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The best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

Because cannabis seeds were not allowed in most countries until recently, breeders have hardly been able to develop. The development of high quality cannabis seeds is therefore still lagging behind in many countries. This makes it difficult for many people to buy marijuana seeds of a solid quality.

However, this doesn’t apply to countries where cannabis has been tolerated or legal for a long time. Consider for example the Netherlands. The best cannabis seeds therefore still come from Amsterdam and probably the Netherlands will always remain at the forefront of cannabis. Many buyers who want to buy high quality cannabis seeds from Amsterdam are therefore dependent on the internet. But what are the best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam? Check our top 5 below.

Top 5 best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

  1. Amnesia Haze
  2. Super Silver Haze
  3. White widow
  4. Haze 1
  5. Power plant

Amnesia Haze

Probably the best type of weed in Amsterdam, because say it yourself. The Amnesia Haze is popular with almost every weed lover and if you have never smoked it then this weed is definitely on your wishlist. The unique taste and effect provide a refined but powerful effect. Not without any reason a cup winner in 2004 and 2012. Moreover, the plant is fairly easy to grow. So give it a try yourself!

Super Silver haze

Super Silver Haze (Cannabis Cup winner in 1997, 1998 and 1999) has been one of the best coffee shop classics for decades. This weed can therefore be found in almost every coffee shop in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. The powerful weed (21% THC) provides a long-lasting body stone and an uplifting effect. Moreover, due to its Sativa properties, the plant is very suitable for outdoor cultivation. Do you want to grow this plant yourself? We have the best Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds from Amsterdam in our range.

White widow

The introduction of White Widow took place in Amsterdam in 1990. Originally grown by none other than the Dutch company “Green house seeds”, this type of weed has been one of the best types of Dutch weed for years. A treacherously strong weed for which you are actually warned during the breeding. The white resin crystals show that this is a sample. The effect is nice and creative and stimulates social activities. Moreover, the plant is very suitable for starting growers and is ready to harvest fairly quickly.

Haze 1

When we talk about classic strains and especially the classic strains from Amsterdam, there is one kind that should certainly not be missing. De Haze 1. A very powerful sativa with a high level of THC (21.5%) that provides a wonderfully mellow and creative effect. To grow this plant you need knowledge and patience. The flowering time can last 13 weeks, but if you can bear the patience you will be richly rewarded. A little less suitable for starting growers, but if you have experience then you will certainly enjoy this plant.

Power plant

The best often comes last. That also applies to this overview with the best cannabis seeds from Amsterdam. The Power Plant is certainly a strain that you must have grown at least once in your life. Indoor growers should take the strong odor into account because this plant can smell strongly. Compared to the Haze 1, this great Sativa has a fairly short flowering time. Besides the plant is easy to grow in almost any climate.

Tips for buying cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

Cannabis seeds are for sale in many places in Amsterdam, but if you haven’t planned a vacation to Amsterdam for now, you can easily buy your cannabis seeds online. Whether you buy your cannabis seeds from us or from another seed company, do a little research beforehand, look for reviews and read the terms and conditions of the relevant seed bank. Buying cannabis seeds can entail the necessary risks if you live in a country where cannabis seeds are not allowed so it is always a good thing if you can use a delivery guarantee for example. Moreover, never buy your weed seeds on the black market. If something unexpectedly goes wrong with your order, you don’t have any buyer protection.

Can you bring cannabis seeds from Amsterdam to the UK?

Many of our UK customers wonder whether you can bring cannabis seeds from Amsterdam to the UK. Although this information should not be seen as legal advice, we know that weed seeds are not prohibited in the UK as long as you don’t germinate them. However, it’s unknown to us whether you can bring cannabis seeds from the Netherlands to England.

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amsterdam weed seeds for sale online

Tip: We know that there are lots of options in feminized cannabis seeds. Check the marijuana seeds table out first, it makes it easier to make a choice. The table shows you exactly which strain fits your experience and desires. That makes buying feminized marijuana seeds lots easier.

Feminized marijuana seeds

The popularity of feminized seeds

More and more growers start to use feminized cannabis seeds, which are modified to produce female plants only. Feminized seeds guarantee the space being used will be most productive. And above all: they grow fast, big and furious. So, if you are motivated by results, feminized marijuana seeds ensure your investment will be worth it.

AMS feminized seeds

If you want to be overwhelmed by the yield you get out of weed seeds, you should really try our best-feminized seeds. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), we do everything within our power to ensure that each one of the feminized seeds you buy is giving you absolute quality marijuana. High-quality cannabis buds, exactly what you expect and beyond.

The rise of feminized marijuana

The feminized seeds from AMS are just as stable as our “normal” marijuana seeds. Back in the days, when feminized seeds entered the market, they were not always making your dreams come true. But the hard work, research, and development of our own master breeders pay off. We made sure that all our feminized cannabis seeds are stable, high-quality and very productive.

Breeded and selected for all growers worldwide

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is founded by passionate growers who wanted to share their passion, experience, and knowledge. Twenty years later it turns out that not only the Dutch are enthusiastic growers. All over the world are breeders with love for growing the best cannabis. Therefore we ship our feminized seeds worldwide and even guarantee (discrete and stealth) delivery.

Crushproof shipping worldwide

We ship all feminized marijuana seeds in crush-proof sealed envelops with no indication of what the content might be. You can expect the mailman within 14 working days. And, although he doesn’t know what he is giving you. Boy, he is going to make you happy!

