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alien seeds hemp tycoon


Level 3
Seed Cost $125
Yield 2
Value $200
Experience 35 exp
Grow Time 1:00:00
Withers In 2:00:00
Description The Alien is covered with a thick, viscous oil that’s remarkably resistant to water. As such, it’s used to make sails, water-proof ropes and even as a coating for submarines and other deep-sea equipment.


The Alien is covered with a thick, viscous oil that’s remarkably resistant to water. As such, it’s used to make sails, water-proof ropes and even as a coating for submarines and other deep-sea equipment.


Currently, the only seed that cannot be purchased, with money nor facebook points, this seed is perhaps the most elusive seed to find, making quests which need it as an ingredient and or buildings that use it as a raw material most frustrating and irkesome. The only current known (legal) way of obtaining even a single Alien hemp seed currently is to have one of your friends or people who play Hemp Tycoon gift it to you, something they can only gift once per day, again making it rather bothersome to use in any way, shape or form.

The Alien is covered with a thick, viscous oil that's remarkably resistant to water. As such, it's used to make sails, water-proof ropes and even as a coating for submarines and other deep-sea equipment. AVAILABILITY OF SEED: Currently, the only seed that cannot be purchased, with money nor…

Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon Walkthrough

Table of Contents


After a massive success of Weed Firm: RePlanted, Koolbros brings its sequel titled Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon. Leave everything in smoke and embark on a now-legendary weed growing adventure. If you love to be a farmer, then it’s a perfect platform where you can make your dream come true. Hone your skills to grow and harvest plants as per your customers’ need to run a successful business. The game is about making your career by selling marijuana fantasizes.

In short, it is a plant game where you start with limited cash in your pocket and the ability to purchase a pot and seeds. Next to that, your goal focus on giving water to the pot timely and take care of the pot until your plant gets fully grown. Although the game doesn’t feature any rocket science to learn, you must learn customer dealing, ways to make money and upgrade your weed farm empire.

Review – Build your Weed Farm Empire

For sure, you may have played dozens of idle-clicker and tycoon games, but Weed Firm 2 brings something special to the experience. It involves you managing your dream by selling marijuana strains, including the following: Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Purple Haze, Skunk, Alien Strain, and more. Dealing with marijuana strains isn’t an easy task, as it may put you in danger when you are dealing with a stoner. Therefore, you should be careful when working in your shop to prepare stuff for your customers.

The developers did a great job and brought you a fabulous sequel, along with gorgeous graphics and a series of tasks to complete. Till now, the game has up to forty-seven levels to play; each one has different requirements to complete. The game features a green board amidst the room displaying three challenging tasks to complete. Once you fulfill the requirement, it will be removed from there. Your level will be up once you achieve all tasks. Therefore, keep your focus on growing plants and selling weeds to earn as much money as possible.

In-game Shop

The storyline revolves around a boy who intends to build his weed empire his way through a series of levels. Whether you love playing farming or tycoon games, it has covered you all by introducing an exquisite mix of Farming and Business Management game elements. You aren’t only supposed to run a shop to earn money, maintaining the meter of having your customers’ trust must be compulsory. Therefore, you should keep upgrading your shop and unlocking new stuff like pots, seeds, and much more. The game features an in-game shop that has several options, such as:

  • Pots
  • Bottles
  • Weeds
  • Shroom
  • Furniture
  • Bundles
  • Music

Next to that, the game has featured one-finger controls. You don’t need to use the 2 nd finger, although you have to perform several actions. Firstly, the game asks you to set up pots and sow seeds of different plants. Give them water timely to help them grow faster, and then harvest them when they get ready. Keep your eye and ear on the door, and visit the area whenever you detect someone is at your door. Whenever any customer comes for weeds, it will knock on your door and the game displays you an image of the person along with a meter.

