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autoflowering cannabis seeds skunk

Autoflowering cannabis seeds skunk

Skunk Autoflowering feminized mostly has Indica properties which quickly goes into the flowering stage and has a good portion of resin all over the buds.

Not only has the Skunk Autoflower a great level of THC but thanks to her Indica properties the CBD level is also big.
This provides a long period of feeling stoned and gives a good high as well.
It tastes spicy with a nice after taste.

Skunk Autoflower, strong in indica properties, makes it easier to get the best results, thanks to the reliability of the Skunk family. It sets high standards for uniform, fast, and high yield.

An Auto-Flowering Hybrid

It’s an auto-flowering hybrid that enters the flowering stage pretty quickly and gets covered with a considerable portion of resin all over the buds. Its excellent genetic structure has influenced many of the modern hybrids today.

The powerful, reliable, and consistent genome of Skunk #1 has been bred with auto cannabis ruderalis cultivar for creating Skunk Autoflower, which is a nicely yielding, and robust strain. Flowering starts automatically after around six weeks of vegetative growth or so. Its aroma is obviously Skunky – pungent, sweet, and mouth-watering!

Skunk autoflower has high THC levels and CBD levels, thanks to its indica dominant properties. Such high levels give a long period of stoned feeling and a good high also. The potency of this family of cannabis is so well-known that ‘skunk’ is the name that is often used to refer to all kinds of powerful marijuana. The buds taste spicy with a pleasant after-taste.

Skunk Autoflower should undoubtedly be the first consideration on the list for beginners due to its easy-growing properties. Experienced growers also come back to buy these seeds because they know how capable and productive the yield really is.

Skunk Autoflowering feminized mostly has Indica properties which quickly goes into the flowering stage and has a good portion of resin all over the buds. 

Auto Super Skunk Feminized

Super Skunk is one of the best and strongest varieties of cannabis. It belongs to the Indica variety and it is a highly potent variety with a short flowering period. It produces rich, compact crops, thus being recommended and appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced cultivators.

Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse

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As it is an autoflowering variety, Super Skunk Feminized begins to flourish after a fixed period, namely after 3 to 4 weeks after germination. In addition, its flowering does not depend on the number of hours of daylight; however, its results will be maximized in environments where the daylight duration varies between 12 and 14 hours. Once it begins, the flowering period lasts for about 9 weeks.

In general, Auto Super Skunk Feminized is obtained through the crossing of carefully selected strains of Afghani and one of the most efficient hybrid varieties. The result consists of a variety of marijuana which comprises all of the highly appreciated qualities of the Super Skunk strain and, on top of that, also boasts the advantages of the harvest obtained from feminized varieties.The plants that grow from this type of cannabis are strong, vigorous and resistant, irrespective of the cultivator’s experience in the field.

Furthermore, this variety grows well in indoor, as well as outdoor environments, as long as the climate is warm and temperate. Its buds grow first on sunny summer days, rather thanmisty autumn days. Moreover, these buds are compact and have perfumed buds. The resulting harvest consists of approximately 125 grams/plant and reaches heights of up to 120-150 cm.

THC 15 – 20 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 100 – 150 cm
Harvest 350 – 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In/Ru


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Thanks to its short flowering period and rich crops, Auto Super Skunk Feminized is one of the most appreciated varieties. Buy International cannabis marijuana seeds online