoor.

You can choose between normal seeds, female seeds, seeds for beginners that are easy to get started with, autoflowering cannabis seeds and seeds that produce plants with high CBD or THC levels. In our seed bank you will only find pure sativa dominant seeds of high quality that are organically produced.

Not convinced yet? Check out the online reviews and read what previous customers think of the seeds and our services. Do you choose Sativa cannabis seeds? Then you enjoy many benefits. Think of high yields and a reduced chance of rot. If you need some advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

7 weed seeds found

Acapulco Gold feminized seeds

Acapulco Gold feminized seeds

Chocolope feminized seeds

Chocolope feminized seeds

Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds

Ghost Train Haze feminized seeds

Haze 1 feminized seeds

Haze 1 feminized seeds

Haze 1 regular seeds

Haze 1 regular seeds

Jack Widow feminized seeds

Jack Widow feminized seeds

Super Silver Haze feminized seeds

Super Silver Haze feminized seeds

Where do Sativa marijuana seeds come from?

The Sativa cannabis seeds originate from two sides of the world. Namely in the humid areas of Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia) and the north part of South America (Colombia, Peru and Mexico). Due to the harsh conditions in these areas, sativa’s have developed into a strong species. This makes this species also suitable when you grow for example in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Italy, Ireland, NZ, Switzerland and South Africa.

What do Sativa seeds look like and how to identify them?

Sativa’s are often brown and small. Just like other seeds. However on the internet, photos and schemes circulate with which you could determine the type of seed based on physical properties. For example the size or color of the seed. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Sativa weed seeds vs. indica seeds: the differences

There are big differences between Sativa and Indica seeds. Not only regarding the appearance characteristics, but also the effects and difference in yield. Before you buy pot seeds, it is therefore important to know the differences. Only then you can properly determine which seed suits you the best.

Visual differences

All Sativa’s strains tend to get very tall. In exceptional cases even up to 3 to 6 meters. Therefore these species are most suitable for outdoor usage and less for indoor. The leaf of the sativa is narrower, thinner and often lighter in color. In addition, the Sativa can be recognized by the fluffy and wispy buds.

Difference in revenue

Because of their larger size Sativa’s produce larger buds. The yield per harvest is therefore also higher. Because the chance of mold is smaller, the quality is also better. However, this species has a longer flowering time.

Difference in effects, taste and smell

A sativa kush or haze has an earthy taste, a floral fragrance and its own unique high that plays mainly in the head and less in the body. The high can be described as energetic and euphoric.

Best Sativa marijuana seeds to buy

Which Sativa’s are the best is often bound by an opinion. We therefore asked our regular customers to make a top 5 for the autoflowering seeds and the seeds with the best price quality ratio. Below you find the results.

Best sativa autoflowering seeds for sale

Are you looking for the best sativa dominant autoflower? Then choose one of the two strains below.

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Sativa seeds

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From history, Sativa seeds originate from South America and South Asia. One thing is sure about these two areas – they are harsh places for cultivating any crop.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has partnered with experienced breeders to ensure that we deal in Sativa seeds that can germinate within a few days, resistant to illnesses and harsh climates, and Sativa ganja plants that give high yields. We are a dependable seed bank where you can order your most favorite seeds and have them delivered within the shortest reasonable time.

The Marijuana Sativa seed, first of the origin seeds and the master landrace of the marijuana plant. The Sativa is renowned in the cannabis community for its subtle high and huge medicinal benefits. The Sativa exists alongside the Indica and the lesser known sibling the ruderalis .

For ages, the Sativa found use as a potent medicine, recreational drug and as an industrial raw material. The thin long leaves and stem delivers an uplifting effect and a mind high that helps you focus and get through the day.

The Marijuana Sativa is a daytime weed strain. The strain offers concentration boost, uplifting and exhilarating effects, increased energy, increased work focus and it is potent against the feelings of anxiety and depression. Many have described its terpene profile as fruity and spicy.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we have some of the most enduring marijuana Sativa seeds for cannabis enthusiasts l ooking to grow their own pot . Our grower-oriented approach to cannabis cultivation has been the guiding principle behind the high quality genetics of our seed groups. We apply proven technology to our seed genetics engineering that guarantees a 100% success rate in the production of some of the world’s best cannabis Sativa seeds that are suitable for indoor and outdoor farmsteads, and are available for sale in the USA and many other parts of the world .

Thinking of planting cannabis Sativa seeds? You can buy marijuana Sativa seeds from us and follow this guide to help you navigate through the process of growing out your own plant.