Follow the Story of Ted

A colorful story presents Ted, the main character, who dreams to be the world’s best richest person. He needs your help to fulfill his dreams of becoming a tycoon, building a beautiful weed shop to attack customers, and defending the shop from thugs. As the game starts, you need to plant and raise new marijuana strains. Unlock plants and fertilizers to improve the capacity of harvesting your crops to complete more orders. When playing the game, you have a chance to decorate your weed shop using thousands of accessories and attack more customers to earn more money.

Increase Your Profits

Although the primary gameplay centers on growing and harvesting plants, your main aim should be focused on making money. Because, without having enough cash, you can’t purchase upgraded stuff like pots, pack of bottles, and high-level weeds that bring valuable customers. The better stuff you have, the better clients will come. Therefore, you should increase the pot profits by interact with several stoners, when spinning your vinyl and inhaling cigarettes with them.

Introduction of Soulja Boy

In the game, you are tasked with cultivating your weed farm empire using strains of marijuana as mentioned above. Next to that, you should market your stuff to a variety of clients, including Luni, Jane, Sandy and Mandy, DJ, Superhero, and more. Each person belongs to a different profession but suffering from bad addiction. Therefore, you should take advantage of their addiction and sell them your weeds to earn bucks. The golden chance that takes you to the next step of success, when smoking with buddies and other players.

Moreover, the game is featuring a new special customer named Soulja Boy, who is a Big Draco. There are a series of items that you can use to customize your shop while growing your plants. Modification of your shop will help you kick up the buzz and keep you keep from surrounding thugs and intruders. In the game, you have to push your skills beyond the limit while breaking into a new line of grass business. Expand your business by growing mushrooms of different types, including the following:

  • Ecuadorian
  • Mexican
  • Alien
  • Intergalactic

Open a Portal to Another Dimension

The game doesn’t feature only human customers, but aliens and other creatures also to boost earning. Upon approaching high levels, the game may unlock portals that lead you to other dimensions. Sell your mushrooms on other galaxies to alien visitors and earn money from them. Keep an eye on your stack of shrooms and protect them from the local Gangbangers, while looking for creative ways to shake off corrupt cops and secret agents who are willing to seal your pot growing shop. Therefore, we bring you a Weed Firm 2: Bug Farm Tycoon Walkthrough Guide to help in completing challenging tasks of each level.

Expand Your Business

It won’t work if you make your focus on making money instead of upgrading stuff, pots, and other items. With better items and a high level of marijuana weeds, you can earn more. And it will also help you expand your shop further beyond the limits. Secondly, expand the services you are offering to different outdoors and beyond. You are supposed to diversify your business using wax, series of edibles, rosin dabs, and blunts.

You’re not only limited to the Planet Earth

The Planet Earth isn’t only the place to run a shop, because the game features dozens of other locations, including spaceships planets, stars, galaxies, and more. Open up your shop and start selling weeds to collect cash that you need to unlock additional content. Use decorations and other accessories to attack rich customers and sell high profit concentrates.

Daily Free Spins

Whether you’re a smoker or not, the game makes you addicted to it by offering immersive gameplay. The soundtracks are also gorgeous and well categorized to choose from according to your taste. Weed Firm 2 intends to reward you with daily spins that you can use to test your fortune and win amazing items like boosters and weeds.

Walkthrough promises to give you solutions to every problem you are facing when playing the game. Having said that, we intend to provide you with a guide on how to run the best Weed Farm in the game. Therefore, we are offering you Weed Firm 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks. Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that there are two different ways to save your progress, such as Temporary and Permanent.

Link Your Facebook Account

As you know the game has up to 45 challenging levels, and completion of each level isn’t easy. Each level brings a set of requirements that must be completed before moving to the next scene. If you want to keep your progress permanently, then I suggest you link your Facebook account with the game, because it helps you continue the game where you leave.

