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best auto flower seeds

Best Autoflower Seed Bank – Where Should You Buy Your Autos?

By James Alexander – Updated 26 March 2021

best autoflower seed bank

Autoflower strains are hugely popular in the growing community due to fact that they’re easy to grow and flower super fast.

Who wouldn’t want faster bud?

If you’ve made the decision to buy an Auto-flowering strain, the next step is to find the absolute best autoflower seed bank to buy your seeds from.

In this article, I’ll look at what makes a good Auto-flower seed bank and recommend some of the best seed banks for autos.

I’d also highly recommend that you read my best seed banks to order from guide, where I explain the best seeds banks to order from period (not just for autos)

Ready? Cool. Let’s get started…

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Best Autoflower Seed Bank?

Short on time or can’t be bothered reading through my long winded comparison?

No worries, here are the best 5 autoflower seed banks ranked 1-3

What Makes A Good Autoflower Seed Bank?

1. Large selection of Autoflower strains

A good seed bank for Autoflowers will have a lot of strains to choose from.

I usually like to shop in one place if i can help it as it saves me having to fill out registration forms each time.

Most seed banks also offer a loyalty program too, so buying from the same place each time will save you money.

2. Good information about each strain

I like to know as much as possible about each strain before buying it.

I want to know how tall it’s expected to grow, what it tastes like, what it smells like, and what effects it has.

A good auto seed bank should tell you everything you need to know on the product listing page.

3. Lots of user feedback

I LOVE seeing user feedback about strains.

It gets me really pumped to try a new strain if I see someone else has had a good experience with it.

Equally, if it’s not quite as good as the seed bank said it is, I want to know before I buy.

4. Price

This ones pretty self-explanatory – I want to pay a reasonable price for my auto seeds.

Obviously, the seeds have to be high quality too.

Ok, with these 4 criteria laid out, let’s see how the top seedbanks compare for auto seeds.

1. Auto Strain Selection

Seedsman definitely comes out on top here with a massive 704 different auto strains.

MSNL comes in second with 29 different strains of autos, while ILGM has only 11 auto to choose from.

2. User Feedback

best autoflower seed bank

Seedbank Score
#1. ILGM 5/5
#2. Seedsman 4.5/5

Fortunately, most of the top Seed banks provide a good amount of user reviews.

ILGM impressed me the most with the sheer number of reviews that they have for each strain ( usually over 100! ) and the rest of the bunch have more than enough to help you make your decision!

3. Information About Each Strain

Seedbank Score
#1. ILGM 5/5
#2. Seedsman 4.5/5
#3. True North Seedbank 4.5/5
#4. AMS Seeds 4.5/5
#5. MSNL 1/5

Every seedbank I looked at provides the information you need about each of the strains available.

However, a particular mention again goes to ILGM who have use awesome video reviews and show someone actually tasting it.

4. Price

Seedbank Cost of 5 pack of
Northern lights Seeds
#1. Seedsman $23.70 5/​5
#2.MSNL $43.70 4/5
#3. True North Seedbank $59.58 4.5/5
#4. AMS Seeds $60 4/5
#5. ILGM $69.00 3.5/5

Price is a hard one to test as prices can change often with promotions etc.

However, these are the prices for the same strain of northern lights autos at the time of writing.

As you can see, Seedsman is significantly cheaper than the others.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it.

If you’re looking for a good seed bank for autos, Seedman is the place to go.

Their huge selection of autos and low pricing is too hard to resist.

Although there are definitely some unique auto strains I’d like to try out on the others too!

That’s it for this article, I hope you found it useful 🙂

If you want me to add any more Seed banks then let me know in the comments below!

Looking for the Best Autoflower Seed Bank? Look no further! In this article we review the best seeds banks to buy autos from!

Top 15 Best Autoflowering Seeds

List of the best autoflowering seeds to buy and grow, ranked by best selling auto strains. The definitive autoflower marijuana seeds buyers guide for 2021. USA and worldwide shipping.

15. Amnesia Auto Seeds

Amnesia Auto is an autoflowering version of the highly-potent sativa-dominant Amnesia Haze strain. Sold under the Seedsman brand, Amnesia Auto is bred between Amnesia Haze and ruderalis genetics, resulting in an easy growing, cerebrally psychoactive autoflowering cannabis strain. Amnesia Auto seeds grow similar to the full-size Amnesia—in a Christmas tree formation with long branches loaded in frosty colas. Its pungent, earthy buds give a strong sativa effect. High 25% THC.