Follow your marijuana seeds feminized

We offer several payment options, like, Bank, Cash, and Bitcoin. When we receive your payment, the journey of our little feminized beans begins. Read our shipping terms and find out everything about shipping, delivery and payment methods.

Feminized seeds that suit you

AMS has a wide range of Indica and Sativa feminized seeds available for your pleasure. Some of our strains are immensely popular, like White Widow XTRM and many others. Worldwide sales of feminized seeds are increasing each year at a steady pace. We ensure our quality: follow the instructions of our grow guide and we guarantee that you’ll have great female plants with big buds.

Work with your climate

Everyone likes our feminized seeds, from small growers to large-scale commercial growers. No matter your level of expertise, we are happy to give the advice to get the most out of your seeds. The grow guide helps to breed the strains of your choice. And have you ever thought about taking advantage of the climate you live in? Read more about in our online blog.

Profit from feminized seeds

If you like a natural way of breeding, AMS offers a good mix of high-quality regular seeds too. Haze seeds feminized, however, are more efficient to grow. As we said earlier: feminized seeds save time, energy and money. They are a great choice and the size of the buds make you spin. Above that, they are a good choice if you are just starting out.

What are your needs?

Now that we have established that feminized marijuana seeds are the way to go, let’s have a look at your needs and the best match. Are you growing for medicinal purposes? Try our White Strains or our Medijuana. Recreational user? Try our Cup Winner Combo or Most Wanted Feminized combo. Do you want a big field full of huge buds? Big Bud Feminized is the answer.

Tip: We know that there are lots of options in feminized cannabis seeds. Check the marijuana seeds table out first, it makes it easier to make a choice. The table shows you exactly which strain fits your experience and desires. That makes buying feminized marijuana seeds lots easier.

Guerilla farmers choose feminized seeds

The best sellers of AMS feminized marijuana seeds are Bianca Feminized and the good old classic White Widow XTRM Feminized. The strongest feminized seeds we offer are AMS XTRM, AMS Supreme and again White Widow XTRM Feminized. Fact: Guerrilla growers prefer feminized seeds, fewer trips to the field and less chance of being caught.

“Five stars for AMS”

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds strives to be the best seed bank with high-quality feminized seeds only. We offer excellent service, share our expertise and we are very discrete. Check it out yourself on the independent review website Kiyoh. The website where you’ll find out that our customer’s satisfaction is “above the norm”, as they write.

Order AMS feminized seeds online

Order your feminized seeds straight from Amsterdam. We offer high-quality feminized marijuana seeds at affordable prices. Our feminized cannabis seeds are selected by Dutch top breeders. All seed packages contain 10 feminized marijuana seeds.

Questions about feminized cannabis seeds?

If you want to know more about our feminized seeds, contact us. Our customer support team is happy to answer all your questions and to advise you about breeding feminized cannabis seeds. We also like to hear your meaning about our seed bank and all our other products. Send us an email or fill out our contact form, we try to reply within 24 hours.

That bud that you have in your jar or in a little clear grip seal bag, that should be from feminised plants. If it’s not and contains seeds (and sticks), you have what could be a mix of the two sexes or has even come from a hermaphroditic plant.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Buy Now & Safe Money!

There are three methods of growing your own crop of cannabis. Feminine seeds, Male seeds and from cloned plants which are taken from an extract of an existing plant. Each is capable of producing a crop of cannabis for consumption, cloned plants taken from other plants will have their limitations with regards to how good their end product is. The same goes for Male seeds, which whilst more ‘natural’ are limited by nature of their genetics how potent they are. Male plants contain less THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and do not have the flowers (read: Bud) that signify their potency, they do however have the seeds which pollinate the female plants. The ‘bud’ (sinsemilla) is important as this cannabinoid-rich, these are the potent flowers that we consume when we smoke cannabis.

Feminised Seeds from Amsterdam

Feminised seeds when planted display particular traits that feed into getting the best product, given the right conditions. When you observe a cannabis bud, you will see a knotting of varying parts: the orange hairs (fiery in colour), sugary crystals and chunky knobs wrapped in leaves. If you look at a good batch, you will see all of these elements present.

That bud that you have in your jar or in a little clear grip seal bag, that should be from feminised plants. If it’s not and contains seeds (and sticks), you have what could be a mix of the two sexes or has even come from a hermaphroditic plant.

Feminised plants definitely do not have any seeds, if they do then they are probably a hermaphroditic plants. Hermaphroditic plants are rare plants that exhibit both male and female characteristics, containing both male and female sex organs that allow the plant to pollinate itself during flowering. This is often considered a nuisance to cannabis growers as it spoils the seedless bud growing plants and passes on this hermaphrodite chromosome genetically.

If you’re growing your own crop, you can ensure the sex of your plant by growing clones from the clippings of a female plant (feminised parent strain) or by buying cannabis seeds from a supplier such as the Amsterdam Seed Center. The Amsterdam Seed Center also gives you the opportunity to speak with experts on how to cultivate your crop in the most effective way, giving you advice on the best ‘growing conditions’, ‘fertilisation’, ‘plant feed’, ‘soil management’ and ‘lighting or heat conditions’.

Tip: We know that there are lots of options in feminized cannabis seeds. Check the marijuana seeds table out first, it makes it easier to make a choice.