Play as a Guest

The developer has designed the guest mode to give you a try to test how the game works. Although becoming a weed farmer isn’t easy, still you can experience the tough life to see how he manages in all situations. Playing in guest mode isn’t fully secured, because your progress is only saved until you change the device. After changing the device, you will lose your progress and can’t pursue it. Having said that, you have to play the game from the beginning.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 1

The first level takes place in a pretty simple room where you start with nothing, but a few bucks in your hand. At the start, the game may suggest you connect your Facebook account with the game to save your data and start anywhere by merely logging in to your account. Okay, when the game starts, you have to follow the given steps to progress.

Purchase a plastic pot

China makes the pot to grow weeds and it will crack after five harvests. Next to that, you need to remove it and purchase a new one.

Many other pots are available to purchase, but at the start, you can only buy that one to start your career of growing weeds.

Buy Seeds

Your next step should be round about purchasing weeds from the in-game shop. At the start, only Bush Weed helps you grow your business fast, because others are locked, and have some requirements to get unlocked. The weed needs up to 4 minutes to be fully grown.

Don’t forget to buy water

Nothing is free available over here; therefore, you need to purchase water to give your pots regularly and timely. The game displays you a water meter showing how much water your plant needs. You can purchase a pack of 12 small bottles at the start to give water to your plant. Usually, your plant takes up to 4 minutes to grow, till then keep watching your plants. The plant stops to grow when it runs out of water.

Complete Requirements of Stoners

The only way to earn money is to sell your weeds to your customers and make them happy to keep them coming back. The shop you are working in is a bit lengthy and you need to tap the arrow 2 to 3 times to reach the main door where customers will come to purchase weed. At the start, they may offer you less price, but after having a joint venture the rate may increase.

Your customers who belong to different professions like both male and female will appear on your screen. They belong to the following professions:

  • Nurse
  • DJ
  • Superhero
  • Striper
  • Rapper
  • Artist
  • And more.

To complete the first level and unlock further pots and seeds, you have to complete three challenging tasks. Once you complete, the level of your character will be up, and other items will unlock to use.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 2

You are in the same shop, a new pack of the bottle has been unlocked to use. The shop contains three cupboards and one table where you will discover a stack of money once you earned. Next to that, there are two different doors available that are locked and need strong manpower to be unlocked. Upon reaching level 2, you will unlock a small bottle of 24-pack that costs you $35. Meanwhile, the small bottle pack may cost you $20.

Note: I suggest you purchase a pack of 24-pack because it helps you save $5.

Customers will remain the same, and keep visiting you for weed. The seeds you can purchase at level 2 is Bush Weed which needs up to 4 minutes to grow and will yield you up to 10 weed. The requirement of customers may vary; someone asks you to give 2 weeds, while some will appear on your screen with an order of 7 weeds. You can’t negotiate the rate but can deny them to offer the weed by saying you don’t have any weed if you find the money they offer you are insufficient. Becoming a business isn’t a cup of tea, you have to work hard, invest money, and decorate the shop to attack more customers.

What is High?

The most important power you need to grow plants and give them water. Without having high power, you can’t take action and grow plants to sell. Therefore, you should keep your focus on earning high points so you keep growing pots to sell. The game will display how much high power is available to use by representing a blue-colored circle around the image of your character. Once the circle gets ended, you need to collect power by having a joint venture with your customers.

How to earn High Points?

Making “High Points” isn’t as easy as you are considering. It requires you to spend your time with stoners by spending your weeds at no cost when inhaling cigarettes. Although the said method is perfect, it rewards you with a few high points. Furthermore, after a specific time, the points will be restored.

Whether you are sowing seeds into the soil or giving them water, your high points will be detected. Planting seeds will detect 4 high points and watering the point will detect one high point for one time. It means, to fill the water meter, you need four high points that may end up the point at a fast speed.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 3

After knowing the importance of high points, for sure, you will be careful next when using the said points. You don’t need to fill the pot with water at once, because it may end up your points within no time. Give the water to your pots timely, and help those giving weeds to you. The level brings a new type of seed to sow and get weeds. You can’t harvest your plants without using high points. Therefore, you should be serious about high and keep your meter always fill whenever you start playing the game.