Grow Time 80–85 days from seed
Plant Height 20–48 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield 30–100 g/plant

Buy Amnesia Auto Seeds🌱

14. Lowryder #2 Auto Seeds

Lowryder #2 is a selectively inbred indica/sativa autoflowering cannabis strain made by The Joint Doctor, a breeder responsible for marketing the first commercially available autoflowering strain: the original Lowryder. Lowryder #2 incorporates Colombian Santa Maria genetics for increased resin production, improved flavor and a stronger high. Lowryder #2 auto seeds grow into short, squat plants with exotic, berry-flavored buds. Medium 10–15% THC content.

Grow Time 56–63 days from seed
Plant Height Short
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 150 g/m2;
Outdoors: 45–60 g/plant

Buy Lowryder #2 Auto Seeds🌱

13. LSD-25 Auto Seeds

LSD-25 Auto is a purple autoflower strain bred by Fast Buds from potent LSD genetics with Canadian ruderalis. LSD-25 Auto seeds grow into medium/tall plants that respond well to training. During the later stages of flowering the purple color appears. LSD weed smells pungent like paint or varnish, and gives a strong psychedelic, creative high. High 21–23% THC content.

Grow Time 56–63 days from seed
Plant Height 28–47 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 450–500 g/m2; 50–250 g/plant

Buy LSD-25 Auto Seeds🌱

12. Sour Diesel Auto Seeds

Sour Diesel Auto, sold by ILGM, is the classic Sour Diesel crossbred with ruderalis to make an autoflowering Sour Diesel strain that is mostly sativa. Sour Diesel Auto seeds grow into tall plants outdoors that respond well to topping and indoors, SOG for maximum yield. Its closely-spaced internodes fill up into long, tight, resinous colas. Sour Diesel Auto’s gas-flavored buds produce powerful, uplifting effects with a high 20% THC content.

Grow Time 70–75 days from seed
Plant Height 1–2 meters outdoors
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 60+ g/plant

Buy Sour Diesel Auto Seeds🌱

11. UK Cheese Auto Seeds

UK Cheese Auto is a mostly indica autoflowering variety based on the world-famous Skunk #1 phenotype Cheese. Produced by Seedsman using Cheese and Lowryder #2 genetics, UK Cheese Auto seeds grow into fairly large indoor-outdoor plants that are ready to harvest in around 12 weeks from germination. Its dank indica buds get coated with a thick layer of trichomes.

Grow Time 80–85 days from seed
Plant Height 24–54 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield 35–125 g/plant

Buy UK Cheese Auto Seeds🌱

10. Green Crack Auto Seeds

Green Crack Auto by Fast Buds is an autoflowering version of the popular Green Crack strain (a hybrid Afghani/Skunk#1). Made with Green Crack and ruderalis genetics, Green Crack Auto seeds grow to be short indica/sativa hybrid plants that show predominantly Afghani traits. The buds become white with resin during late flowering and give off a sweet citrus-mango aroma. Energetic effects. High 20% THC content. Fairly cheap autoflower seeds.

Grow Time 63 days from seed
Plant Height 23–35 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 500–650 g/m2; 70–300 g/plant

Buy Green Crack Auto Seeds🌱

9. Super Lemon Haze Auto Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Auto is Green House Seed Co’s award-winning Super Lemon Haze sativa bred with ruderalis. The resulting hybrid is an easy-to-grow mostly sativa autoflowering marijuana strain suitable for most climates. A fast growing auto strain, Super Lemon Haze Auto seeds produce short to medium size plants with flowering commencing during the third week of growth. Good yields of frosty buds with a citric lemon flavor that give spacey, heady effects.

Grow Time 49–63 days from seed
Plant Height 30–40 inches
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield 500 g/m2; 70–80 g/plant

Buy Super Lemon Haze Auto Seeds🌱

8. Blackberry Kush Auto Seeds

Blackberry Kush Auto seeds are bred by Dutch Passion combining original Blueberry and dark Hindu Kush hash plant genetics to produce a hard-hitting, indica-dominant autoflowering strain. Blackberry Kush Auto seeds grow into medium-size plants that do well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. The purple color is prevalent in most phenotypes with some appearing nearly black. A strong blackberry aroma and flavor comes from the ultra-sticky buds. Powerful body high.