Origin of Sativa Seeds

Sativa – Latin and means “cultivated.” The term Sativa was first given to hemp cultivated for medicinal purposes. English herbalist William Turner is credited to have been the first to describe this specie by this name in his book, “The Names of Herbes (1548)”. Over the years, the Cannabis Sativa has gained worldwide fame for its fiery effects and was a key ingredient in potions, and medicinal drinks for the treatment of stomach upset, diarrhea and a host of other medieval illnesses.

The true origins of the plant have not been established. Depending on whom you are speaking with, you are likely to hear it’s from China, the Middle East or even Eastern Europe. Anyway, irrespective of its distinct origin, the most important concern is that it has proven to be a helpful medicinal plant with enormously rich derivatives that have very potent medicinal and therapeutic effects.

The strain is thought to possess a moderate THC content and would often produce a mind – centered effect that is uplifting and energizing. Sativa strains are great for both recreational and medicinal uses.

The plant is the perfect daytime weed strain for that extra boost on slow days.

For whom are Sativa Seeds?

The Sativa strain is great for those who use marijuana for recreation and those who use it as medicine. As a recreational herb, the Sativa is the perfect herb for those seeking an extra energizing boost or those who desire a euphoric high.

As a therapeutic herb, the Sativa strain is renowned for its anxiety and depression relieving effects. It is an especially potent creativity starter and an effective intervention for individuals dealing with pain, traumatic episodes and for those dealing with anxiety based disorders. The strain is also able to provide unprecedented pain relief properties and is also touted to offer relief from the effects of auto-immune diseases and inflammatory conditions.

The Sativa strain is ideal for all categories of farmers but more for experienced farmers. Its thin tall stem and equally thin leaves makes it an ideal outdoor plant. The plant is quite sensitive; therefore special care should be taken through the phases of its growth.

How to Grow Sativa

The Sativa strains are thin and tall in nature; as such space can be a constraint. The physical structure consists of thin leaves that are a lighter shade of green. The buds are rich but not as dense as you would find in the Indica strain .

The strain is ideal for outdoor farming as it needs lots of grow space and enough sunlight to grow through its vegetative stage. The plant is able to produce rich buds with a very high terpene profile that has been described as mind lifting. Because of the unique nature of the plant, the Sativa is often not the best strains for beginner farmers or cannabis neophytes.

The Sativa can be planted indoors or outdoors now more due to advancement in the genetic profiling of the parent plants. Renowned seed breeders like us continue to find new ways to twerk the plant to allow it offer all of its potentials to the intending farmers.

The Sativa harvest is bountiful if treated right and is often the best value for money for farmers who have cracked its code.

To plant any marijuana seed including marijuana Sativa seeds, they are a few factors to consider. The factors are water, temperature (humidity) and lighting. Get these three right and you can be sure of a good harvest. Read more about this in our Growing Guide .

The process flows for growing cannabis Sativa seeds are:

Start the seed. This can be achieved through the different germination mediums. We have discussed this in another piece here .

Transplant to your growing medium . Depending on the grow medium you choose to use, that would determine how the transplant would happen. However, take good care not to stress the tendril while transplanting.

Light and more light . Young marijuana plants require a constant burst of light to grow quickly and strong. Usually in its vegetative stages, young cannabis plants require as much as 18 hours of light to achieve maximum growth rates.

Sativa vs Indica seeds: what’s the difference?

Like two peas in a pod, these strains from the same genus have always been at a loggerhead. Many have questioned the variations in physical structure, effects and benefits of both plants. Although they share the same genetic source, the Sativa and the Indica are as different as two non-identical twins. Below are some of the ways both plants differ from each other:

Physical Structure: While the Sativa is characterized by long stems with thin leaves, the Indica is short, sturdy with broad leaves. The Indica strain is dark-green with full resinous buds; the Sativa on the other hand is a lighter shade of green with less dense buds.

Effects: Sativa produces an uplifting mind high that aids focus and concentration. The Indica is particularly favored for its couch hugging high and sedative experiences. The Sativa strain effect is exhilarating, making it the perfect strain for conditions such as anxiety and depression. Indica strain effect makes it the perfect strain for pain, insomnia and stress.

THC Content: Undoubtedly, the Indica strain produces more THC content naturally than the Sativa strain. Although now, due to advancements in the genetics culture, leading labs and seed banks like us are creating Sativa strains that can match the Indica’s THC content, pound for pound. Looking for high THC? Make sure to check out our high THC seeds .

Best Cannabis Indica seeds strains

There are many Sativa seed strains to try, many of which you may already be familiar with, but these are some of the best there is:

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