Note: Never let your character runs out of high and weeds together. Because, if you run out of high, weeds may help you earn some high points, but if you run out of weeds, then there is no way to earn high, except for watching video ads and purchasing the premium offer, as well as sharing the same with your friends. We will share with you a tip later in this article on how to make high when playing the game.

Each level comes with three challenging tasks that you have to complete at any cost. Similarly, level three comes with three objectives to complete, such as:

  • Make 5 Consecutive Weed Deals with Female Clients
  • Get High from Customers
  • Earn XP points

To complete the first task, you have to join only female customers by avoiding male clients five times. Next to that, your second goal is to get high points from each customer. You should keep in mind that you can earn up to +4 high points from each customer by using one weed. Whenever a customer appears at your door, tap on it to deal and click on the “Roll a Joint” button to earn the said high points. After that, sell the client weeds at a high price. The game has over 47 levels and each one comes with a series of tasks to complete.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 4

It won’t unlock only the Sativa seed, but also increases your capacity of yielding up to 15 weeds per pot. The time you need to grow the time is increased a bit from 4 minutes to 5 minutes, but it’s pretty cool because using one extra minute you are yielding up to 5 more weeds. Keep in mind the consumption of high will increase as you start using a high level of seeds, including the following: Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Purple Haze, and more.

Introduction of Mr. Crook

The level of completion depends on the experience points and you can earn experience points by dealing/selling weeds to clients. After reaching level 4, Mr. Crook will appear who will offer you lots of XPs at once against the same number of weeds. Like Crook will ask you to give him 40 weeds against 40 XPs. The perfect deal and you should avail it instantly, but before making any deal you should confirm how many weeds will be left after making a deduction of weeds you are going to offer Crook.

Making a huge deal will Crock may bring you a lot of XPs, but it won’t leave you High points. So the chances are high of running out of both high points and weeds. With no high points, you can harvest your plant, give them water, or make any other actions. Keep a balance between high points and weeds to keep progressing.

Similar to the third level, you have to sell your weeds to five female clients and make them happy to earn extra cash. The more you play the game, the more points you earn. Your first pot is made up of soil and it won’t break at all. Next to that, the pot you purchase from the shop has no guarantee and may destroy after using five times

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 5

It keeps you in the same room but brings lots of new content, as well as unlocked a new room to explore. New items have been unlocked to grab at a high price but they worth your money and time. Using advanced items will save your time and high points; meanwhile, they deduct more high points when you are harvesting plants for more weeds. As you step into level 5, the game will unlock the following items:

  • Shatterproof Pot
  • Big Bottle 12-pack
  • Indica

Indica – More powerful seeds than Bush and Sativa, and charges the same high points upon getting planted, while charges more high points up to 6 upon the time of harvesting. Therefore, you should be careful, whenever harvesting the pots. The capacity of collecting weeds has been increased, and the game lets you gather seventeen weeds instead of 15 within 6 minutes. You can boost up the process using different things like Nitro, Hydro, Alien, and more.

Shatterproof Pot – The third pot has been unlocked which costs up to $1000. A company in Canada manufactures the pot using carbon and titanium alloy and delivers it to you with a lifetime guarantee. You don’t need to replace it because of its lifetime guarantee.

Big Bottle 12-pack – Using a small bottle will charge one high point whenever you plan to give water to your plant. Meanwhile, the bigger bottle charges you the same high point but fills the meter half, which is two times faster compared to a small bottle and in your favor.

How to Unlock Minter?

There’s an option for making extra money that will unlock as you unlock level 5. The newly introduced option is known as “Minter.” Setting up miner will help you generate coins that you can use to unlock exclusive content, including the following:

  • New Customers
  • Strains of Weed

Keep in mind that these are those stuff that you can’t unlock using fiat money. Therefore, installing the miners is compulsory and you have a rack where you can set three miners at once to earn more money.

Each miner machine will reward you with one coin in one hour. Therefore, set up three miner machines to earn three coins at once. The game will detect 10 high points for running the machines.