Grow Time 70 days from seed
Plant Height 30–39 inches
Pack Size 1/3/7/100 seeds
Yield High

Buy Blackberry Kush Auto Seeds🌱

7. Super Skunk Auto Seeds

Super Skunk Auto is a productive 80% indica autoflowering strain sold by ILGM. Based on Super Skunk genetics (Skunk #1 x Afghani), Super Skunk Auto seeds grow short, compact plants that develop very large stinky colas. The buds are pungent, sweet and give a heavy physical stone. Moderate 14% THC content.

Grow Time 8 weeks from seed
Plant Height 20–45 inches
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 120–200 g/m2

Buy Super Skunk Auto Seeds🌱

6. Blue Dream Auto Seeds

Blue Dream Auto by MSNL is an autoflowering version of one of the most well-known high yield strains—Blue Dream. In under 11 weeks from germination, Blue Dream Auto seeds are ready to harvest. The nutrient and light hungry plants reach to a medium/tall height and produce sweet chunky buds that give powerful, long-lasting highs. Moderate 13–15% THC.

Grow Time 70-75 days from seed
Plant Height 39–63 inches
Pack Size 5–50 seeds
Yield Indoors: 30–60 gr/plant;
Outdoors: 60–130 g/plant

Buy Blue Dream Auto Seeds 🌱

5. Pineapple Express Auto Seeds

Pineapple Express Auto is Fast Buds’ autoflowering version of the popular cannabis strain Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express Auto seeds grow into healthy, moderate size plants with tight internodes that form into thick fruity colas. Great yields, pineapple flavor and bag appeal make Pineapple Express a good auto strain to grow indoors or outdoors. The buds give stimulating, aphrodisiacal effects.

Grow Time 9 weeks from seed
Plant Height 35–55 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400–600 g/m2;
Outdoors: 50–300 g/plant

Buy Pineapple Express Auto Seeds🌱

4. Northern Lights Auto Seeds

Northern Lights Auto is a big and productive autoflower strain sold by ILGM, based on the legendary indica strain Northern Lights. Auto Northern Lights seeds grow into resilient autoflowering plants that are easy to cultivate nearly anywhere. Its resinous indica buds have an earthy citrus aroma and produce comfortable, easygoing effects. High 18% THC content.

Grow Time 8 weeks from seed
Plant Height 35–60 inches
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 120–200 g/m2

Buy Northern Lights Auto Seeds🌱

3. Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds

Gorilla Glue Auto is an award-winning indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid auto seed strain for sale from ILGM. Gorilla Glue strains are known for their extremely sticky buds that glue-up trimming scissors. Gorilla Glue Auto yields well in most indoor and outdoor environments, reaching a medium height with a compact bud structure. One of the easiest auto strains to grow for beginners and experts alike. The big dense buds of Gorilla Glue Auto ooze trichomes and produce a sweet pungent aroma. Strong high. 24% THC.

Grow Time 56–63 days from seed
Plant Height 24–39 inches
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 400–600 g/m2; 50–300 g/plant

Buy Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds🌱

2. Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds are bred by Fast Buds using Girl Scout Cookies and ruderalis genetics to produce a top shelf autoflowering marijuana strain that excels in flavor and potency. The heavy-feeding 60% indica plants grow vigorously into medium size bushes that respond well to training. Very sticky, candy buds that give physical and cerebral effects. High 22% THC content.

Grow Time 60–70 days from seed
Plant Height 18–35 inches
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Up to 7 oz. plant

Buy GSC Auto Seeds🌱

1. White Widow Auto Seeds

White Widow Auto is an autoflowering version of the famed White Widow strain, a pungent cannabis variety containing Brazilian and South Indian genetics. The White Widow auto fem seeds sold by ILGM are their most popular autoflowering seeds they sell. The plants reach a medium height and produce stinky indica-dominant buds covered in white crystals. Euphoric high and mental buzz. Up to 19% THC. Also good are the Seedsman White Widow Auto seeds.

Grow Time 8 weeks from seed
Plant Height 20–24 inches
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 120–200 g/m2

Buy White Widow Auto Seeds🌱

Disclaimer: Know your laws. Read federal and local/county laws before buying seeds online. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.

List of the best autoflowering seeds to buy and grow, ranked by best selling auto strains. The definitive autoflower marijuana seeds buyers guide for 2021.