After making coins using the miner machines, there’s another thing which is unlocked recently – a room. There’s a room within a room, and Mr. Crook has opened it for you to grow shroom. Let’s visit the room together to see what it contains:

Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon Walkthrough Locker Room

Upon getting into the room, your character supposes that it may be a dark and sinister room, or maybe a place of any alien. The room contains several boxes and a few paintings. After reaching the last, a hand is pointing toward a box asking “Tap the box to install shroom grow kit.”

Tapping the image of the shroom that the game displays you above the box will deduct one high point. Next to that, it features a pot where you need to empty the packet you got from there, use injection to give it medicine and keep giving water it timely like the pots. Now, back to your game where customers are waiting for you to have some marijuana in their hands.

Introduction of Aliens in Weed Firm 2

The shroom will take up to 4 minutes to complete the process of growth, but you should make sure there’s no lack of water. Once the given time ends up and the shroom gets fully grown, a portal in a wall will open up. It seems the portal will lead you many light-years away in the galaxy. Next to that, the game displays a conversation between aliens who are discussing mushrooms on the planet earth are tasty and want to eat some.

Now, the game brings you back to the planet Earth and tasks you with growing as many mushrooms as possible and sell them alien to earn more money. The alien will appear from the portal and give their offers regarding a specific amount of mushrooms. Aliens aren’t deadly and won’t say you anything. They are just your customers and appear as a human customer you can piss off your finger to say there is no mushroom, for now, come back later. All this scenario happens when you are in level 5, after selling a few mushrooms, you can grow them again, and you need to level up your character.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough Level 6

After leveling up, the game unlocks a mushroom kit that may cost you $400. You can grow mushrooms only on the box where you did the first experience. Now, you are doing three different jobs, such as: Selling Weeds, Selling Mushrooms, and Making Coins.

Note: Mushroom needs more water than Weeds; therefore, you should keep the water tank always full. The water bar depletes in seconds and ends up within a minute. Once the water ends, the preparation of mushrooms will stop.

Challenging Tasks

  • Your first task is to buy a mushroom kit to grow more and sell aliens
  • Buy pills from Lucy to increase your high point by almost 15XP
  • Clear away three boxes from the locker room
  • Sell 30 weeds to make clients

So, you should keep your focus only on making money by selling weeds, mushrooms, and making coins using miner machines. Don’t forget to collect a Daily Free Spin as it is designed to reward you with boosters and many other things. We will reveal below how the booster works and how you can unlock new seeds, pots, furniture, and packs of the bottle.

Have fun with your stoner customers to earn high points, because high points are required to complete each task whether you are growing weeds, giving water to pots, or preparing mushrooms for your alien customers. To sell mushrooms, you need to visit the alien room where your customers will appear from the portal to purchase mushrooms. Keeping the same formula to increase the rate; eat one mushroom with your customers for free and they may increase the rate.

Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

For sure, smokers and stoners would love to play the game. Although at the very start, you don’t have an option, as the game proceeds many new items start to unlock themselves. You just aim to earn high points and money, because nothing is free in the game; event water. To start growing weeds, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Purchase Seeds
  • Sow them in a pot – it costs you high points
  • Water your plant timely – It costs you one high point
  • Harvest weeds using high points – The cost depends on the type of seeds you are using
  • Purchase to customers for money, but before don’t forget to have a joint venture as it rewards you with 4 high points and it is the best way to earn high points.

The same rules apply when you are growing mushrooms, but with a few changes. Like, you are supposed to purchase a kit and put it into a white-colored transparent box. Inject the given medicine and give it water timely. Your customers of mushrooms are different, in actuality, they are aliens coming from another dimension. Therefore, you should keep them happy, because no one knows what they will do after getting angry.

A Complete Guide to Weeds – Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon

Weed Firm 2 features two types of seeds, such as Indoor Strains and Outdoor Strains. Upon comparing, you come to know that indoor strains are quite easy to grow and it takes a few minutes to complete. On the other hand, outdoor strains are hard to grow and they take more time than indoor strains, but in return, they leave you more weeds and money. Meanwhile, the number of high points you need to harvest the outdoor strains is very high. So keep a balance between your pots and high points. You may have a maximum of 100 high points at once. There are different types of weeds available for stoners, such as:

  • BushWeed

Stoners love to have bush weeds because they are usually cheap and easily available at your shop. You can purchase a pack of seeds for $20 that may yield you 10 weeds in 4 minutes.

  • Sativa

The next-level seeds may yield you 15 weeds within 5 Minutes. They need more water and the height of their plants is usually high than the Bush Weed.

  • Indica

In six minutes, it will yield up to 17 weeds and you can sell them at a high price because they aren’t easy to grow and take more time than average. A Pack of Indica seeds will cost you $60.

  • WhiteWidow

It is considered the most popular weed strain in the world. Upon planting the White Widow, you may get up to 25 weeds within 7 minutes. You can’t purchase White Widow seeds until you reach level 8.

  • PurpleHaze

There’s no difference between White Widow Yield and Purple Haze Yield, as both intend to give you the same amount of weeds. The difference is in their time, because Purple Haze is relatively much faster than the processing time of White Widow, and will reward you with weeds within 4 minutes. You can’t access the strains until you reach level 11.

  • Shunk

The developer uses the words killer and unbelievable to describe the strain, it means there’s something special to discover. It takes 10 minutes to yield you 30 weeds. To purchase Shunk strain, having a level 15 is compulsory.

  • Alien Strain

If you ask us about the best strain in the game, then we would suggest Alien Strain, because it attracts aliens who pay you more money for weeds than humans. It takes up to fifteen minutes to fully grown and will yield you up to 40 weed. Alien Strain serves as the last seed in the Indoor Strains.

Outdoor Strains

After learning about Indoor Strains, you should figure out what Outdoor strains are and how they work. The game adds only two outdoor strains, and each one brings a new customer to your window. The requirement to access the strains is the backyard which is unlocked at the beginning. Once you complete the requirements, the backyard will be open to growing outdoor strains. There are two types of Strains, such as:

  • OG Kush

Although it’s not a fast grower, worth your wait. It will bring you up to 50 weeds in 20 minutes of wait. A customer is ready to place an order.

  • Muay Thai

It grows very slowly, but the time it consumes has worth it. You will get sixty weeds in thirty minutes.

Note: Having high-level weed means, the number of high points will consume faster and the time won’t far when you don’t have any high point. Don’t worry. We have prepared a small guide on how to earn high points for free too.

Water Bottles

After weeds, you should know about water bottles because it is the most vital part of the game. Without using water, you can’t grow anything. Having a high level of bottle packs help you fill the water meter using one high point, while using the small bottle pack may cost you 3 high points to fill the meter. There are several bottle packs available; the only first one is unlocked by default, while the other needs a specific level to unlock.

Small Bottle 12-pack – Plants need water to grow

Pack of 24 Bottles – The bigger pack costs you low money and free time to perform other actions

Big Bottle 12-pack – Fill the water meter within one tap and helps you grow plant faster. It will cost you up to $40.

XL Bottle 6-Pack – It serves as the biggest bottles out there, and makes you lazy to water your plants.

Pack of 36 Bottles – The biggest pack in the game, and famous as a time saver.


Although smoking weed, cigarettes, and vaping don’t come in good habits in real life, you can perform all these actions when establishing your business of weed. For stoners, smokers, and those players who love vaping, Manitoba Games brings a fabulous platform where they can have fun with friends when selling weeds to customers. Whether you love to smoke or not, the game is going to make you addicted to it by offering good graphics, brilliant mechanics, and smooth controls. It has over forty-seven levels, and each one sets a milestone for you to achieve. Different music tracks and cartoonish characters of realistic figures are featured to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. I enjoyed playing the game.

Weed Firm 2 Walkthrough helps you overcome all challenging tasks to become the world's best Business Tycoon of Weed Farm.